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Custom fashion silicone watches

  • Material: 100% silicone bands with the digital watch
  • Shape: square or round shape
  • With adjustable silicone straps for children, women, and men
  • Printing: silkscreen
  • Color: any Pantone colors
  • The materials are With EN71, CE, SGS, and RoHS standards.
  • Easy to wear and read time
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, lightweight, waterproof, and durable
  • Daily life Water-resistant
  • Suitable for advertisement, promotion, gifts
  • Package: one OPP bag or polybag for each item
  • OEM orders are welcome
  • MOQ:  1000pcs for existing design,3000-5000pcs for custom design.

More about custom fashion silicone watch

We provide different styles of LED silicone watches for your options; Printing your logo on the open-designed silicone band watch is an economic way to promote your business or event. The LED sports watch is made of 100% silicone material which is green and is a novelty promotional giveaway. All of this silicone wrist watch is designed with stylish and exquisite appearances, suitable for both women and men, girls and boys. The silicone strap design is soft and comfortable to wear, whether in sports or at leisure.

What are Silicone Watches?

Light and fashionable or sporty silicone watches are watches that are made with a band of silicone. Often, the material the face of the watch is set in is similar to the silicone band. Silicone is a rubber-like compound that is very durable, which makes this type of watch a popular one due to its long-lasting qualities.

Silicone watches come in a rainbow of hues. Their colors range from white to neon colors to traditional, conservative fashion shades. These watch bands can even be found in multi-colored varieties. These watches come with detachable bands and in bracelet form as well that can be easily slipped on and off for added convenience.

The bands for Silicone watches are often treated with different substances. For example, one popular treatment for these watches is for the rubber to be infused with tourmaline. This infusion is said to cause the wearer to feel an increased sense of concentration and to feel more energized when wearing the watch than when not. The positive effects of tourmaline are said to be activated by the heat generated by the body of the person wearing it.

Silicone watches are considered a popular choice for people with allergies. Many people are allergic to nickel, an alloy used as a firming agent in many pieces of jewelry and in the bands created for watches. These watches are also considered a popular alternative for people with latex rubber allergies. Silicone is considered to be non-toxic.

Silicone watches range greatly in price. They can be as inexpensive as less than $10US dollars(USD), or they can be found to be in the thousands of dollars. The price difference is largely dependent upon the manufacturer of the watch, the features found on the watch, and the maker of the timepiece itself. While the price may range from one watch to another, the fact remains the same these watches provide a long-lasting and durable watch that is lightweight and can be either highly stylized or quite sporty.


Silicone watches are fashioned with rubber-like material bands that are lightweight, flexible, water and heat-resistant, and recently discovered to be anti-allergic. These cool wristwatches are ideal for fitness and on-the-go lifestyles because of their comfortable wear. Many watches tend to become itchy and scratchy when sweating, which renders these watches useless. The added quality of being anti-allergenic makes silicone watches ideal for people that have trouble wearing watches made of other materials. Silicone watches are the perfect watch for people on the go, or who lead an active lifestyle. Silicone is all-day, every day.

Custom Silicone Watches pictures:

silicone slap watchessilicone LED watchessilicone watchessilicone watchessilicone led watchessilicone watchessilicone watchessilicone sport watchessilicone watches

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