Custom Cartoon silicone phone case


Product Name: Custom Cartoon silicone phone case

Existed or customized.


1.100% high-quality Rohs/SGS mixed silicone material, Eco-friendly, harmless, non-toxic., flexible non-corrosiveness.

2.Color :any PMS color

4.Usage: Advertising and business promotion gift, suitable for all people

5.Logo: debossed, embossed, silk printed, color-filled, laser filled

6.Excellent, flexibility and anti-compressive deformation, chemical resistant

7.Design: customized

8.OEM are very welcome

9.Payterm: T/T, Western Union, etc.

10. MOQ: 1000PCS.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Material: 100% high-quality silicon material, Eco-friendly, harmless, non-toxic, non-corrosiveness.

2.Excellent, flexibility and anti-compressive deformation, chemical resistant
3. Size: for iPhone or customize
4.Color: any PMS color

5.Logo:laser debossed/embossed/screen printed/color filled/laser graved

6.Factory price, fast delivery, high quality

7.Great R&D ability by our factory.

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More about custom cartoon silicone phone case

Custom Silicone phone cases are made of 100% non-toxic silicone, rubber-like material that can be mounded to form, and fits tightly over the cellphone easily. Silicone phone covers offer good protection against impact damage, as well as being heat and dust resistant and water-resistant. Most important thing is that silicone material is cheap, low-taint, non-toxic material, safer, and eco-friendly. 
OYI gifts provide multiple existing molds for quick applications, including the latest iPhone molds, ordering from our existing molds can save your mold charge and custom logos can be completed by silkscreen printing. If you need new shapes or styles, just email us the AI file and we can quote you mold charge, unit price as well as estimated delivery time.

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Why would I exploit silicone phone cases?

Silicone cell instances can shield your telephone similar to a plastic quilt does. Humans most often purchase a silicone case since they opt for how smooth and at the ease their fingers it feels in assessment to plastic. Silicone instances are additionally known to soak up influence should you drop the telephone, delivering multiplied security and higher grip.

Are silicone instances slippery?

Not all models are slippery. There are some silicone circumstances with textured backs to make them simpler to grip and keep.


Automative dispenser process Automative dispenser process for Custom Silicone phone cases

OYI Gifts company profile-materia mixing roomOYI Gifts company profile-silicone dispenser workshopOYI Gifts company manufacture procedure

Are all silicone instances tender and bendy?

There are some instances with a hard outer silicone shell and a tender rubberized core. The rough outer shell protects your cell, whilst the smooth core can take in shock. The rough silicone option is an efficient alternative if you are watching for a hybrid of silicone and plastic.

This smooth silicone epidermis duvet is flawlessly made for the Samsung center of attention i917(AT&T) mobile phone. The top class nice material used for this gentle case supplies safeguard and prevents scratches, chips, or dust from gathering on the gorgeous handset. Constructed from high-grade silicone to enrich your new mobile phone with a delicate and tender texture. Every opening for the buttons, charger port, liquid crystal display, digicam, etc. Was once exactly cut to permit full access to each to operate the Samsung focal point i917 (AT&T) offers. Suitable for the Samsung Focus i917(AT&T) handiest. Telephone mobile phone now not included.

Cellular phones have grown to be way more than just a gadget to contact your acquaintances or loved ones. As the new phones maintain launching one at a time, the necessity of protecting their fragile bodies seems to be equally predominant. The utilization of mobile is so time-honored that it requires being secured from dents, scratches, and cracks. You’ll discover colorful and exotic iPhone instances or dependent Samsung Galaxy covers online. But it’s in many instances difficult to select the right cover that protects your cell without spoiling its appears.

Covers are available in various sizes, kinds, and fabrics. You could find leather-based cover, plastic, fabric, and silicone.

Before you’re making a resolution for any of those covers, you need to be aware of their aspects and usefulness.

