IPAD silicone CASE

What does an ipad silicone case do and how to choose a custom manufacturer?

What does an ipad silicone case do and how to choose a custom manufacturer?

It is inevitable that when you use your ipad regularly, it will get scratched or broken, and you will be in a lot of pain. In order to protect our iPads, many people will choose to put on a protective case. The silicone cases are not only good looking, but they are also drop-proof, shock-proof and scratch-proof, so many people will choose silicone cases to protect their iPads. What are the specific functions of the Ipad silicone case and How to choose a custom manufacturer?

  The role of ipad silicone case

1, professional silicone tablet cover manufacturers, the process for the protective cover and molding processing has a very mature technology, customized different sizes as well as thickness and shape, its good elasticity and cachet can be completely prevented from falling bad, long-term service life can reach the ideal expectations, and high and low temperature resistance, waterproof sealing strong, etc..

2, common silicone flat cover, can be customized in different colours, patterns, process can be used silk screen for pattern printing can also use drip process to make three-dimensional bump sense, creative, cartoon heat dissipation, any model are universal, dedicated to fit perfectly, easy to carry more convenient, a variety of key openings and camera and volume port, can be perfectly matched to use.

3, non-slip, so that the protective cover and the body to form a perfect whole, not easy to fall off, easy to clean, not easy to break, antibacterial and other effects.

4、Made of imported silicone raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive, safe and environmentally friendly and hygienic, in line with US and Japanese FDA and European standard LFGB, ISO certified. High and low temperature resistance: -40 degrees ~ 230 degrees, accurate hole design, washable, long service life, super soft hand feeling skin-friendly material.

IPAD silicone CASE

  How to choose a custom ipad silicone case cover manufacturer?
  1. Look at the strength.

Silicone placemats and other products are very different, for the delivery is very strict, delivery is not allowed to affect the effectiveness of the company. oyigifts experienced, delivery time is guaranteed. At the same time, the quality of production is strictly controlled to ensure quality and quantity completion.

2、Look at the professionalism

There are many factories that produce silicone products, but each has its own advantages and characteristics. If you choose a factory that specialises in silicone tablet protectors, the quality of the products produced will be more guaranteed.

3, look at the degree of cooperation.

In the process of communicating with the silicone plate protector manufacturer, see the responsiveness of the manufacturer to the demand, the degree of completion of the proposed requirements.

4, Cost performance.

With the increasing maturity of silicone technology, silicone products manufacturers, you can enter a number of factories to compare the quality of products, prices, quality, technology and other aspects, choose the right manufacturer to cooperate.

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