Custom made rubber cover creative notebook notepads

Custom-made rubber cover creative notebook notepads with mini size are attractive and convenient to carry, especially great for capturing quick thoughts. Best gift for kids and perfect for school to reward students.

1) Material: Soft PVC cover, the best paper(70g paper,100sheets.)

2) Products are beautiful, individual, and fashionable with scent.

3) Products amendment acceptable

4) Products are very useful

5) MOQ:  1000pcs.

The chocolate notebook is suitable for Promotional, Gift, and Souvenir Purposes.

  • Flexible PVC is soft and has the feel of rubber
  • Each item is lightweight and will retain its shape and not distort or break
  • Designs can be made in 2D flat or 3D cubic
  • Customized designs are welcome
  • Contents can be papers for writing or changed to PVC pouches for children to keep photos.

lOVELY chocolate soft case notebook

Wish you had a buddy in your pocket that was always ready to be written on so you could remember names and numbers? Chances is they wouldn’t be your buddy for long if that’s how you treated them. These New Wave Pocket Buddy Notebooks from quality Logo Products® however will welcome being written on, we promise.

Think you only have boring colors to pick and choose from? Think again! Choose the translucent color that best fits your company’s personality-you can go for a classic color or go vibrant with a bright and fun color. The choice is yours. The convenient extra note pocket on the outside cover will provide extra space for business cards or any other loose papers your recipient needs to keep track of.

  • We have a price and order quantity perfect for your budget and estimated giveaway size
  • Your logo prominently displayed

Not only is the New Wave Pocket Buddy creative Notebook stylish and convenient, it’s also durable, as we discovered in product testing. The plastic cover won’t tear or wear down, and the elastic pen loop is nearly impossible to break. Oh, did we forget to mention that this creative notebook comes with a pen? That’s right, and the pen is a ballpoint pen with a firm rubber grip and an easy-to-clip plunger; it produces s smooth, medium black line similar to what you’ll see from other high-quality ballpoint pens.

Let your customers keep their friends by giving out this imprinted creative notebook to write on instead of their friends’ arms. Everyone will appreciate them and they’ll remember to work with you again for their business needs. Order today to lock in this guaranteed lowest price before we run out of you preferred color.

chocolate soft case notepad
A Pocket creative Notebook notepad is a Handy Promotional Item

A pocket creative notebook not only increases your visibility but also offers an excellent way to create brand awareness. It acts as an excellent marketing tool and can be used quite effectively for exhibiting and promoting your company name or logo. It can make a favorable impact on many of your clients and customers and also offers a great market setup for your business. It is stylishly designed and really suitable for your business identity development.

It can be personalized to help you meet your organization’s requirements and fulfill your customer’s needs. This item will help you to retain your customers and discover a new market for your brand and also to compete quite successfully with many of your other counterparts.

  1. A pocket creative notebook notepad is a very high quality item, with sturdy cover, a nice little elastic binding strap and a pocket at the back for loose bits of paper. It is ideal for embossing with your company name or logo and makes a wonderful gift for your friends, clients or work colleagues. It is quite useful and helps you to leave a great impression on your targeted customers.
  2. It is quite robust and well made, with an excellent quality paper. You can also use it as a useful gift item to cherish your special guests. It is also ideal for your personal use and provides a great way of maximizing your marketing budget. A full cover embossed logo will allow you great reach and exposure.
  3. A pocket notebook looks really elegant and smart, with a subtle design of fine lines etched onto its surface and has separate sections for names, addresses and telephone numbers. You can use it to write down appointment dates or times, for recording important information, regarding any upcoming events, meetings, conferences, or seminars.
  4. It also comes with beautiful covers, colorful designs, and a fabric bookmark. You can hand it out to your special guests, employees, or clients as takeaways. It is quite a useful compendium for writing down notes and information while traveling.
  5. It has top-quality paper and all sorts of pen work really well on it and the writing doesn’t show through. It is small enough to fit neatly into your pocket or your handbag. This item can also make for a distinctive present for birthdays or anniversaries or for anyone on their special day.

A pocket notebook is a perfect item of utility, which allows an innovative, cost-effective, and practical way of promoting your company name or logo. It is a great investment and allows a number of advertising opportunities for you. It is sophisticated, stylish, and quite suitable and will provide a solid base for your business where you can exhibit or promote your business among your valued clients and customers and leads the way for taking your brand upfront in an effective manner. Advertising with this item will also help you produce positive results for your business. This will be quite ideal for the long-term success of your company.

For more information and suppliers of Custom Rubber Pocket creative Notebook notepads visit here you will find more tips on Promotional Items as well as a Quick Quotes from where you can conveniently submit your request in one form and get responses from multiple suppliers so that you can find the best price and product for your marketing needs.

chocolate soft case creative notebook notepads
EDC Upgrade: A Better Pocket creative Notebook notepads

As smart phones get bigger, more are ending up in users’ bags rather than their pockets. This means two things: first, that whipping out a Smartphone for every little need will be more of a hassle, and second, that some pocket real estate will be freed up. If your solution to any problems is to spend money, you’ll fix the first problems by buying an Apple Watch. Others may swing in the opposite direction. They’ll feel liberated by that newfound pocket space. They’ll find a joy in being a step removed from notifications (and in having increased leg movement). To them we say: don’t stop there. Embrace the life of the Luddite by using one of the oldest technologies: the written word. Invest in one of these quality pocket notebooks, which prove there’s plenty to look for beyond the standard Moleskins. Pull one out when you would normally feel compelled to pull out your phone. Write a note about something you would normally take a picture of. Notice what words you use to describe it. Jot down your thoughts hurriedly or meaningfully. Underline certain words really hard. Doodle something.

