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How to make silicone products last longer

Silicone products last longer introduction

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Silicone products are widely used in daily life. We can see them in mechanical parts, household products, and kitchen products. Like other materials, silicone items will inevitably wear out in use. So, if you want to extend the use of these silicone products, we should do a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance of the products. This article will give you some common methods to make your silicone supplies shine like new.

First of all, silicone supplies should not be placed under strong sunlight for a long time, this will make the structure of silicone change, silicone appliances will therefore crack, gradually harden and fracture. So silicone items need to be kept in a cool place at a suitable temperature.

silicone products

In addition, if the silicone products get dirty in the process of use, you can use water to rinse them and then dry them with a rag. If there is oil, glue, dust, or dirt, we can then wipe the surface of the item with toothpaste and Windex, which can effectively remove the stain without residue. Or use alcohol, or soap, can also have a significant effect, do not worry about discoloration, and effectively prevent silicone items from yellowing and blackening. After cleaning, please dry the items and keep them in a dry and cool place, avoiding environmental exposure to the sun and oil, and smoke.

At the same time, in daily use, do not cut silicone products with sharp objects and do not press silicone supplies under heavy objects for a long time, which will easily cause them to bend and deform. Pay attention to putting in a clean environment to avoid silicone supplies adsorbing dust.

silicone products

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