plastic spray bottles

How to use the spray bottles and order?

Plastic travel spray bottles

Spray BottleS | hand sanitizer spray bottle

PETG plastic travel bottle transparent spray bottle mist makeup bottle travel portable perfume split bottle small spray bottle disinfectant empty bottle

plastic spray bottles

Adhering to our factory adheres to the high-quality line, so this plastic sub-bottles, but also the use of PETG materials, different from other spray bottle materials in the market, so the price is also higher.



Multi-purpose, to meet daily needs, such as daily skincare, travel business, daily cleaning and so on.

plastic spray bottles

Two kinds of nozzle designs, spray bottle, and emulsion bottle with more satisfactory use.

spray bottles

Screen printing range

plastic spray bottles with logo space

Fine spray type sub-bottling, gently press the distribution of uniform.

Gently pressed and waste-free, suitable for packaging lotion, Shampoo, Shower Gel, hand lotion, and so on.

Two specifications are optional to meet daily needs.

A small bottle, simple and small in shape, can be on the plane.

spary travel bottles

Good Sealing, not easy to leak, sealing cap screw bottleneck, carrying out without worrying about liquid spilled.

  • Specification: Spray Bottle
  • Material: PETG+PP
  • Weight: 32g/36g
  • Size: 94*44mm(50ml), 131*46mm(100ml)
  •  PETG+PP
  • Non-toxic, tasteless, safe, and TSA Approved
  • Smart squeezable, suction-up, and multilayer leak-proof design
  • A large opening, No-drip value helps the cap stay clean
  • Fashion Gift or Travel Promotional Gift sets
  •  Lightweight, easy to carry travel cosmetics, daily necessities small package, also can be divided fitted kitchen spices
  • Can be used as other liquids points bottling
  • It also can be used for Alcohol and Sanitizer etc.

How to use the spray bottles?

1. Fill it with alcohol disinfectant, put it in your pocket, and spray the

door handle and hands at any time to disinfect and kill the virus.

2.Substitution for plastic packing(PP,PE)

3. Outdoor/Hotel/Airline Use

4. Travel Set for Budget Travelers

5. Manufacturers of spray bottles and hand sanitizer bottles, support bulk ordering, and preferential prices.

work flow

How to make a hand sanitizer spray bottle order?

1. Contact us(send an email, enquire, or message) for the hand sanitizer spray bottle catalog and prices.

2. Choose the hand sanitizer spray bottle items or service (design or making molds) for quotation accordingly.

3. Sending hand sanitizer spray bottle order list for the invoice.

4. Payment (through PayPal, Payoneer, west union, or bank transfer)

5. Arrange orders and delivery as an agreement.


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