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Do you know more information about silicone kitchenware?

Introduction of silicone kitchenware

Silicone tableware is made of food-grade FDA, LFGB is Standard Special Silica Gel, which is molded or coated with silicone The product is used in the kitchen baking, cooking, stirring, making, conditioning, ingredients, mixing tools and utensils, is through hardware, plastic and other materials used in the conversion of kitchen utensils into a new material category With its unique environmental protection, chemical stability, high-temperature resistance, soft, anti-fouling, anti-dirty, non-stick superior performance, in a large number of materials in the kitchen utensils stand out. Silicone kitchenware includes two kinds: one kind is Pure Silicone kitchenware, and the other kind is the packing Silicone kitchenware. The so-called pure silicone kitchen appliances are the entire product made of silicone materials. The plastic-coated Silicone kitchenware mainly includes hardware and plastic-coated Silica Gel kitchenware. Pure Silica Gel material uses Silica Gel material’s own superiority to display its characteristic direct kitchen work, covers the Silica Gel kitchen utensil, but uses the Silica Gel material characteristic auxiliary other tools to play the protection indirect convenience kitchen work. In many Western countries, SILICA GEL products have infiltrated into every corner of people’s lives, such as Silica Gel tableware, silicone kitchenware, and daily necessities. Precisely because they are all daily necessities, they are welcomed by people in Europe and the United States Some Silica Gel daily necessities are even in short supply.

silicone kitchenware

Characteristics of silicone kitchenware

High-Temperature Resistance: Temperature range-40 to 230 °C, can be used in microwave oven and oven.
EASY TO CLEAN: The silicone product can be cleaned by rinsing with water or in a dishwasher.
Long Life: Silica Gel material’s chemical properties are very stable, made of products that other materials have a longer life.
Soft and comfortable: Thanks to the softness of silicone material, silicone kitchenware feels comfortable, very flexible, no deformation.
Color Diversity: According to the needs of customers, deployment of different beautiful colors.
ENVIRONMENTAL NON-TOXIC: from raw materials in the factory to finished goods not producing any toxic and harmful substances.

Common classification of silicone kitchenware

There are many kinds of silicone kitchenware, there are several common categories;
Silicone mold class
Silicone cake mold, silicone ice tray, silicone omelet, silicone chocolate mold: Silicone is soft easy to mold, high temperature, low temperature, no deformation characteristics, a silicone cake mold can be designed and made in any shape you like and used for baking cakes at high temperatures, while a silicone ice cube tray can be used for making ice cubes, iced drinks and a silicone Omelette can be used to fry eggs into any shape you like Silicone chocolate molds can be used to make chocolate in a variety of shapes.

silicone kitchenware set

Silicone SPATULA, silicone SPATULA, silicone eggbeater, silicone spoon, silicone oil brush: using the stability, durability, and plasticity of silicone, made into cooking gadgets, scraper, a shovel can be used to make fruit salad, cream cake, the Silica Gel whisk the egg liquid evenly, the Silica Gel oil brush spreads the oil on the food, does not drop the hair.

Silica Gel Bowl, Silica Gel Basin, Silica Gel Plate, Silica Gel Cup, Silica Gel folding bowl, Silica Gel lunch box: The use of Silica Gel soft characteristics, not deformation, not broken, made of Silica Gel bowl, basin, Cup, etc.

How to buy silicone kitchenware

Silicone kitchenware is a kind of household cooking appliance, its safety is very important, we must find a regular manufacturer when buying, and need to have the product’s food-grade environmental certification test report Or the raw materials of the FDA, LFGB certification test report, in the purchase of the time we should also pay attention to the selection of their use of kitchen appliances, to correctly distinguish between the use of individual kitchen appliances, must use the nose to smell the product before purchase Strict silicone kitchen utensils in the case of heat and cold should not have any smell, wipe on the white paper will not have any off-color phenomenon.

Factors affecting silicone kitchenware

Liquid, the quasi-liquid or quasi-solid material flow resistance of the volume characteristics, that is, by external forces when the flow of the internal friction between molecules or flow resistance. Usually, viscosity is proportional to hardness.
The local resistance of a material to being pressed into its surface by a hard object is called hardness. Silicone rubber has a 10 to 80 shore hardness range, which gives the designer full freedom to choose the required hardness to best achieve a specific function. A variety of intermediate hardness values can be achieved by mixing polymer substrates, fillers, and additives in different proportions. Similarly, the time and temperature of curing can also change the hardness without damaging other physical properties.
Tensile strength.
Tensile strength is the force per unit range required to cause a sample of rubber material to tear. The tensile strength of hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber ranges from 4.0 MPA to 12.5 MPA. The tensile strength of rubber ranges from 8.7 MPA to 12.1 MPA. The tensile strength of liquid silicone rubber ranges from 3.6 MPA to 11.0 MPA.
Tear strength.
Resistance to the extension of a cut or nick by applying force to a cut specimen. Hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber is protected from tearing even after being cut and subjected to extremely high torsional stress. The tear strength of hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber ranges from 9 to 55 KN / M. The tear strength of fluoro silicone rubber ranges from 17.5 Kn / m to 46.4 Kn / M. The tear strength of liquid silicone rubber ranges from 11.5 to 52 KN / M.
This is usually referred to as “limit rupture elongation” or the percentage increase in length relative to the original length when the sample is fractured. The general elongation of vulcanized solid silicone rubber ranges from 90% to 1120 %. The average elongation of fluoro silicone rubber is between 159 and 699 %. The average elongation of liquid silicone rubber is between 220 and 900 %. The elongation can be changed greatly by different processing methods and the choice of hardener. The elongation of silicone rubber is closely related to temperature.

