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Is there a big difference between silicone products and PVC products?

Is there a big difference between silicone products and PVC products?

I believe we all know about silicone products and PVC products, both are environmentally safe products, widely used in daily necessities, packaging, fibers, and so on, basically, not much difference, so many friends cannot tell what is silicone products and PVC products, so what is the difference between silicone products and PVC products? The following OYIGIFTS tell you.

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 A, silicone products

The silicone material is mainly from the organic silicon and silicon atoms combined with each other compounds, the main material for the silicone, but also the most amount, connected to the most a class of silicon chain compounds, the material does not dissolve in the fusion of substances, does not conflict with any substance reaction, can be in any environmental situation resting, silicone rubber products raw materials are mainly silicone oil, silicone, silicone resin, and silane coupling agent combination, is At present, the rubber and plastic industry is the safest, environmentally friendly class of chemical materials.

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 PVC products

PVC products are called polyvinyl chloride, which is mainly made of the compound vinyl chloride monomer and azo compounds and other chemical compounds polymerized under the action of high-temperature polymer, PVC materials can be made after polymer synthesis for different kinds of products, and PVC gifts and silicone gifts are more common in the current market a gift, PVC material is mainly white powder amorphous material, density in 1.3- 1.5 1.5 or so, the material verification Wendi within 90 degrees, higher temperature effect of 170 degrees or so, the temperature effect is lower, in the case of high temperature will automatically decompose into hydrogen chloride beyond the temperature range will automatically catalyze decomposition.

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 The difference between silicone products and PVC products.

1, from the appearance of the product, PVC products compared to silicone products show rough, silicone products with a smooth surface and color.

2, judging from the feel, silicone products’ soft quality, toughness, and elasticity are better, PVC soft rubber is relatively less hard both soft hardness can be adjusted, but PVC has no toughness.

3, PVC material has ordinary material and environmental protection material also called ATBC-PVC, and silicone can pass ROHS certification, and is environmentally friendly.

4, silicone products are generally made more transparent, the burning smell is relatively small, and the product into powder, while PVC products with fire after the product will be black, burning smell.

5, silicone products in the PVC products have more heat and cold resistance, silicone products can be put in the microwave oven heating, while PVC cannot.

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In summary, we can distinguish silicone products from PVC products in terms of product appearance, feel, environmental certification, and performance.


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