>Plastic covers-it customarily protects the constitution of the mobile as it’s the product of plastic. Of course, these are designs and colors to be had for designated cell phone models. Traditionally, it works well in out of doors environments.

>Material-Covers made out of wool, cotton or polyester are usually so as to add up to a mobile’s attractive looks. They provide less protection than a cell needs.

>Silicone cases-Silicone covers, silicone phone cases are created to prolong the life of ordinary instances made from plastic and similar beverages or gels. However, these designer phone assures your cell’s protection together with preventing scratched and cracks. They are light weighted, and this is the reason totally preferred amongst Smartphone customers.

Aside from the fabric used to make these mobile skins or covers, there are quite a lot of points for which it’s used. For example, wallet circumstances are used to duvet the telephone with the distance on hand for money and cards; flip covers are locked with a stud button or magnetic point to develop safety, while water-resistant and shockproof covers come with their respective aspects in keeping with their names.

So why should you pick silicone phone cases |Silicone mobile covers over the telephone cases made of other materials? Listed below are a couple of advantages you need to bear in mind:

-Security: Many suppose that silicone instances are usually not as competent as leather-based or plastic with the intention to restrict the injury. However, in fact, silicone covers, silicone phone cases infrequently intrude the usual utilization of the cell phone and maintain the device security as a rule.

-Lightweight: As most of you keep the telephone in your pocket, mild weighted and slim skin cover could be an extremely preferred side. Silicone itself is a lightweight fabric so maintains the overall weight of our cell phone minimal. The exception is the large special shape silicone case.

-Functionality: It remains stuck and well outfitted in a position as soon as it is in use. Also, supplies the entire slots for indispensable key/buttons. It’s convenient to preserve and offers a company grip. Striking on the case and taking it out is easy.

-Average shock absorbing: Silicone covers, silicone phone cases are made of a rubber-like fabric. So it is light, tender, and resists shock and water. This shock-proof attribute cushions the structural integrity of your mobile and provides protection from dents and harm.

Now that you have known the benefits, you must be definite about why must you get silicone phone cases on your device. Although purchasing a canopy is one’s own selection, it’s better to do some prior study. Personalized or customized cases are tremendously fascinating as per the up-to-date tendencies. You could discuss with the net store of Mini turtle if you wish to order one such phone case of your dream color, design, a quote, or an image. So, provide your phone’s general seem a wonderful dermis and flaunt it proudly.

Deciding upon Silicone circumstances and covers for cell phones

Kind fitting and brand new in look, silicone cases, and covers are smooth varieties of mobile cover that match tightly over the mobile. Listed below is one of the vital top advantages of silicone circumstances and covers for mobile telephones.


The beauty of silicone is its flexibility and malleability. A rubber-like material, it may effortlessly be molded to form and then suits tightly over the mobile. Silicone skins are made for designated mobile items for the first-rate match and look. This also ensures that holes for buttons and ports for connections and cables are within the right places. On the grounds that silicone wraps around the telephone like a glove, these varieties of covers are an incredibly slimline and low profile, which simplest enhances the traditional narrow appearance of state-of-the-art phones. They are not cumbersome or heavy in any way. Silicone covers are also convenient to put on and do away with, making them highly handy. The tight fit and low profile make silicone cases handy to slip right into a pocket or small purse and lift around discreetly. This makes them widespread for taking up vacations, out clubbing, whilst exercising, and identical circumstances.


Ultra-modern telephones are customarily highly-priced items of apparatus, not used with ease for making the ordinary call but useful commodities with a range of services and understanding at their disposal. Dropping or harmful they may also be severe, so it is sensible to do everything possible to shield them in opposition to accidents, For reason that silicone covers can wrap around the entire cell, they can present safety to the whole cell, and there’s no have got to put off any a part of it to access the mobile phone. Silicone is resilient with excellent shock absorption, so it may possibly shield all parts of the mobile phone against drops and other affect damage. