silicone mini candy bag zipper purse

Silicone Coin Purse: A Gift whose time isn’t up yet!

Silicone Coin Purse: 

Several decades ago, when credit cards first became popular, pundits predicted an end to wallets and purses. That didn’t happen! Less than a decade ago, when online payment and digital “wallets” started showing up and gaining popularity, the experts once again predicted an end to coins and cash money. That didn’t happen either! In fact, new ways to hold non-digital money have gained in popularity, including the versatile silicone coin purse. And, based on how trends are moving, it looks like these colorful, petite money holders are here to stay!

silicone mini candy bag zipper purse

The Coin Purse Won’t Go Away Soon

As long as there have been coin money in circulation, there have been coin purses in use. Historians have found the earliest of such coin holders, named Ötzi the Iceman[i], dates back to before 3,300 BC. The Iceman’s mummified body was discovered in 1991 near the Italian-Austrian border. Of course, back then, one couldn’t order a custom silicone coin purse, as you can today, to carry one’s coins.  Instead, the Iceman used a leather pouch in which to carry his possessions.

And, even though plastic money and digital currency are in use today, many countries, like the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, and Japan, are phasing (or have already phased[ii]) our small denomination paper money in favor of coins of the equivalent denomination.  One reason that coins won’t go away so soon: They last, on average, for at least 4-decades, compared with a few years life of paper money. Using coins, for example, saves the U.S. roughly $500 to $ 700 million each year in paper money replacement costs.

So, is it possible that the days of the fashionable mini silicone coin purse are over? Not likely! A research report by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco[iii] indicates that these coin holders aren’t likely to go away so soon.  In 2019, 26% of the population still used cash (paper and coins) to make their purchases. In fact, of payments under $10, 49% were made using cash.

It’ll be a long time before we see an end to coin purses.

What Makes the Coin Purse So Versatile?

Today, we no longer use leather sacks and pouches made from hides and skins – like Ötzi the Iceman did back many thousands of years ago. Instead, we use sturdy materials, like silicone, to create the versatile silicone coin purse on a wholesale basis. This makes them less costly than leather purses and wallets. And that’s why more people buy them and use them more often.

The popularity of the silicone coin purse is also grounded in the fact that they aren’t those drab, unicolored flat pieces of Rexine and fabric money holders. Their versatility comes from many factors, including:

  • Multiple selections of various colors
  • A custom silicone coin purse can be made from a choice of shapes and designs
  • Unlike fabric and Rexine coin purses, silicone is more durable
  • While leather wallets and cloth-based pouches and purses are hard to wash, silicone is a low-maintenance material, requiring minimal care and cleaning
  • The flat, and often bulky, leather money holder might not always be an appropriate way to carry around a large number of coins. However, because of their flexible and bendable quality, silicone-based coin holders are the most convenient way to hold coins
  • Unlike other bill holders, that you slip into your back pocket or in your breast coat pocket, silicone purses can hold more than just coins. Women may carry small lipstick, and men may carry a spare key to their office. This adds to the versatility and utility of a dedicated coin holder

As we’ve seen, coin-based transactions account for a significant number of under $10-commerce. Most leather purses and wallets, however, have only a small space for holding coins. Typically, people stuff their wallets and purses with bills, receipts, credit cards, and other knick-knacks. This habit causes the leather purses to bulge and tear. Having a mini silicone coin purse that can accommodate more coins than a purse certainly helps.

custom silicone mini candy bag or purse

Making The Most of a Mini Silicone Coin Purse

As a business owner, you are always looking for opportunities to market your company, its products, and its services. The silicone coin purse offers you a great opportunity to do just that. Because it is not only functional, in terms of its use, but also a fashion accessory, these coin holders offer multiple marketing options:

  • Have your customized gift manufacturer create a silicone coin purse wholesale, for your organization, and use them as gifts and giveaways
  • Creating silicone gifts offers you the opportunity to use creative marketing slogans and catchphrases printed on them. Then, whenever a gift recipient uses coins in that purse to pay for something, your company’s marketing messages will be seen by many more people. This is a great way to get free advertisement
  • A great way to use your coin purses for marketing purposes is to produce them in custom designs and shapes. Because silicone is mailable and may be formed into any shape or design, the coin purse can be shaped to appeal to a broad audience
  • One way to use the power of a versatile custom silicone coin purse is to get your gift maker to produce them in the shape of something related to your company. For example, if you are in the fresh foods and grocery business, you can produce stunning mini coin purses shaped like popular fruits and vegetables – Oranges, carrots, bananas – and inscribe your contact details on them. Then, you can give these gifts away at various locations and outlets, making more people aware of your business
  • Silicone gifts, shaped like cartoon figures and superhero images can be a great way to market your business to kids and parents alike. So, if you are in the kid’s apparel business, you can manufacture a custom silicone coin purse that is designed like an animated figure that kids love. Have the figure wearing one of your popular clothing items – shorts, tee-shirt – and use them as a marketing prop

These are only some ways to produce a customized silicone coin purse and offer it up as a gift item for marketing purposes. Work with a reputable custom gift manufacturer, and add corporate branding and imaging to the purse, and your gift can become a powerful marketing tool.

silicone purse

Why Choose Produce Them Wholesale?

It’s a fact that the price of a silicone coin purse wholesale is much cheaper than producing one or just a handful of them. That’s because the overhead costs, like artwork, mold making, and other setup costs are spread over many units when you produce them wholesale. Additionally, using the wholesale model guarantees that your purses, from a single large batch, will have the same look and feel as every other unit from that batch.

The more uniform your coin purses look, the less variation in your marketing message there’ll be. Additionally, when you work with an experienced custom gift manufacturer like OYI Gifts, placing a wholesale order also guarantees that you’ll cut down on shipping and handling costs too. By ordering a silicone coin purse wholesale, in a quantity of 10,000, for example, you might incur fewer shipping costs than placing 10 separate orders of 1000 each.

While professional gift manufacturers like OYI Gifts are able to handle orders of any size, placing orders with large quantities makes good marketing sense. If you have sufficient inventory of your marketing gifts on hand, like custom-made coin purses, then you can plan multiple marketing initiatives without fear of running short of supplies.

You may give away a Silicone coin purse as a gift at a trade show booth. You could simultaneously offer it as a buy-one-get-a-free-gift promo initiative. Offer a supply of your purses for distribution at multiple locations, instead of only at your flagship store. Send supplies of your promo items to your suppliers and distributors to give away at their locations.

Having large quantities of your custom silicone coin purse on hand, to use as marketing gifts, means you won’t have to worry about placing repeat orders frequently to replenish your stock. So, if a particular marketing approach offers promising results, thanks to your on-hand inventory of marketing gifts, you can quickly expand the initiative without pausing. This means more visibility for your brand, more sales, and greater customer awareness of your products or services.

The more quantity of giveaways you have on hand, from placing a wholesale order, the longer your marketing efforts can be sustained without halting or pausing. If, on the other hand, you only had a small quantity of a custom-made mini silicone coin purse available to distribute among multiple marketing initiatives, each program may receive just a tiny number of giveaways. This would significantly limit the impact of any given marketing plan.

Clearly, while OYI Gifts can easily accommodate your orders of any size, it makes better sense to place larger-sized orders. Not only will it be more cost-effective to do so, but it adds predictability and flexibility to marketing programs. That, in turn, gives you a better return on investment (ROI) through larger product orders.




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