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Custom outdoor sports collapsible silicone water bottles

Make your brand stand out by customizing unique outdoor sports Collapsible Silicone water bottles for your company or clients.

Introduction A foldable water bottle for travel, homework, outdoor cycling, hiking, and exercise
Selling points 1. Wholesale from stock, quality packaging, affordable price, and sufficient supply.
2: the bottle is light and foldable, and the filter tube is detachable.No chemical components, no power supply, and all parts can pass FDA.
3: ultra-strong filter film with a pore diameter of only 0.01 microns. Advanced hydrophilic non-pressure ultrafiltration membrane technology is adopted. Ease out the water.
4: the water can be filtered by 99.9% bacteria (escherichia coli), protozoa (giardia, cryptosporidium).
5: reduce turbidity. Adsorb the peculiar smell of water and enhance the taste.
6: can filter 1000L water = 1-ton water 8: only biological pollution water source.No resistance to chemical pollution.

Custom collapsible Silicone Water Bottles process/UG DRAWING 3D FIGURE with samples show:

foldable Silicone water bottles drawing foldable Silicone water bottles foldable Silicone water bottles 3D figure foldable Silicone water bottles
foldable Silicone water bottles foldable Silicone water bottles foldable Silicone water bottles drawing foldable Silicone water bottles
collapsible Silicone water bottles figure collapsible Silicone water bottles collapsible Silicone water bottles 3D figure collapsible Silicone water bottles
collapsible Silicone water bottles 3D figure collapsible Silicone water bottles collapsible Silicone water bottles figure collapsible Silicone water bottles
Silicone water bottles figure Silicone water bottles Silicone water bottles Silicone water bottles

More about Collapsible Silicone water bottles

Water, our basic need and something that we are 60% composed of, can be used to fulfill the marketing purposes of our company. Water bottles are used in a very large proportion over the world and serve both the purpose of water availability and prevention. Marketers have found great opportunities in branding water bottles in order to promote their brands. Also, because of the many colors and shapes available in polycarbonate bottles, water bottles have taken quite trendy shapes and designs. Therefore, water bottles serve the purpose of being part of one’s personality as it goes everywhere the person takes them to.

By the time when we are exhausted, we require water to quench our thirst, and the need for this need is felt even more if we indulge ourselves in sports or in activities that demand arduous work. Therefore, we always require a can or a bottle that is filled with liquid to quench our thirst.

Marketers are always looking for options by using which they can increase the proximity of their advertising message with the customer. Just think of something, which is always there with the customer, in his hands i.e. the water bottle. As people have become more conscious about their physique and body structure, a trend of workouts has evolved. Therefore, a high percentage of people go for exercise, where a water bottle becomes the necessity of being the only option that can make you carry water along.

Water bottles are offered in three common sizes namely,8oz,12oz, and 16oz. You can select the size of the bottle according to your target customer’s requirements. These bottles are designed in a way where it is quite easy to put your custom sticker on them. The standard shape of the bottle makes it adjacent to the filling machine. Water bottles are not only used to serve the sole purpose of carrying water. The ease of reusing, carrying, and drinking through the bottle has made water bottles a necessity to take out.

On the other hand, if you are funning a hiking or outdoor sports company, customized sports bottles are something that you can never promote without. There are different plastic bottles available in the market on which you can add your artwork and logo. There are many companies that offer many images and logo designs that suit them best with bottle designs. Water bottles, used for cycling and hiking can also be branded following the same procedure which is otherwise followed in normal water bottles.

In outdoor marketing, specifically at trade shows, Polycarbonate bottles can make an excellent gift. It will serve two reasons for the customer.

One: is that because of every increase in the use of water bottles customers will use the product. Secondly, where ever the customer will go, he will be promoting you silently because of the logo printed on that bottle. It will also remind him of your company and the experience he had with you at trade shows.

A Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles Is The Right Choice For Outdoor Activity

A collapsible silicone water bottler is a handy, space-saving water container, which you can take along on trips and travels with convenience. It folds up and reduces to 20% of its actual size when not in use. You can use collapsible bottles to carry drinking water while traveling; it is usually made of non-toxic, food-grade materials like polyethylene, plastic, silicon, or PP. It is perfect for camping, picnics, field trips, and hiking, as you can carry them easily in your backpack. These bottles are available in various sizes;480ml is among the normal ones, and there are other sizes, large and small for different purposes.

Benefits of collapsible Silicone water bottles:

  • Takes less space when empty than ordinary hard bottles.
  • Is eco-friendly and keeps the environment clean.
  • Is better and cheaper than conventional bottles
  • Is washable and easy to clean.
  • Can be used harmlessly for freezing water, or you can keep it in the freezer.
  • Is very easy to use.
  • Weighs up to 80% less than conventional hard plastic bottles.
  • Is detachable, refillable, and recyclable.
  • Is convenient to carry.
  • Is very tough and durable.
  • Can easily fit into your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase.
  • Can easily be identified, thanks to its write-on surface.
  • Is absolutely BPA-free?

Uses of Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles:

Collapsible bottles come in handy wherever you need liquid storage with great portability. In general, it may be used:

  • As a general-purpose water carrier, it is suitable for hikers, campers, kayakers, mountain climbers, long bike riders, and travelers for backpacking.
  • As a part of the survival kit, vehicle kit, and backcountry traveler’s kit.
  • It is great for gyms, schools, sports teams, boy scouts, and girl guides.
  • It can be used as a product for promotional purposes, advertisement(logo), and as a gift too.

Benefits of Custom Silicone Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles offer a creative way of promoting company products and/or services because people will always appreciate useful gifts. Therefore, whether you have been in business for many years or just entering the market, water bottles can offer an effective avenue of getting out the word.

The recipients will be able to remember the company for a long time, with many of them playing an important role in promoting the company wherever they go carrying them. Just like custom tees, bottles can be carried and used all year round. When you give away well-designed ones you can expect your promotional product to help you achieve your marketing goals, without exceeding your budget.

  • Social responsibility

They make an appropriate gift item that can be used to increase your brand awareness. Furthermore, the bottles help you to play an important role in society by encouraging people to consume enough water, every day.

Therefore, you take upon yourself the social responsibility of helping people to stay hydrated all year round. As a result, the company will have a reputation for advocating for healthy living. Hence, they are gift items that keep on giving. Sooner rather than later, you can expect a lot more people to be aware and excited about your brand.

  • Display company logo

Promotional water bottles grant businesses the ideal opportunity to display and communicate the company’s logo. Summertime offers the opportune time to utilize custom ones to offer people a well-packaged water bottle to stock water.

Summertime is a period when the majority of people get thirsty and require water to replenish their bodies, they will be more than glad to receive a giveaway that is functional. Fortunately, a promotional giveaway like a water bottle can be a perfect giveaway item regardless of the event.

  • Perfect reminder

A promotional giveaway that has the company’s logo appearing on the bottle will keep reminding users about the company. Furthermore, every time they carry their promotional water bottle to the gym, office setting, or sports arena they spread the word to those around them.

Nevertheless, the secret to effectively retaining the message in the minds of users and those they come into contact with is to design high-quality ones. Having promotional giveaways in different colors will allow customers to choose the color they like the most. This can help create some sentimental value and attachment to their gifts.

Silicone folding water bottles design:

foldable coffee cupwater bottles designwhy choose silicone bottlesdurable and fragile-resistwater bottles production processsilicone water bottle outdoor details

silicone led water bottle (12)silicone led water bottle (9)silicone led water bottle (8)             foldable coffee cupsilicone coffee cup detailscoffee cup details show

Silicone water bottles workflow

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