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What is the process of making the flat silicone protective cover pattern?

 The flat silicone protective cover pattern process

With the rise of intelligent products, protective cover has become a necessary supply for people. Tablet PC silicone sleeve has a very good anti-slip shock absorption effect, but also to avoid the tablet computer from hard objects scratch, and the price is relatively cheap compared to the leather case, so the majority of tablet computer users love it. Tablet PC silicone cases are not only brightly colored but can also be made in different shapes and printed with different patterns that look beautiful. So how do these patterns come about? What are the aspects of the process that need to be used?

IPAD silicone protective cover

The surface treatment process, the most surface treatment is the spray hand feeling oil, which can make the protective cover touch feel good, but also the most simple surface treatment. Silicone products in the ordinary state are easy to absorb the dust in the air and have a certain stickiness. Spraying a thin layer of feel oil on the surface of the silicone cover can both prevent dust and ensure the feel.

Oil spraying plus laser engraving process, silicone cover after repairing the edge of the silicone cover surface spray a layer of colored ink and then laser pattern, and then the surface sprays a layer of hand feeling oil.

Drip glue process, the silicone cover has been repaired on the edge of the colored liquid glue to make a pattern.

Color printing process, the silicone cover has been repaired on the edge of the print out any color pattern, this process can be the silicone cover not only beautiful and three-dimensional sense is very strong, and feel good. It can be printed on every side of the silicone cover, and the pattern is very smooth and natural.

ipad protective cover

The pattern treatment process of the silicone cover for tablet PC after molding is roughly the above-mentioned kinds, you should do some understanding of this when customizing the silicone cover for tablet PC, and then provide your own pattern to the manufacturer, so that the customized product is more likely to meet your expectations. In addition, when you choose a custom manufacturer, OYIGIFTS Silicone Products Factory recommends that you choose a manufacturer that is good at making this product because the tablet silicone protective cover looks simple to make, but there are specialties in the field, so the quality is more secure.

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If you are interested in a custom silicone protective case, welcome to contact us directly, thanks in advance.

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