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Why do silicone products produce dirt and how to clean it?

For many of us in the silicone industry, in the production process of silicone products, there may be black spots, discoloration and other problems, these problems will affect the normal use of silicone items, affecting the desire of customers to buy, which is a silicone industry attaches great importance to a problem, then we should be in the production of silicone products to avoid this problem, and how to solve it, the following OYIGIFTS on Take a look.

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First, the color point: the color paste is stored for too long, resulting in the color paste in the color law condensation for granular, so in the refining of rubber is not conducive to the dispersion and cause color point.

Solution: Use three rollers to grind and mash the color paste, and then add it to the rubber for mixing; thin the thickness of the rubber refining, and extend the mixing time.

Second, stains: compared to the color spots, there are more reasons for stains in silicone products. Shenzhen Qiyu based on years of experience in the analysis of the following points.

1. workshop environment sanitation is not clean; silicone raw materials are not well preserved, directly exposed to the air, resulting in silicone raw materials adsorption of dust in the air. 2. The external release agent itself is stained, so when spraying the release agent, the stain is also sprayed out together and adsorbed on the surface of the mold cavity, causing the surface of the silicone items to be dirty after molding.

3. Contamination of the mold or production equipment. The windblown by the air gun when the silicone products are demolded will bring the stain into the mold cavity, causing the stain after the silicone products are molded.

4. The electric heating plate under the vulcanizing machine table is dirty, so the dirt is sucked inside the mold cavity when the mold is closed, causing the surface of silicone items to be dirty after molding.

First, find a rag, then clean the rag with water, then wring out the water, then use a hairdryer to blow the rag to 8-9 minutes dry, then use the rag to clean the silicone products to wipe once.

Second, if there are stains or dust on the silicone, then you can use a toothbrush + toothpaste to scrub, if there are oil stains, then use a toothbrush + detergent to scrub.

Third, if there is something difficult to clean up on the silicone items, such as glue and other strong adhesive stains, then you need to use a cotton swab + wind spirit to smear, and then use a toothbrush to scrub.

Fourth, use a blow-dry rag to wipe the product once, and then use a blow dryer for cold air drying.

The main reason for the stains of silicone products may be the material itself, of course, there are daily tools and machinery did not clean up in a timely manner and other small probability of things that happen, of course, we just need to find the problem, timely treatment of the problem can also be quickly resolved.

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How to maintain and clean silicone products

How to maintain and clean silicone products? Nowadays, silicone items are becoming more and more popular, such as common silicone phone cases, silicone gloves, silicone folding buckets and other silicone products can be seen everywhere, many silicone products are an essential part of the family, but some silicone items are easy to yellow and black after a long time, so how to maintain and clean silicone items? The following OYIGIFTS to tell you.

1. Toothpaste cleaning silicone products, toothpaste will be applied to silicone products, and then repeatedly wipe with a soft cotton cloth, you will be able to achieve the cleaning effect.

2. Eraser cleaning silicone products: wipe a few times with an eraser, and then wash it with water.

3. Water cleaning silicone products: rinse with water, wash well after the direct use of a hot fan to blow dry silicone items, pay attention not to be exposed to the sun. For some grease words coated with soap after the water rinse clean, it should be noted that do not wash too many times, easy to turn yellow.

4. Clean silicone products with alcohol: use a soft cotton cloth dipped in some alcohol to gently wipe.

Silicone products in the production process can avoid the yellowing and sticky dust phenomenon, as long as the raw materials in the production process join the anti-yellowing agent, then as the use of time becomes longer, the effect of yellowing is not obvious. For the problem of sticky dust, just spray a layer of feel oil on the surface of the silicone items, it is not easy to so sticky dust.

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 For the maintenance of silicone products.

1, silicone material use, don’t contact with sharp things to avoid cutting bad.

2, can not be placed in the fire and high heat place, easy to burn.

3, don’t use heavy objects to accumulate pressure or zigzag.

4, in the process of use need to clean, can try to use dry cleaning, wipe with a dust-free cloth, but also directly in warm water to clean and dry after being placed in a ventilated place.

5, there are stains can use toothpaste cleaning is also possible. To know is not easy to clean silicone products, so do not easily clean and wipe and expose to the sun.

6, silicone material has static electricity belongs to the high adsorption products, so try not to put more hair, dusty places or cleaning will be very troublesome!


How to maintain the cleaning of silicone products? In summary, there are many ways to maintain the cleaning of silicone products, we can use cotton wipes, we can also use soap after cleaning, so you can play a role in maintenance and cleaning, I believe that after reading this article has been understood.


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