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Silicone products are a massive part of the elastomer market. Many silicone products manufacturers are moving forward to present reliable products. Their motive is to fulfill the needs of the consumers' related silicone products. OYIgifts has also stepped forward to meet all consumer requirements. So, let’s see what silicone products we have for you.

Silicone Products

With quality, we also make sure to provide variety to all our customers. We produce different feeding products for children that vary in distinct features. All sizes ensure that the capacity is enough for children. The weight of our products is also light to make it easy to carry even for a long time.

We also provide various colors for each product to choose from. The colors include pink, yellow, green and blue, etc. These light and attractive colors give a distinct and eye-catching look. Food grade silicone material helps us maintain the highest quality standards. Even the handles are silicone processing that keeps the toxin away from the children's food. Some of our main products are:

All these products have different types, colors, weights, dimensions, and features. They are engineered uniquely to cater to the user's needs. As the best silicone products manufacturer, OYIgifts offers custom silicone products. It’s the best choice if you wish to change the product’s specifications according to your needs.

Innovation In Silicone Products

OYIgifts provide a wide range of products that are tested in the laboratory. They go through several real-time testing before it reaches our customers. It means zero faults in the product design.

Silicone is a perfect material, providing flexibility and durability to the products. It is found in Silicates in the form of sands and rock in impure form. With the help of research, we expose the silicates to obtain final products. Our manufacturing units assist us in producing quality designs and perfect specifications.

Our main concern is the children's health. So, you don't have to worry about any toxins from the products, even at high and low temperatures. All products are well-tested at different temperatures to check if it is toxins-free.

We do not stop there. Knowledge sharing and understanding the customers' needs are essential. We leverage our know-how of customers and use the feedback to improve and innovate. This collaboration allows us to find solutions for specialty applications. Plus, we ensure that we are responsive to the needs of our customers and innovate quickly. It helps us maintain our position as China’s one of the leading silicone products manufacturer.


Children's safety is more crucial than the product's design. The product must guarantee toxins-free use regardless of color, size, weight, or other specifications. Therefore, when choosing a silicone products manufacturer, you must check whether their silicone is 100% safe. Also, it must perform well in extreme temperatures. Usually, extreme temperatures trigger the product to release BPA. So, you must consider that criterion before using it.

In terms of health, the OYIgifts has been leading the market for decades. Our products are 100% safe, durable, and colorful. All products are tested multiple times. Plus, all products are available at wholesale rates. So, get your hands on the best products at the best prices.

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