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Custom soft case Cartoon wireless charger

Purchase instructions:

  1. The minimum order quantity of PVC cartoon wireless charger is 200 pieces, About 5 days for mold opening and proofing, and up to 2000 pieces of mold fee can be refunded at a time.
  2. PVC cartoon wireless charger features: the surface can be customized relief LOGO, three-dimensional structure modeling, rich color, exquisite texture realistic, practical and durable!
  3. Shape for your personalized customization, with the "shape" desire, is all kinds of theme activities gifts, enterprise brand derivatives wireless charger customized mainstream choices.
  4. Check the specific order price to confirm the quantity, packaging, screen printing, and other details. If there is any inconvenience, please understand!
  5. Terms of payment: 30% deposit in advance, full payment upon delivery!
  6. One-year warranty!

Custom soft case cartoon wireless charger Details:

input parameter; 5V; Output parameter 1.5 (V)

Charging current 1000 (mA); Battery type lithium battery

Interface Micro USB; Product Certification CE FCC ROHS


A wireless charger is a device that makes it possible for you to charge your phone or tablet without a physical connection. Wireless charging is based on the principle of magnetic resonance. Here electricity is transferred between the two objects through coils. The process starts when the main voltage is converted to high frequency alternating current(AC).The AC is then transmitted to the transmitter coil via the transmitter circuit.

When the AC reaches the transmitter coil it induces a time-varying magnetic field that extends to the receiver coil of your device. The current flowing within the receiver coil is converted to direct current(DC) by the receiver circuit and it’s used to charge our battery.

There are scores of items in an average household that require a regular supply of electric current for their operation, while others need to be recharged periodically, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, electric toothbrushes,mp3 players, and shavers etc. We have got so used to these gadgets that it is difficult to imagine living without them. The one thing associated with all these devices is an electric cable and the larger is the number of such devices, the more are the cables. Unfortunately, any bunch of tumbled dusty wires creates a very ugly sight. Moreover, they can be hazardous and present the risk of your tumbling over them, unless you are careful. The introduction of wireless chargers, which eliminate the use of wires, is a blessing, as b using them, one can operate or recharge many devices.

It is already known that, with the help of electromagnetic fields we can transfer energy between two close objects, located close to each other, even without connecting the two through wires. When we pass electric current through an electric wire, an electromagnetic field is established around that electric wire. Instead of using a straight wire, if we use a wire in the form a coil, we can amplify the magnetic field. By positioning another coil close to the former, the magnetic filed induces a current in the secondary coil. That is basically the principle of operation of wireless chargers, where the energy is transmitted to the primary coil of the charging unit. As a result, an electromagnetic field is formed, which in turn induces a current in the secondary coil of the device that need to be charged. That is why wireless charging is also termed “inductive charging”.

Since the two coils, meaning the primary and the secondary, are not interconnected, it is feasible for the electromagnetic field, set up in the primary coil of a charging device, to induce voltage in the secondary coil. It implies that, if we had more than one secondary coil, all coils would receive induced voltage from the primary coil. That is the underlying principle of modern wireless chargers that allow you to recharge multiple gadgets at the same time. Now, you can produce a wireless charger that will simultaneously charge your camera, your mobile phone and your music player.

Cartoon Wireless chargers are easy to use and known to be safe as long as they are used according to the instructions of the manufacturer. You are not exposed to any risks of harmful radiation. This is a very safe and efficient option for charging various devices. Wireless chargers eliminate the need for plugging-in so often! They will automatically charge any mobile device falling within their range.

Pros of a Cartoon Wireless Charger

There are a number of advantages that come with cartoon wireless chargers. One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of inserting your USB cable into your device every time you want to charge your phone or tablet.

Since you don’t have to connect your device to the USB socket, you can cover it thus saving the general wear and tear of the hardware. This ensures that your device retains its original good looks for a long time.

Unique design Soft case cartoon Wireless Charger:

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Production Process:

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