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Custom Soft PVC Key Cover|key cap

1) Material: Soft PVC.
2) Colors and sizes are according to customers' requirements.
3) OEM orders are highly welcome.
4) Fast sample supply and standard export packing.
5) Reasonable price and high quality.
6) Logo-debossed and embossed available.
7) Suitable for gifts, premiums, accessories, or others.
8) 2D and 3D effects are available for your choice.
9) Reusable, washable.

10)MOQ: 1000PCS.

PVC keycap is used for keyholders and cases, good for souvenirs, promotion, advertising, and others.

More about Custom Soft PVC key cover keycap

PVC is a very versatile material, we use it to manufacture soft rubber PVC emblems, PVC labels, PVC key chains, PVC magnets, PVC luggage tags, PVC coasters, sew-on patches, lapel pins, and beer mats…to name just a few. It can be made into almost any shape,2D or 3D, or even in miniature figures. Soft PVC key chains include PVC key covers, rubber key chains in 2D/3D, or miniature figure key chains. Keychain is the most popular and easiest application of soft PVC material.

All of these key chains & PVC key covers are lightweight and will retain their shape and not distort or break. Standard fitting is a nickel-plated key ring or key chain, QQ coils in various colors are available too.

Give your PVC key covers a unique personality with a 3D design. (Or fake a 3D look with 2D layers).

One of the reasons people love PVC is the almost infinite design possibilities, being able to have layers on top of layers, or below layers, can give your PVC key cover an outstanding look. A sort of 3-dimensional look.

And some people might think that’s what we are referring to when we ask about a 2D or 3D mold style. But it’s not.

When we talk about a 2D mold we talk about 2D layers, which are layers that are flat on top, picture sharp corners on a side view, and have a “solid” look to them.

When we talk about a 3D mold we talk about 3D layers, which are layers that are “puffy” looking. They have a curved top so there are no sharp corners, and they “flow” a little.

Custom cartoon Soft PVC Key Cap pictures:

custom panda pvc key covercustom PVC key covercustom lovely pvc key cover

Production Process:

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