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Custom Soft PVC or Silicone coasters

1)Material: Soft PVC or Silicone.

2)Colors, logos, and sizes are as per the customer's requests.

3)Different items for your interest: Scented/ Glowing-in-dark

4)Logo printing or embossed, or debossed.

5)Customers' designs are welcome.

6)MOQ: 1000pcs.

The picture relevant to this product has been provided for reference only.
We do not have any intellectual property rights over the trademark(s) displayed and are not selling any products containing/these marks.

Custom PVC Coasters-Make Your Brand Last!

PVC Coasters are often used by bars, restaurants, fraternities, and café owners to promote their business or organization, they work great as giveaways and everyone loves them!

The versatility of PVC makes them a great option for coasters: they will not slip or break and the design possibilities are almost endless.

We can make your PVC coasters as thick as you want, and in any shape, although round and square shapes are the most popular ones.

Your design can come to life as a 2D or 3D design and include any patterns you want, and your colors can be matched and bring your design to life.

The Drink PVC Coaster: Simple, Yet Extremely Effective

For many people, there’s nothing more quintessential to relaxation or socialization than sitting at home around the dinner table(or at a bar) with friends and family enjoying a cold, frosty brew after a hard day’s work. That said, being aware of the furniture onto which a beverage is placed is an equally important consideration. After all, no dinner host wants to be stuck trying to clean up all those dreaded, nasty water rings from their table. While there are certainly ways to repair this damage in the event these rings are formed from a glass or bottle, it’s better to be safe than sorry by proactively leveraging a simple tool like a coaster to stay ahead of the mess and keep that surface in pristine condition.

Also known as a beer mat, the beverage PVC coasters provides a protective barrier between the drinking vessel it supports and a table’s surface. One of its main functions is to absorb excess condensation from a bottle, glass, or beverage can, making it a practical accessory for use on coffee or dinner tables and even in bar settings. Aside from its functional use, the PVC coasters is also used to promote an establishment’s brand, advertise a specialty drink as part of a custom design, or it can even be used to convey a message to your guests, while simultaneously complementing your interior decor.

The wide variety of available materials, styles, colors, and shapes for drink PVC coasters gives them unique identities, which are often dependent on how, where, and for what occasions they are used. PVC Coasters are constructed from any range of materials, including cork, stainless steel, rubber, bonded leather, silicone, sandstone, bamboo ceramic, glass, and even marble. Ceramic, glass, and marble coasters are ecorative in style and ideal for more formal occasions, such as weddings and bridal showers. They’re also relatively easy to personalize with photos and inscriptions, making them ideal gifts or keepsakes. By contrast, sandstone and cork coasters are useful for ensuring superior absorbency when serving a lot of drinks at home, as they are more likely to get tossed around and treated with less care over time.

Finally, because the PVC coasters offer such an eclectic range of styles and designs, it’s important not to discount the collectible value of the object, particularly for those fascinated with the history of beer and other unique beverages served at parties and public drinking establishments.

Custom Soft PVC or Silicone Coaster pictures:

custom promotional pvc coasterscustom promotional pvc coasterscustom promotional pvc coasterscustom fun ideas gifts pvc coasterscustom fruit design pvc promotiion coastercustom pvc promotiion coaster

Production Process:

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