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Custom Gifts – Gift givers and gift receivers delight!

Deciding on what to give as a gift is often very challenging for companies – both large and small. You don’t want to give something that’s “cheap” and made of obviously poor quality. And companies also can’t afford to hand out very expensive gift items that you buy from high-end retail and fashion designers. There’s just not enough of the budget. So, what do you do?

That’s where Oygift’s custom gifts can really help you!

Custom gifts tailor-made to your specifications

At OYI Gifts, we’ve perfected the art and science of producing unique, customized gifts for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gift to commemorate your company’s special milestone or something you want to give away as a marketing strategy – we’ve got your back.

Some of our custom gift lineups include:

  • Custom wireless chargers: With almost everyone today possessing a wireless device – some of us have more than one of those! – there’s always a need for wireless charging. So, what better gift to give to clients, hard-working employees, or visitors to your marketing booth, than a custom-made wireless charger?

We’ll create these highly durable custom gifts to fit your company brand, making sure your sales slogan or company logo is always visible whenever someone uses their custom wireless charger. And best of all, we can create your masterpiece to any shape, size or design you desire!

  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers: Everyone loves to cut the cord these days! From listening to music on the go to attending an important conference call while on the train or on a plane – wireless Bluetooth speakers are one of the most prized gift items for a tech-savvy generation. Imagine how thrilled your employees, customers, or business partners will feel when they receive one of these highly treasured gifts from you.

With your company name and contact details inscribed on each wireless Bluetooth speaker that you gift, no one will forget your products or services – ever! Use them as a marketing item or just to say “Thank You” to loyal clients and business associates.

  • Silicone Water bottles: It seems like everywhere you go, you see someone taking a drink from one of those silicone water bottles they carry around. Look closely, and you’ll see the logo or name of some company inscribed on it – perhaps even a competitor of yours?

With staying hydrated top-most on everyone’s mind, millions of people use silicone water bottles to carry their favorite drinks. So, why not customize one for your company or organization and use it as your marketing tool? Your company will gain immense publicity – on busses, trains, at airports, and on jogging tracks and fitness gyms.

Our gifts are made from non-toxic materials, they’re highly durable, and they’re uniquely designed to appeal to a wide segment of the population. So, If you want to reach out to the broadest section of clientele, then a custom water bottle from Oygift’s custom gifts experts is just what you need.

  • Custom USB Flash drives: With so much data generated by us today, it seems like we just can’t have enough space to store it all! And that’s where a custom-made USB flash drive can really come in handy!

With everyone looking for devices to store and carry their digital information around, your custom USB flash drive will be an immense hit with anyone who receives one as a gift. They’re small and compact, they’re long-lasting, they’re highly customizable to any shape or design, and they’re very cost-effective. All these qualities make them great giveaway items at sales conferences, marketing booths, and other publicity events.

These are just a few selective items that we offer you. If you wish to take a look at more of what we have in store for you, then head on out to Oygift’s custom gifts site and check us out.

Why choose our custom gifts?

When you give a gift to someone, you obviously want to create a lasting impression. And when someone receives a gift from you, they expect it to be one with personality and flair – not something that’s cheap-looking and of poor-quality construction.

Oygift’s custom gifts fit all the criteria mentioned above!

Created by a team of imaginative and innovative designers, and manufactured to the highest of standards, our custom-built gifts deliver exactly what you ask for. We work closely with our clients – whether they are global multinationals or aspiring start-up companies – and listen to their needs before creating their custom gifts to spec.

And unlike many other gift manufacturers who just focus on cost-cutting, we focus on cost-effectiveness. That’s why, when you order a custom gift from Oygift, you’ll receive exceptional value for money. Built from non-toxic materials, we specialize in producing a huge variety of gifts, including silicone gifts, plastic gifts, electric gifts, promotion gifts, creative gifts, kids gifts, Fashion accessories…and a lot more!

So, if your organization is looking for a truly unique custom gift to use as giveaways rewards – either to your customers, employees, or prospective clients - then feel free to contact us and let us know how we can assist you. And don’t worry if your order seems too large – with our huge and flexible production facilities, no order is too small or too large.

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