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Plastic gifts

The English name of Plastic gifts is PVC gift, which translates to Plastic gifts.

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Plastic gifts Product material

  1. PVC WITH KOREAN MATERIAL DINP OIL KM31 powder is an environment-friendly PVC-certified soft PVC product without phthalate { phthalate (or Ester)}(trace injection) produced by imported raw materials scientific formula unique process is made of the world’s popular non-toxic PVC soft rubber materials Using imported raw materials and scientific formula unique process to produce product quality through the European Toy Safety Standard en71-1en71-2en71-3. Key rings can be made in different shapes and sizes according to the customer’s requirements. It can be used to print corporate LOGO designs and cartoon shape
  2. The effect variety of surfaces can be plane 2D Stereo 3D can also add transparent oil to make transparent translucent add fluorescent powder to make it luminous add essence to make it fragrant also can put on a compass thermometer etc small decoration home decoration suitable for sales promotion applicable to a variety of industries price range below 1 yuan this product has a strong three-dimensional feeling bright color feel very good visual effect have a very good decorative and advertising effect
  3. They are beautiful and graceful, small and exquisite pattern diversity also comes from rich imagination to make its pattern diversity has heart-shaped Christmas Tree Butterfly and all kinds of cartoons all kinds of small animals shape is very lifelike very lovely and generous is a fashionable adornment is popular among boys and girls product has soft service life long does not stimulate skin and so on characteristics is popular in Europe and the United States and other countries fashion jewelry is also the best choice for new people to let you cool Can Be customized according to their desired size and shape of the general will not be too expensive jewelry shop this material defects color easily become dull
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Product use

Plastic gifts non-toxic environmental protection, and all products without any adverse reactions. Fashion high-grade, for product promotion, Corporate Image Promotion of excellent promotional products. This product has a strong three-dimensional sense of color bright feel-good visual effects have good decorative and advertising effects

The trend of this kind of product is accepted by more young friends because it contains the concept of innovation, idea, meaning, gift and value. Sending relatives, sending friends, and sending teachers can reflect their own intention to create a unique gift with their own unique sense of meaning and broad-based thinking

Cultural background

As one of the cradles of ancient civilization in the world, China is extremely fastidious about the traditional culture of courtesy and reciprocity. It is often said that a person who is well rewarded for his kindness should reciprocate with a fountain of water.”In the New Year, visiting relatives, friends, business, and trade goods are all inseparable from the letter of courtesy. The ancient gift contains the word of courtesy, the Gift of love and respect, which is often used to deepen feelings and enhance friendship. However, the connotation of plastic gifts has become much richer in the 21st century. Especially after joining the WTO, Chinese enterprises have to face double pressure from competitors and partners all over the world, so courtesy and reciprocity have become even more prominent.

Custom made plastic gifts creative power bank

The plastic gift is a kind of special product with an enterprise logo, which is specially ordered by enterprises and institutions in order to improve or enlarge their popularity and market share and to obtain higher sales performance and profit. It is especially important to choose a kind of gift which represents the spiritual culture of the enterprise and has a very rich connotation as a high-polar lubricant for the public relations sales of modern enterprises.

It is especially important for enterprises to carry out bilateral and multilateral cooperation to open up new markets and occupy more market share. At the same time, the gift is irreplaceable in the culture of the enterprise. At the same time, it is also an advertisement. A kind of publicity suitable plastic gifts can establish a lasting and deep impression in the minds of customers Gifts are novel, unique, technological, and practical. As a plastic gifts product, it often has the characteristics that everyone likes but is reluctant to pay for it himself Gift-giving is a kind of emotional investment that can shorten the emotional distance between people and help people communicate and reach a consensus to create good business opportunities As early as the Spring and Autumn Period, our country has developed a culture of advocating etiquette for thousands of years as the material core of this culture with the passage of time.


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