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What are the advantages of silicone mats and how to use them?

What are the advantages of silicone mats and how to use them? The silicone mats are made of food-grade silicone, which can be used for food steaming processing and food trays, using this silicone pad product can make the steamed food more delicious, so what are the advantages of silicone pad and how to use it? The following OYIGIFTS tell you.

Silicone kitchenware mats

Silicone pad is also called silicone steamer cloth, mainly using food silicone as the main material, made by a special process, the product is widely used in food steaming processing industry, its characteristics of high strength, hygiene, environmental protection, easy to clean. In the production line, it can greatly improve the mass production and save the production cost. Evenly distributed structure of the mesh, easy heat transfer, so that the steamed dumplings will not have knots, more soft and delicious.

Silicone pad is widely used in food steaming, steamed buns, buns, baked goods, meat, rice, suitable for trays, steamers and other types of steaming equipment. Package point fermentation, freezing can be used.

silicone mat

Advantages of silicone mats.

Good hygienic performance, non-stick, non-absorbing oil, no residual impurities, stable composition in the distillation process.

Cost-saving, the product can be used repeatedly, the normal service life of more than 3500 hours.

Non-stick, non-stick that guarantees the beauty of the appearance of the pastry, but also alleviates the later washing and cleaning maintenance.

Good performance, the mesh is evenly distributed, evenly heated, and the steamed pasta is soft and delicious, without the phenomenon of hard spots.

Environmental protection, using food-grade silicone high-temperature vulcanization, soft material, good toughness, good resilience, no smell.

High and low temperature resistance, can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to +230 degrees.

aging resistance long service life, almost no reaction with other chemicals.

Electrical insulation properties, silicone mat products all have good electrical insulation properties.

Beautiful colors, can be customized to your desired color and logo.

Silicone pad theoretical service life of up to 3500 hours, if the continuous time time of 5 hours per day, then the steam pad can be used for 700 days. Therefore, the service life of the steam pad is extremely long, more environmentally friendly and hygienic, easy to clean, from the economic manpower, material resources have been greatly saved.

silicone mat

The use of silicone pads.

Before use should be rinsed with boiling water, can add a small amount of green food mark detergent cleaning, do not use metal tools for scrubbing, so as not to affect the life of the food mat. After cleaning and drying the water drops can be put into the tray to use. The cleaning cycle of the silicone steam mat depends on the situation, generally 3-5 days to clean once.


What are the advantages of silicone mats and how to use them? To sum up, silicone mats have the advantages of cost saving, non-stick, even heating, non-absorbing oil and so on. The above is about the advantages of silicone mats and how to use the content, I believe that after reading this article has been understood, I hope this article can help you.

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