Silicone Tableware

8 Proven Reasons Why You Should Consider Silicone Tableware

Did your baby just start taking solid food, and you want something safe for them? Or you’re considering new options that might be better than plastic or metals? We understand your concern and present silicone tableware as the solution.

It’s high time you ditch plastic and metals and make your life easy with children’s silicone tableware. The baby silicone tableware set is safe and hygienic. It’s chemically stable, doesn’t react to food, and gives no odor. It has increased flexibility and is heat, cold and ultraviolet radiation-resistant.

Silicone Tableware

Getting ahead, this article will give you a detailed guide on the benefits and characteristics that make silicone tableware outshine others. It’ll also address your safety concerns related to silicone tableware. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Advantages of Silicone Tableware

The use of silicone tableware set has been on the rise recently. Let’s discuss six main reasons why.

silicone baby feeding

1.   Environmentally friendly

The other options available in the market, such as plastic, release toxins into the environment and our food. They eventually end up in landfills or even oceans, causing pollution. However, silicone tableware is durable as well as recyclable. It’s odorless and releases no toxins, even at extreme temperatures.

2.   Safe

Made entirely of food-grade, BPA-free silicone, the premium baby silicone tableware set is of the highest quality. This ensures that your baby ingests no toxins that cause infection or other diseases. Furthermore, silicone is known to be hypoallergenic and doesn’t have any open pores that could contain bacteria. They can also withstand heat, making them ideal for a silicone baby tableware set.

3.   Sturdy Yet Flexible

Since the silicone tableware is specially designed for children, we made it as soft as possible. Meanwhile, squeezing, dropping, or even smashing silicone tableware won’t affect its shape or ability to function.

The best part is that this flexibility ensures that children’s silicone tableware never hurts your baby, no matter what they do with it.

4.   Withstand High Temperature

The main reason why silicone doesn’t react to food and beverages is its high-temperature resistance. Also, it makes it tasteless.

Its heat resistance is mainly a result of silicone’s exceptionally stable chemical composition. More particularly, the siloxane bonds (alternating silicon and oxygen atoms) that make up the silicone backbone are bonded securely in repeating units.

This remarkable degree of stability of this structure is a contributing factor in silicone’s capacity to withstand heat. Moreover, silicone’s coiled molecular shape makes it particularly resistant to cold temperatures.

These properties make baby silicone tableware set a perfect choice for children. Also, microwaving frozen leftovers in silicone cookware won’t be a problem. Afterward, you can easily wash them with other dishes without a second thought!

5.   Non-stick

The silicone is considered to be naturally non-sticky. The reason for this is its low surface energy. However, an additional coating is applied to ensure minimal mess during mealtimes. For your relief, this also makes cleaning much more straightforward so that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the kitchen.

6.   Long-lasting

Children’s silicone tableware is built to last. It is a strong material and is resistant to heat and cracks. Its high thermal stability and is chemically inert. This means it doesn’t react to any substances other than strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about your silicone tableware getting damaged or worn out for years to come.

7.   Easy to clean

The silicone tableware set is stain-resistant. It is odorless and doesn’t retain any smell. The best part is that you can easily wash it in the dishwasher, and it’ll neither maintain its odor nor fade its color.

8.   Water-repellent

Children’s silicone tableware is designed to allow fast absorption. They are water-repellent and hence are easy to dry. Take silicone tableware, for instance, and pour some water on it. The water will just run off and not, as they say, “wet out.”  This not only ensures less mess while eating but also reduces the risk of a bacterial attack.

Unique Features of Silicone Tableware

Although silicone is a good material for tableware, its benefits multiply when purchased from reliable manufacturers. Here are nine significant features you can get as a bonus if you buy premium-quality silicone.

silicone baking tray

1.   Good Insulator

Silicone has poor heat conductivity. This results in high heat resistance since it transfers heat considerably slower than some other materials. It also qualifies as having good “thermal stability,” which refers to its ability to maintain its shape and characteristics across a broad temperature range.

