10 Best Wholesale Promotional Products For Online Resellers 1

10 Best Wholesale Promotional Products For Online Resellers

Reselling wholesale promotional products from China is a great way to begin your e-store. In this article, we’ll help you find the right products to sell that have low competition yet high-profit margins to keep you on the right track.

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Reselling through an online store is one of the most buzzing business trends of today. Online selling has achieved a lot of popularity in order to stand out from competitors and entice a broader crowd. When it comes to earning money from reselling, the supply of ideas on what to sell never falls short as there are thousands of fun products to choose from!

Whether you’re an online business rookie or someone who aspires to build a profitable e-store, dropshipping products and reselling is a sure-shot way to start!

To start on the right foot, you need to find products that are not very competitive yet offer steep profit margins. This article will help you get an idea about the most promising products that will prime you for success.

First, let’s know your position and understand the marketplace to have a better grasp on reselling wholesale products for your business.

The Role of a Reseller

As a reseller, you need to be proactive in all correlated respects, as your credibility and reputation can possibly be ruined by a single, tiny mistake.

Basically, a reseller’s role is to add the products and items that they want to sell to their e-store and then place orders from buyers that will be processed further. You must place wholesale orders with a Chinese supplier or a sourcing agent to ensure that you have enough stock for your customers.

After paying for your orders, the drop shipping company or sourcing agency starts executing the purchase, i.e. inspecting, packaging, shipping, and delivering the products to your doorstep.

It is ideal to work with a good sourcing agent in China who will help you find the best suppliers and high-quality wholesale products. You’ll find life easier when you have a Chinese sourcing agent who will act as your eyes and hands when dealing with wholesale suppliers.

Overall, regardless of whether it’s your own online website or a third-party platform like Amazon or eBay, your store needs to have a nice selection of product offerings.

Top Wholesale Promotional Products To Resell

Importing Chinese products is ideal for resellers to get sustainable marketing results. Most products available in China are inexpensive, and unique, and come in many options.

If you’re just starting out and want to understand what the hottest products are on the online marketplace today, here are our top 10 recommendations:

Enamel pins

Enamel pins

Creative Enamel Pins are becoming more and more of a trendy thing that consumers use to spruce up their clothes or bags.

There’s no asking why enamel pins have easily become popular. People love to personalize their things which is why they patronize fashionable products that allow them to do just that. Enamel pins are adorable, and cheap, and they help you spice up your wardrobe into something that shows off the real you.

You’re going to love selling enamel pins as a reseller because they’re minuscule, easy to ship, and they don’t take up a lot of inventory room. They may have a small price point, but you may end up with a greater profit margin if you sell them in bundles or packets.

Luggage Tag

wholesale promotional products luggage tag

Luggage tags and bag tags are very beneficial accessories for traveling folks, particularly for frequent travelers. If you do it right, people will use your promotional luggage tags for a good few years, which is why it is suggested to get them in a durable material such as plastic or PVC.

Luggage tags with logo placement are ideal for positioning your goods or service in the public spotlight. Anyone, from frequent tourists to children, tends to label their bags for different instances. You can place the company logo or name on the front part of the luggage tag and keep the rear blank for people to fill in their own details.

Customized tags with your logo are a great way to advertise your company.

Shoes Buckle and Accessories

Shoes Buckle and Accessories

PVC footwear accessories such as buckles, clips-on, charms, and more bring a fresh, new look and life to your old shoes! Your shoes don’t need to look plain and dull because you can bedazzle and make a statement by bejewelling and adorning them with cute and quirky pieces too!

Not to mention, one excellent way to save extra money is to accessorize your shoes with buckles and clip-on for a fashionable look instead of buying new ones. Thankfully, you can find many shoe accessories and decorative pieces available online at a reasonable price point and in a variety of attractive designs.

Kids’ Toys

plastic toy

An online toy business may just be your golden ticket to prosperity. Toys are timeless products, and as long as there are kids in the world, there will be a demand for toys that can fill their childhood with fun and laughter. Moreover, it’s easy to buy these products in bulk from toy suppliers.


Traditionally, watches had been used to indicate time, but today, they are also considered as fashion statements.

The emerging trend stems from the upsurge of brands delivering beautifully-constructed timepieces at a competitive cost. There may be a number of different watch brands in the market, but the market demand continues to grow. It isn’t too late for you to hop in on the watch wagon.

Silicone Bags

Silicone handbags

Fashion-forward, elegant and transcendent—Silicone bags are a rising trend in the fashion market today as it becomes the preferred bag amongst women worldwide. More than just an accessory, these bags are considered as investments.

In particular, silicone bags are highly coveted because you get pure silicone stuff with outstanding attention to detail and design.

Simply put, silicone bags are a beloved item that takes away every woman’s heart as it allows them to express their style and set themselves apart from others. Plus, they are eco-friendly too, so what’s not to love?

Travel Backpacks

Travel Backpacks

With more and more people traveling, the demand for traveling gear, that is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and is of great quality continues to rise.

Travel backpacks are so well-received by the market because of their sleek design and functionalities. With the rising number of travelers, you best believe that the demand for travel backpacks is unlikely to drop soon. It should be a piece of cake to sell this item!

Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion Sunglasses

Eyewear doesn’t have to look so dull. You will be able to build a badass sunglasses e-shop for foodies throughout the globe with the right Chinese sunglasses manufacturer.

If you are able to find a reliable supplier for fashion sunglasses, you can gain potential high-profit margins and sell high-quality fashion items.



Remember: There’s no such thing as too many shoes! An online shoe store can be a promising business venture with the help of a credible supplier.

Many people are in the market for fashionable and comfortable shoes. Once you get into the business of selling shoes, you’ll be able to branch out to other sub-niches.

Pet supplies

Pet supplies

Almost everybody has a pet or knows someone who has a pet in their household. Reselling pet supplies is a great idea if you want a business venture that promises success and a high-profit margin. It is important to look for the right Chinese suppliers who will be able to supply you with the materials you need to have a profitable pet supply online business.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve made it all the way to the end of the list, you probably already have a rundown of wholesale products in mind that you want to resell.

It’s understandable that you’re probably excited to start opening your business, but there’s one important thing that you should keep in mind.

Just because you’ve found trending items to sell, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put much effort in marketing and driving people’s attention to your store.

You have plenty of challenges ahead of you, but as long as you have the fighting spirit, you can make great money out of reselling Chinese wholesale promotional products.

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