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Silicone Hot Water Bottles — Non-toxic, BPA-free, Food-Grade Silicone

Specifications of Silicone Hot Water Bottle

Name: Silicone hot water bottle
Material: Food-grade silicone, Soft & Flexible
Temperature Withstanding Capacity ≤80℃ hot water for used,≥-20℃ cold water used better
Anti-explosion Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes
Refrigerator safe Yes
Can be Boiled Yes
Can be a microwave oven Yes
Hygienic BPA-free

Why Choose a Silicone Hot Water Bottle?

Silicone water bottles are multi-functional. You can use them as heating pads, as a hand warmer, and ease aches and pains. They are also widely used as hot water bags for soothing distress and relaxation.

However, only some silicone water bottles are safe and hygienic for you. Because hot water is stored in silicone water bags, they should have a high temperature withstanding capacity. The quality of silicone and a handy design matter equally.

As silicone hot water bottle manufacturers, we can proudly say our silicone hot water bags are made of food-grade silicone. They don’t release toxins and are safe to microwave, boil, or store in the fridge. They are also non-toxic and free of chemicals, byproducts, or fillers.

Our silicone hot water bottles for sale are also BPA-free, making them an excellent option for anyone, whether a child or an adult. They retain heat for a long time and give your body the comfort and warmth it needs.

What’s more, our silicone hot water bottles are most popular for soothing menstrual cramps. It’s that time of the month, and the pain is unbearable? Fill hot water in our silicone bag and place it on your lower abdomen. It relaxes the uterus, improves blood flow, and lessens constriction in your blood vessels.

The list goes long: you can also use our silicone water bottles as ice packs to help relieve bruising, aches, stiff muscles, and sore knees. Soothe back pains, get rid of headaches, and ease stomach distress, all with our best silicone hot water bottles.

Silicone Hot Water Bottle Designs & Features

Looking for the best and safest silicone hot water bottles? We have various options to fit every demand:

  • Silicone Hot Water Bags: These hot water bags are soft and flexible and keep the heat intact. Use them as a hand warmer in winters or sooth your cramps and pains. You can use them for hot compress, cold compress, hand-warming, and heating purposes. They also have a handle for easy carrying and can fit inside your bag.

Long silicone hot water bottle

  • Piggy Hot Water Bags: When you need more than just a hot water bottle to soothe aches and pains, try our piggy hot water pouches. They are handy, easy to use, and space-saving.

Pig silicone hot water bag

  • Paw-Shaped Small Hot Water Bottle: Not a fan of piggies? Here is our best-selling cat’s paw-shaped handy hot water bottle. It is portable and lightweight and eases your mood and body with its soft, flexible, and extended heat retention.

cute paw shaped silicone hot water bag

Silicone Hot Water Bottle Wholesale Bulk Supply

We are a silicone hot water bottle manufacturer, ensuring you live a pain-free life. Our food-grade silicone hot water bags are ideal for soothing period cramps, stomach distress, back pain, and headaches.

Visit our silicone hot water bottle site here. Plus, feel free to contact us if you are looking to buy silicone hot water bottles at wholesale prices!

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