2.   No Chemical Reactivity

The highly stable structure (Si-O-Si) of silicone allows it to resist oil, organic solvents, and sunlight. Diluted acids or bases do not affect their properties. However, you should be careful when using a strong alkali. In short, this baby silicone tableware set lasts longer because of its excellent hydrophobic, breathable, and anti-aging properties.

3.   Microwave Safe

You might be thinking, “Are silicone dishes microwave-safe?” Yes, the baby silicone tableware set can survive high temperatures. Its molecules are firmly interlaced, much like a cold plate of spaghetti with glue sauce. This prevents them from melting or having their molecules flow apart.

Although the molecules are individually flexible, they are held so firmly in place that the material cannot considerably expand or contract in response to extreme temperature variations. Additionally, it won’t release toxins or retain any smell when put in the microwave. Hence, you can easily heat your food or even bake it in the oven and use it during mealtime to avoid mess and save time.

4.   Dishwasher Safe

You read how silicone is chemically inert. That is why you can easily put children’s silicone tableware in the dishwasher, which will not react to detergents. Hence, making it safe and hygienic for your kids.

5.   High Elasticity

The silicone molecules are helical, and the intermolecular force between them is low, which results in the higher elasticity of silicone tableware. So, you can stretch, press, or do anything with them and observe how it gets back to their original shape.

Diverse Range of Colors

6.   Diverse Range of Colors

The diverse range of colors, including red, gray, blue, etc., allows children’s silicone tableware to attract toddlers. You can choose the colors they find most exciting or even buy different colors. This way, your child won’t get bored using the same monotonic tableware, and your life can be a bit easier!

7.   Lightweight

Be sure that your silicone tableware can get along just fine. Kids can easily play with these dishes and carry them around the house. Also, they take up less room and are perfect for travel thanks to their compact shape.

8.   Odorless

The silicone we are talking about is food-grade silicone. This means that it’s non-porous, tasteless, and odorless. So, even when you refrigerate, freeze, or microwave it, its chemical stability ensures it doesn’t react and retains no odors.

Safety Concerns About Silicone Dinner Plates for Children

Various questions might be going through your mind, including, “Are silicone utensils good?” Let’s get into a bit of depth to answer this question.

Is Silicone Tableware Safe

Silicone is Food-grade

Although various types of silicone are available on the market, the kind we chose is FDA-approved food-grade silicone. This means it’s 100% safe to come in contact with food and doesn’t contain chemical byproducts or fillers that might adversely affect children.

Moreover, it’s BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free, and no matter how often you heat or wash it, the baby silicone tableware set promises to release no toxins into the food or environment.

Silicone is BPA-Free

BPA is known as bisphenol A. Metals, plastic, and water bottles contain this compound. Despite its extensive use, it has been linked to several health risks. According to a study, BPA exposure can also impact children’s behavior and the brain and prostate glands.

Where to Buy Silicone Cooking Utensils?

The internet is full of scammers, and it’s hard to avoid them, especially when everyone claims to sell the perfect silicone tableware. Most people end up making wrong purchases from untrusted Google sellers. They either pay double the original price or are scammed. The solution is to do your research and get them from a factory. If you’re unsure, you can just check out the vast array of tableware items we offer. Rest assured; you’ll get a reasonable price for optimal quality.


Let’s answer the question, “Is silicone tableware worth buying?” Well, silicone is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Its structural and chemical properties allow it to be inert; hence, silicone doesn’t react with food or release toxins. It’s even water-repellent, a feature not provided by many materials. This doesn’t only prevent mess during mealtimes but also makes the product durable.

Additionally, the silicone tableware set is exceptionally soft yet sturdy. This allows it to retain its shape even after being squeezed or smashed. It’s lightweight enough for your toddler to carry around easily.

Lastly, it is food-grade and FDA-approved. All of this explains how choosing a baby silicone tableware set can be a game-changer for you!

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