silicone rubber products

Why do silicone rubber products need to be vulcanized? What is the vulcanization process?

silicone rubber products

Why do silicone rubber products need to be vulcanized?

All silicone rubber products need to be vulcanized because silicone rubber has a high application value after vulcanization, the mechanical properties are greatly improved, with no sticky, not easy to break, elasticity, high-temperature resistance, tensile strength, insoluble in water in organic solvents and other characteristics. Of course, not all need to be vulcanized, like some thermoplastic silicone does not need to be vulcanized, but natural rubber and synthetic silicone rubber are required to use a vulcanizing agent to vulcanize.

Silicone rubber vulcanization is divided into two stages: the first stage is divided into raw rubber, reinforcing agent, additives, vulcanizing agent, and structural control agent for raw material mixing, to get the raw material of silicone rubber, the raw material will be deployed as a semi-formed material; the second stage in the material and finished material into the hardware molding in the thermal molding, extrusion, extrusion, injection, and other processes, to machine stress and product catalytic solid words, molding after high-temperature molding!

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What is the vulcanization process?

In process of silicone rubber vulcanization, common silicone rubber products vulcanization processes are as follows.

First, the silicone rubber vulcanization process can be divided into direct vulcanization, indirect vulcanization, and mixed gas vulcanization three methods, which depend on the vulcanization medium and vulcanization mode.

1, Direct vulcanization: the product is directly into the hot water or steam medium for vulcanization.

2、Indirect vulcanization: placing the product in hot air to vulcanize, this method is usually used for certain products with strict appearance requirements, such as rubber shoes, etc.

3, Mixed gas vulcanization, first using air vulcanization and then using steam direct vulcanization. This method can overcome the shortcomings of steam vulcanization affecting the appearance of products, and can also overcome the shortcomings of slow heat transfer due to hot air, long vulcanization time, and easy aging.

Second, according to the different vulcanization processes, silicone rubber products can be divided into cold vulcanization, room temperature vulcanization, and hot vulcanization.

1, Cold vulcanization: cold vulcanization can be used for the vulcanization of film products; rubber products will be immersed in a solution of carbon disulfide containing 2% to 5% sulfur chloride, and then washed dry with water.

2, Room temperature vulcanization: when room temperature vulcanization, the vulcanization process is carried out at room temperature under normal pressure, for example, with room temperature vulcanization slurry (blending rubber solution) for bicycle inner tube seams, repair, etc.

3, Hot vulcanization: hot vulcanization is the main vulcanization method of silicone rubber products.

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