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What are the advantages of silicone cookware

Now many families are slowly using silicone kitchenware, silicone kitchenware why so popular? Because silicone cookware is a food-grade rubber product without any smell and very resistant to high temperatures, and kitchen tableware is generally in contact with things that are high temperatures, and silicone cookware can cope with this very well. Are there any other benefits of using silicone tableware in our kitchen? Let’s follow OYIGIFTS together to see.

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Nowadays, supermarkets have colorful kitchenware. Children’s learning chopsticks, children’s spoons, collapsible lunch boxes, chocolate molds, spatulas and dozens of other varieties in various colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green, with prices ranging from a few tens to a few hundred dollars. This is a new type of kitchen utensils. “In fact, daily life often come into contact with silicone products, just do not understand, such as baby bottles on the pacifier and pressure cooker seal, this silicone kitchenware and this product is the same material.” Silicone cookware has just entered the local market but is already a big seller abroad.

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Benefits of silicone cookware – Features of silicone cookware

The so-called pure silicone kitchenware is an entire product made of silicone material. Wrapped silicone tableware is mainly wrapped hardware, and wrapped plastic silicone cookware. Pure silicone material, the use of silicone material itself the advantages of its characteristics of direct kitchen work, package rubber silicone kitchenware, but the use of silicone material features complementary to other tools to play a protective indirectly convenient kitchen work. In many Western countries, silicone products have penetrated all corners of people’s lives.

High-temperature resistance: Applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens. Easy to clean: silicone products can be cleaned by rinsing with water or in the dishwasher after use. Long life: Silicone raw materials are chemically stable, and the products made of silicone have a longer life than other materials. Soft and comfortable: Thanks to the softness of silicone material, silicone cookware is comfortable to touch, very flexible, and not deformed. Various colors: according to the needs of customers, different beautiful colors can be deployed, for environmental protection and non-toxic.

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Silicone material, because it is a soft material, so when making kitchenware, such as the material used to make bowls, you do not have to be afraid of falling and breaking, like bowls made of ceramic, a careless will fall to the ground and break, but silicone material will not. There are many advantages of silicone cookware, the above content if you are interested in silicone tableware. You can try to use silicone cookware in your kitchen at home.

Silicone tableware is brightly colored and beautiful, high temperature resistant, safe, and not afraid of falling and smashing. This rich color of tableware is very popular with children, to attracts children’s appetite and attention, Moms no longer have to worry about children do not eat on time, and tableware selection silicone products is a good choice.

Why do so many people use silicone cookware? What are the advantages?

Now silicone products are very widely used, especially in kitchen supplies, silicone cookware is to bring greater commercial value and use value, which is our continuous investment in R & D technology to research and development of silicone products, to speed up the development of their own technology and progress, to strengthen the development of high-performance high use of silicone products, the following OYIGIFTS will take you to understand the advantages of our silicone cookware industry.

silicone cookware

At the very beginning the big guys from the raw materials, silicone cookware undoubtedly the raw material chosen for this commodity is silicone, and the main component of silicone is a natural component present in sand, stone, and crystals. Silicone is just like the tempered glass that people usually see, it does not contain toxic colorless and tasteless and does not melt water, strong alkalis and other solvents other than sulfuric acid, its chemical properties are very stable, so that silicone cookware is very environmentally friendly zero pollution.

Compared to other iron, stainless steel plates, and porcelain kitchen utensils, silicone cookware also has many advantages that are very popular. Silicone is a kind of base enzyme absorbing raw materials, it has high wear resistance flexibility, corrosion resistance, and temperature and can withstand high temperatures, so it is not easy to produce rust, heat, easy to break, and other difficulties in the whole process of use.

In addition, silicone cookware also has high-temperature resistance, so in daily life, whether it is hot or cold drinking material can be used. And in the cold winter can also have the role of heat insulation and heat preservation, in addition to heat insulation and heat preservation will not burn the hands of the applicant.

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Silicone cookware in the kitchen supplies industry advantages.

First, there is a demand for production, to know the domestic demand for silicone products is very large, and not only domestic, and some countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa are importing our silicone products, and now the world’s silicone products center has shifted to our Pearl River Delta region, China is becoming the world’s tires and silicone products manufacturing and processing base and the world’s silicone market competition focus area.

Second, China’s good market economy regulation system, drive and stimulate the Pearl River Delta region and the country’s silicon products factory booming development, now in the field of silicone products, China has established a more complete product system of seven basic rubber species, such as the core technology support of soluble styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR), thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber (SBS) and butadiene rubber (BR) and other products of the domestic market, as well as foreign The market share, is high.

Third, China’s natural silicone resources are not enough, natural silicone resources are in short supply for a long time, and many are dependent on imports, then the replacement of natural silicone resources with silicon is inevitable, through technical means, most of the silicone products molding into society can be replaced by synthetic silicone, which you can not our country’s natural silicone resources shortage of shortcomings, thus also indirectly promote the development of the entire silicone products industry! !

