silicone food pouch

Introducing the convenient, reusable silicone food pouch and bag

Reusable silicone food pouch

The world is obsessed with reducing, reusing, and recycling – and for good reason. Every day, thousands of tons of waste go into landfills, causing a massive environmental challenge for governments (and citizens!) the world over. A lot of that waste comes from single-use food containers and shopping bags. A more economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to such disposable products is the silicone food pouch.

These amazing products are not only environmentally friendly but also chemical-free, food-safe, easy to maintain, and convenient to store. They are versatile and are equally good for solid and liquid foods. And best of all, they handle both hot and cold food items.

It’s no wonder then that the reusable silicone food pouch is quickly becoming the food container of choice among retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. As such, they’re also becoming a great corporate gift item of choice.

The versatile silicone food pouch

Single-use food storage and carrying bags are often in the news these days. While some food manufacturers and distributors recommend doing away with them, because of their negative environmental footprint, others advocate for maintaining them in circulation. And then, there are consumers and homeowners who have an opinion on single-use pouches too, with many of them re-using those bags and others simply discarding them into the waste bin to create a recycling nightmare!

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Whichever side of this debate you may be on, one thing is clear: A reusable silicone food pouch solves all these issues…and many more!

As a food-carrying container

Many times, shoppers walk into a grocery store and find themselves paying for shopping bags. Sometimes, when filled, these plastic bags and pouches burst, causing a loss of product and adding stress to an already stressful situation. Well, there’s a better way to make grocery shopping less stressful:

Use a silicone food pouch to carry your groceries and never again worry about burst bags and spilled groceries!

As a household convenience product, the reusable silicone bag is hardy and well-suited for storing all your food products. Its strong construction means you can carry almost anything edible in it – from meats and fish to poultry, fresh fruits, and vegetables.  In fact, the waterproof and spillproof characteristics make it an ideal “vessel” to pour and carry liquid food items, like oil and syrups too!

IDEA: You can buy a silicone food bag for each of the regular food types you buy. Use each colored reusable food pouch of silicone material for different products. For example, white may be for oil, blue could be for berries and fruits, and green for vegetables. That way, you’ll always know which bag contains what food item – faster to sort and store!

As a food storing container

Whether you’re an individual shopping for yourself or a family unit, a retailer buying commercial quantities of various products for resale, or a wholesaler purchasing food items in bulk – we all face the same challenge:

It takes too much time to unpack groceries from shopping bags and crates, and put them in alternate containers for longer-term storage – and ultimate sale and/or consumption!

silicone food pouch bag

Well, guess what? Using a silicone food pouch as a shopping container, and then storing your food in that same silicone reusable food bag can help you save a lot of time. How? Well, when you buy your food items, you can use that same silicone pouch to carry the items away from the store, and then, simply store away the food pouch without removing the items.

IDEA: Because this versatile silicone reusable food bag is air-tight and fully sealed when zipped, you can use it as a handy food storage container. Place your fresh fruits, vegetable, and even poultry and dairy foods in it, and store them anywhere you would normally – like the refrigerator or the pantry.

As a food distribution container

One unique feature of these colorful food pouches is that they can not only serve to carry food items safely, but they also make for great long-term storage.  Because edible items stay fresh and safe for a longer time, such a product is ideal as a baby silicone food pouch.  As a parent, you may buy pre-packaged baby food and store it in one of these pouches for use at home.

However, if you are in the baby food business – especially a distributor – you could use these versatile baby food bags to store and distribute your products very effectively. Parents will love the fact that they can now buy their baby food in beautifully designed reusable containers. Most of all though, baby food distributors can use the silicone baby food bag to save money – by eliminating costly single-use packaging.

IDEA: Baby food manufacturers and distributors could have gift item manufacturers produce a custom-made silicone food pouch, with corporate branding, and sell their products in these beautiful reusable food bags. End consumers will love the fact that they can now use the pouches to store other food items, instead of having to dispose of single-use baby food containers and packaging.

Multipurpose features of the reusable silicone food pouch

From our discussions above, it’s clear that the reusable food bag of silicone material is extremely versatile in its use. But there’s more than what the eye can see when it comes to its multitude of features.