Operation Time.
The operating time is calculated from the moment the vulcanizing agent is added to the GEL. The operating time and the later curing time are not complete limits. The Gel has been cured of the moment the curing agent is added This operating time means that the product’s 30 minutes of curing reaction can not affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the more time-saving the operation of the product, the more beneficial it is to the finished product.
Curing time.
Some would say curing time. That is to say, after such a long time, the vulcanization of Silica Gel is over. This basically means that the product is ready to use, but in fact, there is still a very small part of the curing reaction is not over. So products made with silicone rubber, such as silicone molds, usually sit for a while before being put into use.

Vulcanizing agent parameters of Silica Gel

The proportion of vulcanizing agent for Silica Gel.
Silicone rubber is the most common two-component vulcanized silicone rubber. When not in use, silicone rubber is divided into two parts: COLLOID and vulcanizing agent. In general, only the weight of the colloid should be considered, and in special cases, the weight of other additives of the Silica Gel should be considered. For example, the use of pad printing silicone vulcanization agent proportion needs to be based on the total weight of silicone and silicone oil added to calculate.
C-8e (curing agent) is a transparent, colloidal, environmentally friendly silicone rubber curing agent used for molding silicone rubber products. It is used for transparent, semi-transparent, medium and high-quality products. It is also suitable for ordinary silicone rubber products.
C-14 food-grade odorless curing agent C-14 is a new odorless curing agent developed by our company, which is used for molding silicone rubber products. Used in medium and high-quality products, especially for the production of Silica Gel Miscellaneous products. Apply to colored parts and transparent, white products, C-14 once after adding sulfur can be odorless. Second vulcanization is better (160 °C; 20 minutes). This product is flammable, when mixing, please add two kilograms of Silica Gel curing agent and an equal proportion of bridging agent to mix well, then quickly add the remaining raw materials to avoid fire.
C-15e environmental curing agent C-15E is a transparent gel-like environmental anti-yellowing curing agent, used for Silicon Rubber Molding vulcanization. It is suitable for medium and high-quality products as well as general silicone processing products. Used for transparent or white parts, it can be cured four times (or twice within 200 °c baking 1-2 hours), the product does not change yellow.
C-20e anti-yellow curing agent C-20E is a semitransparent silicone rubber anti-yellow curing agent, which is used for molding silicone rubber products. It is suitable for medium and high-quality products as well as general silicone processing products. For transparent or white parts, it can be cured five times (or within 200 °C for 4 hours), the product will not turn yellow. Applicable to non-ferrous Parts anti-yellow can ensure that non-ferrous parts are after multiple curing colors.
H-10 silicone rubber internal de-molding agent this product is a special internal additive for high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber de-molding. It is easy to disperse also. This product is widely used in buttons and other complex shapes of silicone rubber products.
Fy-31 silicone rubber finishing agent FY-31 silicone rubber finishing agent is a special primer for silicone rubber back double-sided adhesive, divided into fast-dry and slow-dry type. It is applied to the high-temperature rubber sheet according to the different production processes of the product. The double-sided rubber sheet can be applied to the rubber sheet. This glue is non-toxic and tasteless after drying, and high temperature resistant
Y-21 silicone rubber shrinkage agent this product can reduce the size of silicone rubber products in high-temperature silicone rubber, without affecting other properties of silicone rubber (such as yellowing, and mechanical properties). At the same time, this product is easy to add, will not produce white spots, widely used in silicone rubber keys, seals, and other miscellaneous products. Double Ditetrasulfide
Good yellow resistance, high product transparency, less addition: Less Spray Frost, small smell, suitable for the production of high transparent extrusion products.
Mid-range products, suitable for the production of slightly higher transparency requirements of extrusion products.
Cheap, low cost, suitable for the production of wire or transparency requirements are not high extrusion products.

Advantages of silicone kitchenware

Silicone kitchenware Product Properties:
Performance, silicone products, similar plastic products
No poison/smell. Most of it
High Transparency
Physiological inertness / Good Chemical Stability
Is it Green / Biodegradable
Does Not Fade / Turn Yellow
Anti-aging / Long Service Life Is
Cold / Brittle, Cold-40 °C, not brittle, cold-40 °C, Brittle
Combustion performance 330 degrees, 100 to 150 degrees
High-temperature resistance, non-flammable, will not produce harmful substances, flammable, produce harmful substances
Good Abrasion Resistance
Excellent Insulation
Good Skid Resistance
Good or bad elasticity / Shock Resistance
Easy to remove mold / EASY TO CLEAN

Superior performance, coupled with the fact that Silica Gel is a non-petroleum product and does not rely on increasingly scarce petroleum resources, has made Silica Gel products become a substitute for similar plastic products, which has become the general trend At the same time, silicone products can be used in many plastic products can not be used in the field, such as baby pacifiers, human organs and so on, the application prospects are very broad. Complete and mature product design, molding, manufacturing, domestic/international market supply chain, and foreign Trade exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions, has been widely recognized and praised by the majority of consumers. Silica Gel daily necessities have become the bright scenery line of People’s fashion life.

If you are interested in silicone kitchenware/household items or have any questions, please contact us directly or leave a message, thanks in advance.

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