People generally accept the application of silicone kitchenware which is inevitable, this is the general trend. Not only is the silicone material so excellent, more is the benefits and convenience of silicone cookware in people’s daily lives.

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What are the advantages of silicone cookware? Good silicone cookware is very important for a family, kitchen supplies cleaning is a very troublesome problem because much traditional kitchenware is not easy to clean after use, so silicone cookware is a good solution to these problems, silicone cookware can be very easy to clean. So the following OYIGIFTS to give you a detailed explanation of silicone cookware.

Silicone cookware is a household cooking utensil, but also silicone products, its safety is very important, we must find a formal manufacturer to buy, need to have the product’s food-grade environmental certification test report, or raw materials FDA, LFGB certification test report.

We should also pay attention to the selection of suitable for our own use of kitchenware, to correctly distinguish the use of individual kitchenware, before buying must use our nose to smell the smell of the product, and the strict silicone kitchenware in the heat and cold should not have any smell, wipe on the white paper will not have any discoloration phenomenon.

Good silicone cookware is made of food grade by high-temperature vulcanization molding, molding temperature reaches 230℃ or more, which is basically considered high temperature.

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Silicone cookware is mainly because the materials are different. Generally, silicone cookware products produced from ordinary silicone materials have a great smell, especially when some other substances are added inside the material, which makes it a huge irritating smell.

But the silicone cookware produced with good silicone raw materials mainly refers to food-grade silicone, the cost of this raw material is more expensive, several times higher than ordinary silicone, so the corresponding product unit price will be much more expensive, but such products are safe, the use of peace of mind.

Silicone cookware customization using food-grade stainless steel silicone raw materials, non-toxic odorless, high and low-temperature resistance -40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, chemically stable, non-ignition, in addition to odor characteristics of high quality, and many raw materials do not cause adhesion, can play a role in isolation. Available sink dishwasher, home refrigerator, microwave oven, oven such.

Silicone kitchenware has silicone spoons, silicone frying pans, silicone lids, silicone lunch boxes, silicone chopsticks, silicone disposable straws, silicone bowls, silicone cups, silicone kitchenware, silicone tablecloths, silicone rice spoons, silicone soup spoons, silicone scrapers, silicone oil brushes such as mold, model specifications, color, compressive strength can be customized.

What are the advantages of silicone kitchenware? To sum up, silicone kitchenware has the characteristics of maintenance, easy and quick to remove, etc. The above is the content of silicone cookware, I believe that after reading this article for silicone cookware and have a new understanding, I hope this article can help you.

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What are the characteristics of silicone cookware and how to clean it?

What are the characteristics and cleaning methods of silicone cookware? Silicone cookware is generally made of food-safe silicone materials, with a smooth, beautiful appearance, non-toxic and tasteless even at high temperatures, and there are also many different models, products, and sizes, so what are the characteristics and cleaning methods of silicone cookware? The following OYIGIFTS tell you.

That silicone cookware has exactly those main characteristics, now summarized as follows.

1、The operability of silicone kitchenware

2、The fluidity of silicone tableware

3、The shrinkage rate of silicone cookware

4、The tearing and tensile strength of silicone kitchenware

5、Hardness of silicone cookware

6、The high-temperature resistance of silicone kitchenware, the number of times to turn the mold

7, the service life of silicone tableware, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance

In fact, we analyze the product characteristics of silicone kitchenware, is to better use this product. Silicone cookware is divided into condensed silicone cookware and molded silicone kitchenware. Therefore, when we use silicone tableware, we should distinguish the difference between these two types of silicone, and then combine the characteristics of silicone cookware to open the mold and use it, in order to achieve half the result with twice the effort. Condensed silicone kitchenware, it is cured by absorbing moisture in the air. In contrast, the curing of additive silicone tableware is synthetic curing, which does not require the absorption of moisture to cure. Therefore, these characteristics are very important for our operation when using the product for a specific application. In the case of condensed silicone cookware, if we do not pay attention to its curing principle, we will have the phenomenon that the model made is not dry on the surface and not on the inside in the process of making the product. Therefore, we only know this characteristic of silicone kitchenware, we can find out the solution for it. In the process of operation, we just need to add 0.05% water to the condensed silicone cookware and mix it well to solve these conditions.

OYIGIFTS share 2 kinds of cleaning methods.

1, scattering method: please use a small amount of the original solution or diluted solution scattered or coated on the high-temperature mold, to be 2 – 3 minutes after the dirt material will be softened free, before the mold wash water is not dry immediately rinse with water can be, the mold temperature at 95 ℃ or more.

2, dipping method: iron tank containing the original solution or diluted solution, heating about 95 ℃ after soaking for about 2-3 minutes. Or high-temperature mold directly into the room temperature solution, soak for 2-3 minutes, and then pick up and rinse with water.

What are the characteristics and cleaning methods of silicone cookware? In summary, silicone kitchenware has the characteristics of operability, fluidity, shrinkage, tear resistance, and tensile strength. If you need to clean silicone cookware, you can generally use the scattering method and dipping method for cleaning.

If you are interested in silicone kitchenware, pls contact us directly, thanks in advance!

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