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Cartoon Soft PVC magnets cute fridge magnets

· Liquefied PVC in different colors is applied by syringe into  molds

· Flexible molded PVC is soft and has the feel of rubber

· Available with two levels or 3-D detail

· Customized designs are welcome

· Backside can be fixed with rubber magnets (or with rigid magnet inserts)

*MOQ: 1000pcs.

The pictures are just for reference.

We can create custom rubberized PVC magnets for your logo or design. Choose from solid or transparent PMS colors, neon, sparkled, or glow-in-the-dark. This process can be created in flat, 2D, and 3D full sculptures. Custom-designed PVC magnets are a great way to be sure your name or message is easily and frequently seen by your customers or other target audience. As a way to increase brand awareness, PVC magnets are a great tool. Many people enjoy using magnets to either decorate their refrigerator or for more practical uses like holding grocery lists, children’s artwork, reminder notes, and other information. The backside is usually fitted with a rubber magnet or solid magnets.

More about Custom Soft PVC magnets fridge magnet

Fridge magnets are well known as the promotion and advertising items, as well as an effective and low-cost way to attract new and existing customers, as a factory, we’re well known for our ability to develop and design new, recreational magnetic articles, especially on customize the different types of PVC magnetic products on basis of the customer’s special requirement in the world. We’re mainly engaged in flat fridge magnets, magnetic writing boards, magnetic bookmarks, magnetic memo pads, magnetic photo frames, magnetic puzzles, magnetic calendars,3D Lenticular Magnet, epoxy magnets, ribbon magnets,2D injection magnets,2D soft PVC magnets,3D soft PVC magnets, metallic sheet fridge magnets, etc. With the efforts of our team, we’ll bring more fun and beautiful, applicable magnetic products to every office and family, and guarantee the quality of the magnetic products from our factory are first-class in China.

The structure of the fridge magnet is printing matter on the top and a rubber magnet at the back. (see detail),refrigerator magnet, magnetic photo frame, magnetic calendar, magnetic puzzle, magnetic writing board, and magnetic poetry are also the same products because the structure or production process is the same, the only difference is in the die-cut or graphic design. Our quote is based on your order size and quantity, no matter what information you want to print. His PVC magnets are flexible, and the most popular thickness is 0.5mm or 20mil, normally 0.4mm-1.0mm, just up to the customers.

Why choose PVC Rubber as a material for the fridge magnet?

  • Beautiful shape fashion Can use PVC material to make any shape and colors for PVC promotional gifts. Bright in color, it is can be a 2d/3d design. In a three-dimensional sense, make your logo stand out.
  • Fast and easy, from design, making mold, productions, and shipping, just need few time than other materials, The craft is molding.
  • Safe and secure. We are Eco-friendly PVC material, and accept any other third-party company or individual to our factory to inspect the quality during sample making, mold making, and production process, as well as to inspect the finished products.

Custom Soft PVC fridge magnet pictures:

CUSTOM FRIDGE MAGNET AND KIDS PVC MAGNETcustom fridge magnet PVC MAGNETcustom fridge magnet PVC MAGNETCUSTOM PVC MAGNETcustom fridge magnet PVC MAGNETScustom fridge magnet PVC MAGNETScustom fridge magnet details

Production Process:

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