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Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Fidget Toys

Why Fall In Love With Fidget Toys pop it pushes bubbles

It’s now official! Fidget toys aren’t just “toys”, in the conventional sense of the word, but a health and wellness devices – much like barbells and the handgrip. But they’re much more than a boring device that forces you to exercise. In fact, Fidget toys, like the push bubble, are so cute, cuddly, and cool, that everyone, from 9 to 99 seems to fall in love with them. Back, a couple of years ago, when Fidget toys pop first hit the toy scene, there was such a rush that these cute “devices” quickly flew off the shelves. One leading online publication pointed out how they went from being a toy to a “national phenom!”.

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Fidgeting – It’s nothing new!

In case 2017 was the first time you ever heard about “fidgeting” being equated with “toys”, then you’ve probably never caught yourself in a stressful position – ever! Remember how people twirl their hair when they are nervous? Have you ever seen someone – perhaps during a test or in preparation for a major exam – click their ballpoint pens repeatedly? And then, there are people who you catch subconsciously popping packing bubble wrap when talking on the phone.

And how about people who drum or drub their fingers on a desk or counter as they wait anxiously to be served? And here’s the classic one that we all can relate to: Remember how you’d bite the ends of pencils while listening to a teacher speak? Well, you probably did the same in college, and probably still do it during tense meetings and presentations with your boss, colleagues, or difficult clients.

Well…guess what they’re all doing? You guessed it: They’re all fidgeting!

Different people express nervousness and stress in different ways. And various people function optimally under different levels of stimulus. For instance, some people can’t work unless they have music to listen to. Others can’t function unless there’s absolute quiet. It’s the same with focus and concentration. Many among us like to focus on a task with undivided attention. But a vast majority of people like using props to play with – like Fidget toys pop it – while they work through a challenge.

It’s true: Fidget Toys have taken fidgeting to a whole new level beyond a lock of hair or a boring ball-point pen. However, they essentially serve the same purpose. They’re re-directing nervous energy into something that’s physical and that you can touch and feel. And that’s what most Fidget Toy pop it users love about these amazing devices.

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Why do young and old fall in love with them?

So, what’s the real reason that so many people, young and old, fall in love with Fidget Toys pop it once they start using them? Well, there’s a psychological reason for that love affair with Fidget Toys – and it may sound counterintuitive and paradoxical. Here’s the confusing part about these toys that are based on how our brain works: Fidget Toys pop help us – both adults and kids – focus by distracting us! Still not clear? Let’s explain.

Now, there’s a concept that someone can really fall in love with – if only it was easy to understand. And it really is! You see, when kids and adults are focusing hard on a challenge or a task, they tend to get stressed and anxious. The more they concentrate on the task at hand – like working on a school essay or solving a complex production issue at work, the more stressed their brains get. So, where does Fidget Toys’ pop it fit in with this scenario?

Well, psychology teaches us that, when faced with a challenging task, our mind sometimes needs a break so it can step back, relax for a while, and then refocus on the task once more. And that’s exactly how Fidget Toys pop it works. They distract the brain and give it some reprieve from the challenging task it’s been working on. That’s why people love it!

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While that’s the underlying psychological reason to love these amazing toys, there are plenty of real-world reasons why people fall in love with these amazing toy devices. Some of these reasons explain why kids love these toys, and others explain the love affair between Fidget Toys pop it and adults. Here are the top 10 reasons why anyone that uses a Fidget Toy falls in love with them:

  • They’re great toys: Fidget toys pop it are known to captivate the minds and attention of the young and the old alike. And because of those qualities, they make great playthings for people of all ages. Why do they make such great toys? Because they are simple in design, elegant to look at, and easy to use.
  • They’re inexpensive gifts: Unlike many electronic gifts today, which can cost hundreds of dollars, Fidget Gadgets are relatively inexpensive toys. In fact, if you work with a reputable custom gift maker and place a reasonable-sized order, the unit cost of each Fidget Toy can be drastically reduced.
  • They cross gender and age barriers: If you’ve been a careful observer of who uses Fidget Toys pop it, you’ll likely see men and women, boys and girls, youngsters and seniors equally use these amazing toys. In fact, Fidget Toys know no gender barriers, nor are they restricted to specific age groups.
  • Easy to understand: You don’t need to read 10-pages of complex documentation to understand them. Because of this simple feature, anyone can start using the toy immediately – right out of the box. There’s no assembly required. No complicated rules to understand. You just buy it and start playing with it!
  • They provide endless fun: A Fidget gadget is truly one that delivers endless amounts of fun. Whether you’re looking to while away the hours when you have nothing to do; or whether you wish to ward-off nervousness at the hospital; or if it’s a need to occupy yourself when grappling with a complex school project – Fidget toys pop it provide endless opportunities for fun.
  • Fidget Toys Help You to Focus: There’s plenty of medical evidence that Fidget Toys aid people refocus themselves. People with ADHD, and other forms of disorders that prevent them from focusing on a task, benefit greatly from using Fidget Gadgets to regain their focus and attention.
  • Improve academic performance: There have been studies that prove that using Fidget Toys pop it can help boost academic performance in children. Some children that use Fidget Toys saw their scores rise by as much as 10%; while some children with ADHD saw their scores improve by 27%. This tells us that these devices are more than just “toys” to help pass the time. They are performance-enhancing tools for the young and old!
  • Great for arthritis sufferers: Stiffness in the fingers and thumb can sometimes make movements difficult and painful. But, the prolonged use of a Fidget Toy can be of great exercise value. Over time, the use of the Fidget toy can help restore some – if not all – movement in arthritic fingers and joints.
  • Exceptional therapeutic value: After an operation or major trauma suffered to the thumbs and fingers or the wrist, movement in those limbs often becomes a challenge. Using Fidget Toys may be a great way to restore dexterity to such limbs, as repeated pressing and depressing bubbles in the Fidget Toy offer exercise to recover muscles.
  • They’re long-lasting: Typically manufactured from plastic or silicone, Fidget Toys pop has an extraordinarily long life. Unlike many electronic toys today, which break or are quickly damaged by kids, the longevity of the Fidget Toy makes it a gift with exceptional value for money!

And, with so many versions and variants of Fidget Toys pop, like Spin Wheels, Stress Balls, Squeeze Toys, and Pressing Bubbles, there’s something for every type of Fidgeter. And there’s yet another reason that people love these toys. No matter what your mood is, and no matter how you like to fidget when focusing, you’ll always find a toy that works for you!

So, what’s not to love about a toy, that’s really more than a traditional definition of a “toy”? What’s not to like about a toy, which intended to serve a playful purpose, but quickly evolved into a health, fitness, and wellness device? The immense popularity of these so-called toys, and their extraordinary benefits on health and wellness, have made many in the academic world refer to them as “Fidget Tools”, not toys, for classroom use. That’s because they’re as loveable and likable today, as they were when they first appeared on the scene, and they continue helping kids (and adults too!) focus and have fun.

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Not a passing fad!

Thankfully, Fidget Toys are no longer just a passing fad, but are here to stay! Many corporate gift-giving programs include Fidget toys pop as part of their marketing and sales promotion programs. For instance, if you run a daycare center or a school for young kids, it would make great sense to customize a Fidget Toy as a giveaway to students, parents, prospective students, and their families.

Because Fidget Toys pop it isn’t a fad anymore, but really functional toys, companies can easily use them to promote their businesses. You could work with a custom gift manufacturing company, like OYI Gifts, to produce a Fidget Toy that mirrors your flagship product or company logo. With extensive customization ability and no minimum order requirement, these toys form the perfect corporate gift.

Since the toy is likely to be used for many years to come, thanks to its amazing popularity, it’s a good idea to have your custom gift-maker add your marketing message, contact details, and company messaging to each toy.

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