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How to choose the right Fidget toys supplier– It’s more than “Googling” a name!

By now, you’ve probably seen kids and adults alike continuously playing with fidget toys. These include spinners and push bubbles. And although there are many reasons why push bubbles are so popular, there is credible scientific research to back up their advantages beyond just the fun factor. These toys help young and old build focus and even have great therapeutic and rehab value to build the focus of mind, and dexterity in finger and eye coordination.

But you can’t just go online and Google a supplier and place an order for your push bubbles pop fidget toys.  This is especially true if you wish to use the toy as part of a corporate marketing and gift-giving strategy. You’ll need to carefully consider who your supplier must be, before placing that order.

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Why Does Your Fidget Toys Supplier Matters?

If you are a business looking to add Fidget toys to your inventory of corporate gift-giving items, then you should be very careful about who your toy supplier is. Why? There are many reasons for it:

  1. The items you use as giveaways represent your brand and your company image. If you value that image, then you should be very diligent about choosing the company that is behind the manufacturing of the toys and gifts that represent that image
  2. Gifts, such as the push bubbles pop fidget toys, make excellent sensory tools, and many children and seniors love to play with them. It not only adds stimulus to the player’s life but is of great therapeutic value too. Because of these reasons, you want to be extra careful who makes the toys that your company will give away or distribute. Poor quality or defects in the toys may cause irreparable damage to the players and to your company’s brand
  3. Typically, corporate gift suppliers act as “order takers”. They’ll create gifts based on client specifications. That approach works well when the gift is something insignificant. However, toys that have therapeutic value require added experience and expertise, because of their “special nature”. Entrusting such a major responsibility to an un-tested supplier might not be a good idea
  4. Often, therapists and childhood educators encourage kids with attention disorders, such as Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), to play with toys such as push bubbles. Because of this sensitive use, you can’t trust a relatively unknown supplier to produce it – especially with your company name and image tied to the toy. If you give away these toys as part of a marketing program, and your supplier does not do a good job of designing and producing the toy, the result could be serious negative publicity for your organization

Like most giveaways, these toys must be manufactured to the highest of standards – and that’s where your suppliers’ experience and expertise play a huge role. However, unlike most other corporate gifts, such as key chains or bar mats, fidget toys pop it gifts require a higher level of designing and manufacturing capability. Using a supplier with less expertise may pose a huge challenge to the reputation of your company.

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What to look for in Your Fidget Toys Supplier?

These aren’t “typical” toys that people buy to play as a game. Adults use these toys as productivity and focus enhancement aids. When someone who is working on a tense project needs that extra bit of concentration, they’ll typically turn to toys such as spinners and fidget devices.

We’ve also seen how psychologists and childcare specialists recommend the use of fidget toys in children of all ages. Even high-schoolers and college-age kids have been known to fidget with these toys when writing their term papers or preparing for exams. Clearly, because they aren’t like regular toys, they need a supplier that has certain capabilities that most “regular” toy suppliers don’t have.

So, if your company plans of using fidget toys as part of a marketing campaign, what should you be looking for in a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of these toys? Well, here are some critical things that you must consider before placing that order:

  1. Reputation: When your corporate image and brand is at stake, you should first consider the reputation of the toy supplier you plan on using to manufacture your corporate gift. If you feel that they don’t have a good reputation, or if they have been involved in scandals in the past – stay away from such a supplier. The fall-out of their poor reputation can easily transfer to your company!
  2. Experience: When choosing which company to use as your gift maker, whether it’s a fidget gadget, a bar mat or a phone case, one of the most important characteristics to look for is experience. Some toy makers may have come into the field of making toys very recently. They lack the sophistication and know-how to produce sensitive toys, such as push bubbles pop fidget toys, that require special skills and technical prowess to design and manufacture. Do you really want your corporate gift produced by an inexperienced team of toy suppliers?
  3. Low pricing: Unfortunately, some toy suppliers don’t believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients. How can you tell that? Well, if your supplier charges premium prices, you know they are only interested in a single order and not in building a relationship. Never work with a supplier who isn’t prepared to offer you reasonable pricing
  4. Broad skills: Even though you might be interested in a supplier’s ability to deliver pop-up bubbles for your corporate gift-giving program, it’s always important to ask what other lines of toys and gifts they are capable of supplying. Why is that essential? That’s because, if they are a single-product supplier, their skills might be restricted, especially when it comes to proposing new ideas and custom fidget device designs.

Instead, if your prospective supplier has skills in manufacturing other gifts, like electric gifts, plastic gifts, silicone gifts and a whole lot more, then you can trust them to bring forward original ideas based on their broad and diverse skills

  1. Manufacturing facilities: Never place an order with a supplier who does not have their own manufacturing facilities. Why is that important? For two reasons. Firstly, fidget toys are a very sensitive gift to design and manufacture. And, if the supplier doesn’t manufacture it themselves – and relies on 3rd-party contractors – then they’ll not be able to control the process to your satisfaction.

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Secondly, unlike 100% in-house manufacturing, sub-contracted processes don’t have the level of quality assurance oversight required. This means the supplier can’t guarantee that the final product will contain the exact materials your requested, or the safety features needed. Given that these toys will also be gifted to kids, it’s important to only work with a supplier that has their own production facilities, and who controls the entire process – from design to final shipment.

The reason why the push bubble is so popular is because of the huge number of ways that it can be used. And that’s where your fidget toys pop it gift supplier can play a key role. They can use their experience and expertise to make sure your company messaging is appropriately reflected for each usage of the toy. Often, corporate giveaway gift suppliers create gifts as “one size fits all”. But when you work with a seasoned supplier like OYI Gift, they can customize the gift to each target demographic’s needs.

How will that help you? Well, for example, if you are targeting your push bubbles toward kids, then the supplier can work with you to produce them in designs and shapes that attract kids and their parents. Similarly, adult-focused toys may be designed in patterns that an adult would prefer. When looking for a toy supplier, therefore, you should consider these points too, before placing an order.

Ideal Characteristics Your Fidget Toys Must Possess

Now that you know what to look for in your fidget toys pop-it, supplier, what about looking at the specific characteristics and features they must be able to deliver in the product? Some of the critical features to look for include the following:

  1. 100% rubber silicone: These toys work best when players – both young and old – can bend and pop them easily. Insist that your supplier makes them so they deliver a great tactile experience to users when popping and bending the toys
  2. Maintenance: Choose suppliers who can supply toys that are long-lasting and easy to wash
  3. Eco-friendly: To be a good corporate citizen today, means you care about the environment. Because these toys will carry your marketing message, company brand, and corporate image, you should only work with a supplier that produces their toys from rubber or other environmentally friendly materials
  4. Originality: The toys’ designs must be original and authentic. When you give these away as gifts, the recipient should not feel as though it’s a cheap imitation of some other product. That’s where your supplier can play a critical role by customizing the toys just for your company
  5. Delivery: When it comes to getting your orders delivered quickly, that helps a lot! Why, because sometimes kids are fascinated with a particular gift item -and that’s the time to capitalize on them as marketing tools. So, work with your supplier to choose a toy that can be designed, built, and supplied quickly

Finally, when you work with an experienced supplier like OYI Gift, you won’t have to worry about minimum order quantities in the hundreds of thousands! This matters because some orders for push bubbles might be limited to smaller quantities – because that’s what your marketing plan calls for. If you work with gift suppliers that insist on minimum orders of thousands of items, chances are that your order might not be economical.

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