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Brief introduction and classification of the PVC luggage tag

“Baggage Tag” (also known as Baggage Tag, address plate, registration plate, information plate, luggage plate, tagboard, or billboard). Refers to the identification of luggage signs and passengers to receive the check-in baggage certificate, is made of a variety of materials with numbers, names, letters, and other signs.

soft pvc luggage tag

Can Be used separately in airports, railways, and other public places.

Luggage brand material has PVC, Pu, ABS, and so on, PVC material and soft PVC, and rigid PVC.

SOFT PVC: the surface is soft plastic PVC, and the back is the ABS luggage brand back frame and made, put paper cards, transparencies, and so on can be written such as information

Then put on the luggage tag strap and pack it in a separate OPP bag.

Hard PVC piece: hard PVC pieces and transparent pieces adopt high cycle craft press and become, the front face can be a complex pattern. It could be a corporate LOGO or a cute little cartoon. Hard PVC baggage tags, soft PVC baggage tags.

Pu Luggage Tag: Leather Luggage Tag, mainly made of Pu material, in screen printing pattern, text or embossed pattern, etc.

ABS LUGGAGE BRAND: This kind of luggage brand is multifarious, general with the train of thought of the designer is given priority to.

PVC luggage tags

SOFT RUBBER PVC luggage tag refers to a baggage tag made of PVC soft rubber material. The SOFT PVC luggage tag is usually made by the drip glue process, which is different from the hard PVC luggage tag (the hard PVC luggage tag is usually made by injection molding and the high cycle process). PVC Soft Rubber Luggage Plate surface cartoon characters or company LOGO can be made for relief effect, concavoconvex, true-color and will not fade. Also, it has the characteristics of low production cost, durability, and resistance to dirt. These advantages make the PVC soft rubber brand become the most widely used luggage brand at present.

PVC Luggage tag

Cute PVC luggage tags

Product features:

Nowadays, more and more people are traveling in various ways. Whether it is a long-distance trip or a long-distance trip, there will always be a pile of luggage to take with them, and to avoid the disorderly loss of a lot of luggage, luggage tags are widely used in various stations, airports, hotels, waiting rooms and other places. So what is a luggage tag? The luggage tag is to identify the owner of luggage, with a variety of materials with numbers, names, letters, and other signs, as the passenger baggage receipt. When used on luggage, can remind others not to take the wrong, more can quickly find their own in a large number of luggage, even if the lost luggage can also let the airport staff contact themselves.

PVC Luggage tag


PVC Luggage tag Brand wear-resistant, easy to clean, is the luggage logo, can be left in the luggage office, or their use can also print other concave and convex patterns or text. The style is novel, the modeling is unique, the color is diverse, and the fashion trend.


Mainly used in hotels, luggage, exhibitions, visits, membership cards, VIP cards, bank cards, and other industries.

The main application logo, exhibition, hotel, checked luggage bags, hotels, and cards are on the label.


Bus IC card set, bank card set, Work Card set, and student card set, because the length and width of the back hole can be adjusted at will, so no matter what the card or card, can help them make a coat.


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