We can create custom rubberized PVC sculpture magnets of your logo or design. Choose from solid or transparent PMS colors, neon, sparkled or glow-in-the-dark. This process can be created in flat, 2D, 3D of full sculpture. Custom designed magnets are a great way to be sure your name or message is easily and frequently seen by your customers or other target audience. As a way to increase brand awareness, magnets are a great tool. Many people enjoy using magnets to either decorate their refrigerator or for more practical uses like holding grocery lists, children’s art work, reminder notes, and other information. Backside usually fitted with rubber magnet or solid magnets.


  • Liquefied PVC in different colors is applied by syringe into silicone molds
  • Flexible PVC is soft and has the feel of rubber
  • Each item is lightweight and will retain its shape and not distort or break
  • Items are available with 2D flat or 3D cubic
  • Customized designs are welcome.
  • Backside can be fixed with rubber magnets or with rigid magnets
  • Rigid magnets can be imbedded in PVC (covered by PVC) to get a neat back view.

Back Side Options

A. Rubber Magnet/ B. Magnet Covered By PVC/ C. Rigid Magnet

custom fridge magnet details

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