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Customized PVC bookmarks paper clips

1)Material: soft PVC charm+clip.

2)The PVC cover is 2D/3D or printing.

3)We welcome you to customize your products and the color can choose.

4)MOQ: 1000pcs.

PVC Bookmark used for promotional gifts and documents etc welcomes to customize your products.

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More about customized PVC bookmarks

Customized bookmark, perfect for schools & offices everywhere.

A bookmark is a thin marker, used to keep the reader’s place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease. Promotional paper clips, a simple but effective, ideal for mailings. Never lose your page again! Kept in place around the page using a neat. on-slip magnetic closure. Great for all kinds of promotions. Perfect for schools & offices everywhere.

Customized your Cartoon paper clips as incentive gifts to students or children with good performance.

A bookmark is a thin marker, used to keep the reader’s place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease.

Promotional Bookmark’s simple but effective, ideal for mailings. Never lose your page again! Kept in place around the page using a neat. Great for all kinds of promotions. Perfect for schools & offices everywhere.

bookmarks are having a moment. Or rather, they’ve been having a moment for a bit. bookmarks are, for the most part, inexpensive, and can be made into a wide variety of fun designs. But what’s likely making them so popular is a combination of the fact that they stay in place without marring book pages and the fact that so many are used alongside bullet journals and other awesome planners.

Top Creative Uses for Personalized PVC bookmark paper clips

Personalized bookmarks aren’t only for marking your place in the book or magazine you’re reading. But you really don’t have to be an avid reader to appreciate custom paper clips no matter how or where you received them, or to give them out to others.

While some people have drifted right by our table at craft shows saying. They’re pretty, but I don’t read; many others have stopped and purchased a few pluses that gave us some great ideas for using them that we hadn’t thought of.

So we’re giving you those creative paper clip ideas for you to use a bookmark in your business, at a party you’re hosting, around the holidays, and in any number of ways besides hiding them always in books.

  1. Give personalized paper clips as Gifts

Personalized bookmarks are an easy and creative way to attach a tag to a gift, whether it’s a holiday or special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. Custom paper clips are a great add-on to a gift certificate from or Barnes and Noble. Actually, kids love bookmarks and so do college students who still use hard-copy books and not iPods or Kindles. And since most students have more than one book they need to mark a place in, for different classes, why not give them a couple of different personalized paper clips, one for each class?

  1. Give them to Members of Your Reading Group

Obviously, members of reading groups will appreciate new bookmarks for their book of the month. Give them a new one every month with the name of the book they’re reading and personalize it with their name.

  1. Awareness campaigns and Fundraising Drives

Make personalized cartoon paper clips with your group’s name and logo, the organization’s chapter number, and a tagline or special quote that has to do with that particular fundraiser. If you give out special bags with freebies in them like imprinted pens and notepads, add a laminated bookmark or two to the bag in addition to anything else you’re giving away.

  1. Raise Funds for a School or Community Sports Team

Almost every school sports event has a table set up where they sell soft drinks, sandwiches, and snacks. Some teams set up tables where they sell custom T-shirts and other items with the team logo on them. Add personalized PVC bookmarks to this table and sell them too. Since laminated bookmarks are cheap to buy in bulk, you can mark them up from $.85 or $1.00 to $ 3.00 each and make a nice profit.

  1. Create Matching Gift Sets

If you’re giving a small item as a gift, like a book or a gift card, or just about anything really, add a laminated bookmark to the gift for a set or just a little added personal touch to the gift.

  1. Use personalized bookmark paper clips for Party Invitations

Get creative and ask your guests to “bookmark the date” with a custom personalized bookmark. Add magnets to the backs of the bookmark so your invitees can put them on their refrigerators.

  1. Add Bookmark paper clips to Matchbook Favors

A lot of people use custom imprinted matchbooks for favors for just about anything, like anniversary parties, baby showers, and for wedding favors. If you’re planning to buy matchbooks, have laminated bookmarks done to match, then simply tie them together with ribbon or raffia for a nice favor package to give out at parties, showers, or weddings.

  1. Special Laminated Bookmarks and paper clips for Memorial Services

Give friends and family beautiful cards or bookmarks imprinted with a photo of the departed loved one and s special verse or poem that commemorates their life. The paper clips can be included with a program of the service or instead of a program. Some family members may appreciate the bookmark because it’s just a little different from a standard paper that some funeral homes provide, and they can be included in a family Bible, album, or scrapbook.

  1. Use Personalized Bookmarks paper clips in Your Business

Bookmarks and paper clips can be given to anyone, no matter what business they’re in. And there are a lot of business owners that use laminated bookmarks in their businesses for advertising promotions. Business owners often thank their clients with a follow-up postcard or letter. Add a custom bookmark with your follow-up material for a special touch.

  1. Use Bookmarks paper clips with eBay Sales

If you have a business on eBay and ship items to your customers, drop a laminated bookmark into the package with your contact information on it to say Thank you for your purchase.

  1. Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are always smaller gifts that often aren’t wrapped but simply placed or “stuffed” inside the Christmas stocking and later dumped out by excited kids-and parents too sometimes!

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