  • Because of the material used in its manufacture – silicone – the reusable food pouch is extremely strong and durable. Have custom gift makers produce them for you, and then you can use them to package your food items for delivery, or simply offer them as giveaways to customers and business partners. They’ll last for years to come, ensuring those who received them as gifts continue to remember you for a long time.
  • If you deal in prepared food, like pre-cooked or take-out foods, you can have a customized silicone food pouch made for your products. This is an ideal container to use for restaurants, hotels, and other food distributors, retailers, and resellers. Instead of delivering your foods in styliform boxes or plastic containers, you’ll now have beautifully designed, offer it in a reusable food bag of silicone make.
  • Do you deal in foods that your customers must freeze or store in the refrigerator once they buy them? Now, instead of selling your foodstuff in single-use, disposable cartons and cans, try offering them in a customized silicone bag instead. No need for your customers to transfer the food items to other containers. These hardy bags can quickly be put into cold storage as soon as customers buy them. Fast and easy storage solutions!
  • We all know how babies love to eat their formulas on time – otherwise, they’ll be cranky and crying! If you are baby food maker or retailer, why not offer your customers one of these reusable silicone baby food bags.

silicone food pouch

With a baby silicone food pouch, all moms do is apportion the formula ahead of time, in multiple bags, and keep them in the refrigerator. When it’s mealtime, simply place the silicone baby food bag in a pan of heated or simmering water – and mom is ready to serve baby food. Now that’s what’s called instant baby formula!

  • Whether you run a business, or whether you are a homeowner – storage space is always a challenge. If you sell your food items in plastic bowls and Styrofoam containers, it takes many meters of storage space to maintain your inventory of those containers. Sometimes, the stacks are so high that they become a safety hazard!

But if your business switches to using silicone bags and pouches to store and distribute your food items, storing the unused inventory of containers are no issue at all! Because this reusable food pouch of silicone material is flexible, you can roll it up into a tightwad, compress them and store dozens of them in a tiny space – where you would previously require rows upon rows of rack space.

silicone food pouch storage

Not only do you save on storage space, but now, because these flexible food storage pouches are strong and hardy, you won’t need to worry about moisture, heat, or humidity damaging your inventory of containers. And if you are in the fast-food business, you may even put these hardy bags into the microwave – because they are micro-safe – and heat the contents quickly and safely.

Silicone food pouch marketing ideas

Are you wondering how you might use a simple reusable food bag as a powerful marketing tool? Well, here are some irresistible ideas to get you started:

  • Giving a multi-use silicone food bag to someone as a gift – be it a client, business associate, or supplier – makes great business sense too. If you produce these versatile bags and pouches, with your company branding and imaging, your business partners could offer them to their own clients, making your brand even better known.

For example, if one of those suppliers deals in baby foods, and merchandise, like a baby silicone food pouch, with your company name, address, and contact details, may be a great gift idea.  It would be appropriate for a baby formula maker to give the gifts away to his/her clients, while at the same time it’ll expose your company branding to many others who use those reusable baby food pouches.

  • As a food supplier or distributor, having your products available in a reusable silicone food pouch or bag has another advantage. While you expose customers with your marketing message while they (your customers) use the bags; you can also make it worth their while to return the pouches to you once they’ve finished, instead of discarding them.

These food pouches are easy to wash and clean – so your company saves a lot of money by hygienically washing, disinfecting, and reusing them. It’ll not only drastically reduce your packaging costs but will make your company even more respected by customers and prospective customers who value the environment. After all – isn’t that what branding and image management are all about?

  • Because the silicone food pouch is such a versatile item, you could team up with your local grocery store or bulk food supply shop and have them stock a supply of the bags. The custom-made silicone bag will have your company’s logo and branding on it. Custom gift manufacturers, like OYI Gifts, could even add unique marketing messages to promote your products or services.

The store owners could then either sell the pouches to their customers, who shop at the store; or they could offer them as gifts in a promo scheme – for instance: “buy $50 worth of groceries from us and get a reusable food pouch of silicone FREE!”. Whatever form their promotion scheme takes, one thing is for certain: Your company’s branding gets a lot of exposure too!

  • At marketing events, exhibitions and fairs, it is customary for product and service vendors to offer “loot bags” to visitors and guests at their stalls. So, why not participate in local events, by having a booth? Only, instead of filling your products and supplies in single-use bags, you could put them inside a silicone food pouch, and hand those over to visitors and prospective clients.

This strategy can have two immediate marketing impacts – one in the short-term, and the other a longer-term one. In the short term, when guests and visitors at the fair see your product branding on a silicone bag, carried around by other visitors to your stall, they too will stop by your booth to get one of those beautiful reusable pouches. That will bring more exposure to your products and services.

But as these gift recipients take your reusable silicone food pouch home and use them to store food products, it’ll be a constant reminder of your branding. Additionally, visitors, friends, and family, who come over to their homes, will also get exposure to your company’s marketing messaging for a long time.

Are there any advantages of silicone food bags?

Customize your silicone food pouch now

Here, at OYI Gifts, we have years of experience turning visions of customized corporate gifts into reality. So, if want to create a personalized silicone food pouch to use as a marketing tool, we’re sure we can help you make your idea into reality. With so much expertise within our custom gift designing and manufacturing teams, we may even be able to suggest some unique ways to use the humble silicone food pouch as a branding tool.

So, why not contact us with your ideas now, and let’s work together?

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