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Wholesale Custom Silicone Airpods Case cover

Materials:  100% silicone.

Size:            For Airpods 1,2, Pro or other models customized size.

Design:       Welcome to customized your Silicone Airpods case or other models of silicone cover products.

MOQ:         1000-3000pcs for custom design.

If you want to the stock, pls contact us for plastic AirPods case, some of the items have the stock, it can small order 100pcs, thanks.

Cartoon design custom novelties silicone Airpods case cover reference:

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Silicone AirPods case: Beauty and protection for your earbuds

Do you have AirPods that you always use, whether on trips, while exercising, or when focusing quietly on a work or school project? Well, if you are one of those who just can’t do without your precious listening aids, then you’ll know the frustration that many Airpod users have with their rather plain-looking cases.

Don’t worry! If you have clients, customers, or suppliers that work with your business, now you can produce a custom-made silicone AirPods case and bring new life to the dreary plain-looking cases.

Making Airpods Fun

With AirPods being so ubiquitous these days, the cases they come in offer a great marketing opportunity for businesses – both large and small. In fact, many organizations, both large and small, are customizing these cases and offering them as giveaways to customers, clients' business partners.

Custom gift manufacturers, like OYI Gift, have years of experience in personalizing popular items, including the always in-demand silicone AirPods case, into great marketing objects.

  • Use them to mimic a product or item that your company markets or sells – like cupcakes, pop cans, fruit, or even cartoon characters to attract kids
  • Produce them in any colors, including your corporate colors, to make your brand stand out
  • Add company logos and marketing slogans to them, so that anyone using them will carry your marketing message to the masses

Most of all, by designing your company silicone AirPods case to unique and delightful standards and patterns, you add fun and excitement to something that many users see as a thing without personality. By having it customized to beat the “usual” color and design, you’ll not only bring new life to the AirPods case, but you’ll also use it to spread the word about your company and its products and services.

Marketing ideas

So, how can something so simple as AirPods cases be used as a marketing aid? Well, it all depends on how you design and package the case. And depending on that, you may use it in many ways:

  • Give them away at employee appreciation events
  • Package them with your marketing materials and hand them out at marketing events
  • Hold a sell-a-thon and offer a free customized silicone AirPods case to any customer who buys 5 or more of your best-selling products
  • Ask your suppliers and resellers to give away these customized items to their customers and business partners

All these ideas offer one clear advantage over traditional marketing, such as advertising in newspapers and community newsletters: They leverage networks of individuals and organizations to spread the word about your company, its brand, and its products or services. For example, when your suppliers hand out a personalized silicone AirPods case to their customers and contacts, with your company logo on it, many more people will see the case and learn about your business. And that’s the power of “free” customized gift marketing!

If you have an idea or a vision for a custom-made gift item, whether it’s a plastic cup, a soft case power bank, or a silicone AirPods case, OYI Gift can help turn your ideas into reality. Just contact us with your needs, and we’ll turn vision into reality – because that’s what we do!

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Production Process:

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