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Baby Silicone Plates — Best Suction Non-Slip Plates For Toddlers

Specifications Of Baby Silicone Plates

Name Baby Silicone plates
Material Food-grade silicone
Temperature Withstanding Capacity Heat Resistance: up to 230° C, Cold Resistance: up to -20° C
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Refrigerator Safe Yes
BAP Free Yes
Add Logo It can screen printing, MOQ 1000pcs for customized logo
MOQ 100PCS for stock.
Packing An opp bag/pc.

Designs Available

  • Divided Silicone Plates:
  • frog silicone plates for baby      whales design silicone plates for baby
  • Silicone Dinner Plate With Cover
  • cartoon little chick children silicone platesChick Baby Silicone Plate
  • DIY Building Blocks Silicone Dinner Plate
  • DIY Building Blocks Silicone Dinner Plate

Why Choose Silicone Plates For the Baby?

Baby silicone plates are more hygienic and safer than plastic or stainless steel plates. Materials like plastic or stainless steel tend to leach toxins in contact with extreme temperatures.

However, silicone plates for toddlers and babies are safe to microwave, store in the refrigerator, and even boil for sterilization. They do not release any allergens or toxins under extreme temperatures.

Further, BPA is a common toxin concerned with plastic as it can cause adverse effects on the baby's hormones, brain, and prostate glands. Our silicone baby feeding plates are BPA-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

In addition, baby silicone plates have a poreless surface, unlike plastic, which does not allow bacteria to grow. Thus, the food served in silicone plates will be saved from contamination, bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Another reason to choose silicone plates is their flexible and soft, yet shock- and damage-resistant material. They are an excellent option if your baby is shifting to solids and needs something gentle for his sensitive gums and teeth.

Plus, silicone suction plates have a secure grip and maintain their place on the chair. They won't move if the baby tries to throw away the plate. So you won't have to worry about cleaning a mess the next time you serve your baby a meal!

What's more, our silicone toddler plates are easy to maintain. Their compact design is space-saving and easy to carry. Their smooth surface remains soft and clean for a long time without any faded colors, stains, or odors.

Silicone Baby Plates Design & Features

Want to buy the best silicone plate for your baby? We have lots of options in our baby silicone plates shop:

  • Divided Silicone Plates: These baby silicone plates are best for providing a variety of meals to your baby. They are also fantastic for measuring meal portions and ensuring your toddler eats the right food.

Our Divided Silicone Plates have exciting and friendly designs to make mealtime fun for your baby. Check out these Frog Baby Silicone Dinnerware and Whales Design Silicone Plates for Kids.

  • Silicone Dinner Plate With Cover: These silicone divided toddler plates come with a cover to serve meals at a later time. You can prepare meals and carry these fun dinner plates for baby's daycare visits, picnics, or even a simple walk.

Look at our superior-quality Chick Baby Silicone Plate and Cartoon Little Chick Children Silicone Plates. They are perfect for preparing varied meals, serving the right meal portions, and carrying food on the go!

  • DIY Building Blocks Silicone Dinner Plate: These baby silicone plates are the ultimate game changers for your toddler's mealtimes. Each design has various parts that assemble to make one plate. Regardless of the time, your baby will love the food served in these tiny, multi-color blocks!

Baby Silicone Plates Wholesale Bulk Supply

Are you looking to buy baby silicone plates at wholesale prices? We have premium-quality baby silicone plates for sale at the best wholesale rates. So, contact our customer support — we'll be happy to assist you!

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