Silicone Gifts That Never Go Out of Style

Have you ever had the urge to give an unforgettable gift to your customers, clients, suppliers or even your employees – but you just can’t decide what to give? Well, the indecisiveness is now officially over. Silicone gifts are the ideal choice for your dilemma! And here at OYI Gifts, we’ve got a range of silicone gifts for you to choose from.

Unlimited silicone gifts for your needs

Our silicone gift selections are limitless, making them ideal for all occasions. Whether it’s for a sales promo event or a customer appreciation drive, you can have us produce them in a range of items, colors and gift items to promote your brand.

Here’s just a sample of what we have in store for you:

  • Custom fashion silicone watches: These are available in multiple style LED versions. Light-wear, sporty and trendy, these fashionable pieces can be customized with your company logo or any other image or text you desire. Best of all, the weather resistant silicone strap is designed to be easy to slip on and comfortable to wear – both in-doors and outside!
  • Custom Silicone Purse: Available in virtually every size and color, our custom silicone purses make great gifts for fashion-aware women of all ages. Built with strong lasting canvas interior, the silicone exterior is glitzy and stylish. And with your company logo emblazoned on the outside, they can make a great sales pitch for your company brand.

And when you pair our stylish silicone purses with our innovative silicone purse hangars, you’ll get the perfect gift or give-away combo! These hangars are a very practical solution to avoid women having to place their purses on soiled or dirty surfaces. The hangar can be used to suspend the purse and not let it touch contaminated floors and closets. Give our silicone hangars as independent gifts to your female employees and customers, or paired with our silicone purses. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Custom silicone phone cases: Our Silicone phone cases are one of the most popular gift item that corporate and commercial clients order. They not only add fashion to the dull phones that people carry around, but they are practical too. Our silicone phone cases extend the life of smartphones and protects them from bumps and falls!
  • Silicone household gift items: We produce some of the world’s most widely used silicone household items – from salt and pepper shakers to oven mitts and cooking utensils. If you want to leave a lasting impression on customers, suppliers and even employees working for you, giving them a customized silicone household gift item will bring you their lasting goodwill. Our household items are safe, heat resistant, built from high-quality materials and are very price-competitive!
  • Custom silicone cup covers: Our silicone cup covers are the rage! They not only serve a practical purpose – keeping drinks and cup content warm by not letting steam flow out of hot liquids, and preserves flavor for hours – but they’re also practical. Dust and debris will not fall into the cup when our silicone covers are protecting them. Order them in countless colors, shapes and designs, and have your personalized logos, company names and motifs printed on them to make your brand stand out!
  • Silicone wristbands: You’ll find silicone wrist bands, also called rubber bracelets, everywhere today. They are used to promote a cause (charitable, political, humanitarian, commercial awareness) – you name it, and there’s a silicone wrist band for it! Latex and lead free, our silicone wristbands are comfortable to wear and won’t cause irritation or rash to the wearer’s wrist – no matter how long they wear them.

We’ll create them in any size and any color to match your corporate needs. Imprint your company moto or any other inspirational saying and hand them out at marketing venues and employee engagement events!

  • Silicone bags: Our silicone bags are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Silicone totes, as they are affectionately called, have become a standard – and preferred – accessory for women all over. These handy bags are roomier than the tiny – and very expensive! – purses. That’s why many of our customers choose to have us design them as gift items for their women clients, customers and employees.

Spacious, fashionable and very, very cost-effective, our silicone bags can make great corporate gifts for all occasions. Durable and easy to maintain, these silicone totes will be a hit with anyone who receives them as a gift – guaranteed!

Why choose our silicone gifts?

Because they are the best of breed gift items available on the market today! Made from non-toxic polymer, our silicone gifts are hardy and durable, both for indoor and outdoor applications. And when you place an order for custom silicone gifts at OYI Gift, you’re assured to receive gift items produced to the highest manufacturing and design standards.

So, if you want corporate and commercial gift items that your clients will truly love, then choose our silicone gifts. If you have a unique customization request or an idea to personalize one of our silicone gifts, why not contact us and tell us more?

No order is too large for us. We’ll be happy to assist you with your order!

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