Creative Notebooks Adventure Log

Best for Journal Keepers: We were early fans of Word. Creative Notebooks. The dedication to clean, durable design that won us over in 2012 has carried through to their latest product, the Adventure Log. Where the original notebooks served as handy to-do lists(or idea lists, grocery lists, talking points lists-anything, really),this collaboration with outdoor gear producer Bradley Mountain is meant for chronicling what you’ve done and your accompanying thoughts, with spaces for your locations, date of writing, weather conditions, companions and general notes on each page. And any nature-loving adventurer should appreciate the materials of choice: 100 percent post-consumer recycled matter for the covers and acid-free paper. But frankly, you don’t have to be an outdoorsy type to get a lot out of the Adventure Log: it’s a perfectly sufficient journal for your everyday, your nights out, or your weekend shenanigans.

Doane Paper Small Flap Jotter

Best for Occasional Designers: Doane’s notebooks are unique for their combination grid-and-ruled paper, which, apart from being 100 percent post-consumer recycled (along with the cover),is endlessly useful for making a sketch or diagram, or simply organizing thoughts in a more spatially meaningful way. (Or for reenacting the dick scene from Super bad during overlong meetings.) The grid lines are unobtrusive when writing and integrate seamlessly with the thicker rulings when it comes time to draw up a sketch, a table or a diagram-and what’s more, every line is printed with soy-based inks.

chocolate soft case creative notebook notepads

Sometimes size really does matter. In a mobile world, the tools we carry around every day must strike that tricky balance between convenient and compact.

Measuring about the size of a Smartphone, a pocket-size journal offers some big advantages in a small, lightweight package. It fits comfortably in your briefcase, purse, and of course your pocket, housing your big ideas, daily goals, and spur of the moment thoughts-all while helping you stay organized and focused.

So how can a pocket-size creative notebook help you organize and focus in work and life?

Here are our top five ways:

Most mornings, it’s easy to start the day up with your mind racing with all of the things you need to accomplish. It can be overwhelming and difficult to get started. Each morning, write down 3 tasks to accomplish today… tomorrow gets its own page. Focusing on today only can help you simplify your list down to your most pressing agendas, and alleviate stress by taking your attention off tomorrow’s to-dos. Plus, crossing each of those tasks off your list helps you feel accomplished and ready to tackle tomorrow.


Its small size and sturdy cover can hold up to long-term daily use. A variety of interior page styles allows you the flexibility to choose your preferred to-do list style.



When that fleeting moment of genius strikes, how do you capture it before it’s lost forever? Do you pick up your Smartphone to type your thoughts out on a tiny keyboard, only to be distracted by a screen-full of notifications?

Reach for a pocket-size creative notebook instead. Having a dedicated ‘device’ for jotting down your deep thoughts and random ideas can be a lifesaver when the inspiration strikes.


Sturdy, yet flexible, the soft cover is durable enough to hold up to constant use and abuse, but adaptable enough to go with you everywhere, without the added weight and bulk of a hardcover.

chocolate soft case creative notebook


Once frowned upon by school teachers everywhere, doodling has now been shown to actually increase learning and recall and boost productivity by helping your mind process and store information. Recent studies illustrate(pun intended) that doodling can even help improve your memory, reduce stress, and keep you alert.

A pocket-size creative notebook notepads can keep your doodling a bit less conspicuous, should you be in the company of any old-fashioned(or uninformed) non-doodlers.


The plain, unlined pages mean a clean canvas for your “artwork” and are even fountain pen friendly for the more refined doodlers.


Do you use the same creative notebook for work and home? Keeping separate, dedicated notebooks creates a clear separation between aspects of your multi-faceted life. Your HOME notebook should be dedicated to daily tasks, planning, budgets, and family events. Keeping your WORK notes separate can help you deciliter our workspace and more easily focus on the task at hand.


The thin, lean profile of Moleskin’s Volant journal makes carrying multiple notebooks a breeze. Sold as a pair in 2 color shades means they’re also pocket-look friendly, and allow for easy color-coding of the different aspects of your life.


Research has found that with note-taking, less really is more. With less available space on each page, pocket-size creative notebooks require more selective and concise note-taking. Your future self will thank you for gathering only the necessary takeaways from the meeting, lecture, or moment.(i.e. getting to the point).


Custom Pocket creative Notebooks by Oyigift can be whatever you want them to be, whether that’s a simple black cover or bright colors, memo pads pages or custom pages, for your own use or to promote your business. Your design will be made with care using 100% recycled papers and vegetable-oil based inks in Portland, Oregon.

Let’s get started! Simply select your quantity, choose your ink color(s), page style, staple color, and production schedule. Check out, upload your design, and we’ll make it happen. It’s that easy!

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chocolate soft case notebook

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