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Custom Promotional Soft PVC luggage tags

1. Material: Soft PVC
2. Size: Different colors and sizes are available
3. Is the Products amendment acceptable
4. Packing change acceptable
5. OEM acceptable
6. We can do it as per your design.
7. Can emboss/deboss various logos.
8. MQO: 1000PCS.

The picture relevant to this product has been provided for reference only.
We do not have any intellectual property rights over the trademark(s) displayed and are not selling any products containing/these marks.

PVC luggage tag is used for promotional gifts, festival gifts, business gifts, advertisement products, souvenirs, etc.

More information on custom promotional Soft PVC luggage tags

PVC Luggage Tags are a perfect way to label and ID your luggage or to promote your company. Use branded inserts or custom printing of your logo to highlight your company. Please call us for more information about how to get custom printing, fill colors on PVC luggage tags.

Clear Worm Loops are a great addition and the perfect way to attach PVC luggage tags to our luggage.

A luggage tag could not only be a practical label but a fun accessory for traveling.PVC luggage tag is a good helper to identify luggage and belongings. Business professionals and seasoned travelers may prefer the simple and attractive look of soft PVC luggage tags. Our PVC luggage tag could be 2D,3D, or multi-level made to make your design lively. If soft PVC material is not your style, there are plastic bags, aluminum tags, and embroidery tags available as well.

Travel with ease with reliable luggage tags you can count on. Our soft PVC luggage Tags are eco-friendly and unique designs that keep name tags secure and safe. These tags also work great for gym bags, backpacks, totes, wedding destination favors, and luggage branding. Loops and name cards are sold separately.

The last thing anyone wants is to lose a piece of luggage. Our soft PVC luggage Tags[LUGTAG] work great for protecting luggage identification cards and for anything else you may want to personalize, these tags won’t break or tear, and hold cards firmly in place. Add a logo to name cards to promote your luggage brand or to personalize gym bags, diaper bags, backpacks, and totes. These tags are also popular for wedding destination favors or for creating customized tags for the bride and groom. Affordably priced and ideal for bulk ordering.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique design
  • Easy to take.
  • Protects identification cards and keeps them firmly in place
  • A punched hole is provided to attach a strap or worm loop
  • Durable, thick plastic works hold up well with frequent handling
  • Provides an easy way to label, ID, or personalize bags and totes
  • Works great for customized luggage branding

PVC Promotional Ideas for Your Business

Are you a thriving business owner who is looking for some creative out-of-the-box ways to advertise your products or brands to expand your business and increase sales?

There are many unique and creative ways for you to do so, and one of them is by taking full advantage of soft PVC promotional products.

Soft PVC products can work great as promotional items because they can either be made in 2D or 3D, moreover, they can be made in any color and they’re weather resistant. This means that they won’t fade or get discolored in the sun or hot climate. For that reason, PVC labels, for example, are commonly used to label outdoor gear such as boat covers, tents, backpacks, or any products made of canvas that is designed to be used outside.

PVC products are for the most part perfect for the purpose of product advertising and company promotion. The shape and size can be customized to your specifications, and among the most popular you can include PVC labels, patches, dog tags, soft PVC luggage tags, key chains, lapel pins, and PVC magnets.

For instance, soft PVC magnets-PVC patches with magnetic backing-can are used to be displayed on the fridge, cars, or any other metal surface. They are a subtle way of advertising your business without being too obvious. Plus, these products have a high degree of resolution which gives a sharp, crisp, and colorful message that everybody will notice.

If you don’t have the slightest idea of how to start using PVC products to advertise your business, you can begin by having a really original pop-up logo and a message or slogan. It’s advisable to have your logo properly designed and make sure that your message is catchy enough to grab people’s attention. If you aren’t good at this, consider asking a friend or hiring a professional graphic designer or marketing professional to help you with these tasks. This will be the most important part of your venture, as your logo and message are what will make people take notice of you and your product.

Next, find a really good manufacturer of soft PVC products that can help you with your project. You can provide them with our needs and specifications and have them assist you in generating ideas for your campaign. finally, be sure to allow enough time for your promotional products to be done, you don’t want to rush the process, and usually, the standard production time can be three to four weeks.

Custom Soft PVC luggage tag pictures:

Soft PVC Luggage tagCustom PVC Luggage tagscustom Owl design PVC luggage tag

Production Process:

OYI Gifts company profile-materia mixing roomOYI Gifts company profile-silicone dispenser workshopOYI Gifts company packingOYI Gifts company manufacture procedure

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