silicone cake molds

What are the advantages of silicone cake molds

Silicone cake molds is a popular offline kitchen supply, it can be used for baking cake production, although the price of this silicone cake mold is relatively high, the advantages, it has, get the majority of baking enthusiasts to choose and love, so what are the advantages of silicone cake mold? The following OYIGIFTS tell you.

Silicone cake molds

Silicone cake molds product advantages

(1) Use high-quality silicone material, that passed FDA and SGS and other international food certifications does not contain any toxic and harmful substances, can be made into different shapes according to customer requirements, such as animal shape, and fruit shape. It can be made into different shapes according to customers’ requirements, such as animal shapes and fruit shapes. It can also be deployed in different colors, which is both beautiful and practical.

(2) The cake mold products are comfortable to the touch, very flexible, not deformed, and light to store.

(3) odorless, non-toxic, dust-resistant, not easy to age, durable, impermeable, easy to clean, can withstand the temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, can be used safely in the oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

(4) Easy to use, easy to handle, gently press the bottom can be cleanly removed, soft and easy to demould, durable, convenient storage.

(5) Silicone cake molds, DIY design, cute and nutritious, suitable for making cakes, bread, mousse, jelly, seasoned food, chocolate, pudding, fruit pies, etc.

Silicone material cake mold is soft, foldable, bendable, not easy to deform, one hand can shoot the cake mold flat storage, hands gently shake can be fully open, convenient to carry, and easy to store. And silicone material is not easy to stain, very easy to clean. Multi-compartment design cake molds will not stick, and string taste.

Cake molds are made of edible-grade silicone, a silicone product in the category of silicone kitchenware that can be used to make cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, seasoned food, chocolate, pudding, fruit pies, etc.. Can withstand 230 ℃ high temperature, even in the oven will not be a problem. Especially when making cakes, compared to other cake molds, silicone molds are soft in texture, making de-molding less troublesome and keeping the perfect shape of baked goods well.

What are the advantages of silicone cake molds? To sum up, silicone cake molds are foldable, bendable, not easily deformed, odorless, non-toxic, dust resistant, not easy to age, durable and so on, which is the best choice for baking lovers, you can use silicone cake molds with confidence and boldness.

Customized silicone cake molds

As people become more aware of food safety. Most people choose to do their own cake baking at home. Recently, more and more people recognize silicone cake moulds. Because silicone is safe, hygienic and high temperature resistant, it is used in the field of food, and many of the foods that people often eat, such as cakes, bread and jelly, are packed with silicone products. It is a product classification of “food silicone”. So, which is the best silicone cake mold wholesale manufacturer? Today OYIGIFTS will give you a detailed introduction.

Which is the best wholesale silicone cake molds manufacturer?

OYIGIFTS has nearly 20 years of experience in silicone production of silicone products manufacturers, with independent mold capacity, according to the user’s special requirements, to map, to sample the development of quality, reasonable price of silicone products. Silicone cake molds can be made into any color we can see with our naked eyes, and can also be made into the shape we want, so silicone cake molds have both beautiful and practical functions.

Silicone cake molds can be used to package many kinds of food besides cakes, don’t be misled by the word “cake”, it can be used to package chocolate, seasoned food, etc. Silicone cake molds have many distinctive features, it inherits all the characteristics of food silicone, in addition to complete hygiene, high temperature resistance, silicone cake molds also It is easy to clean, versatile, long life, comfortable, potential, etc.

silicone cake molds

OYIGIFTS will carry out dust treatment when making silicone food cake molds,.

1, packaging treatment: If it is semi-finished products, we first use a high-pressure air gun to blow clean silicone inside the plastic bag, and then use the plastic box to pack it up, and finally use the lid to cover it. This will not have dust sticking to the surface of the product and make silicone products have static electricity.

2, dealing with static electricity: in fact, silicone is made out of static electricity, which is a very normal phenomenon, you can change the formula to eliminate static electricity to achieve dust, but it is not very realistic, which will lead to unstable performance of silicone products, but also does not meet international standards, customers will not agree.

3, spraying hand oil: anti-dust we usually recommend spraying hand oil, hand oil is an oily substance that can adsorb silicone surface, can increase the smoothness of the surface of silicone products, and isolate the outside world and silicone surface contact, to really achieve the effect of preventing silicone products from adhering to dust. The specific operation can be sprayed on the surface of silicone products a layer of feel oil, not only dustproof effect is very good, but also feel very good, but the cost has increased.

In recent years, silicone cake mold so popular, many silicone product manufacturers have invested in making silicone cake mold. The quality of silicone cake molds on the market is mixed, so when you choose a wholesale silicone cake mold manufacturer, you must recognize the regular wholesale silicone cake mold manufacturers while paying attention to the wholesale price of silicone cake molds. The quality of the silicone cake molds produced by regular silicone cake mold wholesale manufacturers is guaranteed. It can form a long-term relationship.

If you are interested in silicone cake molds, welcome to contact us directly, thanks in advance!


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