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How much does a bulk custom silicone phone case cost?

Custom silicone phone case cost

How much does it cost to make a custom silicone phone case in bulk? As you may know, custom silicone products require a mold fee to open the mold, so the same applies to custom silicone phone cases. In addition to the mold cost, there are also raw material costs, labor cost, production difficulty and so on. The following OYIGIFTS is a brief introduction for you.

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1、Mold cost. The mold cost is related to the complexity of the mold, the more complex the mold, the higher the cost.

2、The cost of raw materials. The common silicone raw materials for making silicone phone cases are blended silicone, high-temperature silicone, liquid silicone, food-grade silicone, vapor phase rubber, etc. With different rubber materials, the price is naturally different.

3, labor costs. The production of silicone phone cases inevitably requires labor costs, including the processing time of the product, daily output, utilities, equipment costs, etc.

4、Production difficulty. The more difficult the production of silicone phone cases, the more expensive the custom price is naturally.

5、With or without other requirements. Such as adding beautiful patterns to the phone case, or with other accessories, etc.

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How much does it cost to customize a silicone phone case in bulk? According to the above five points, basically, you can roughly understand the cost of custom silicone phone cases, if you want to know the specific price, you can contact the silicone products factory, and they can give the most accurate quotation according to the specific custom products. In addition, we remind you that when customizing silicone products, do not only consider the price factor, in the case of production technology is not very different, too low price is usually through the sacrifice of other aspects for the cost, so we should take into account the custom product itself quality needs, the consumer experience, the manufacturer’s service attitude.

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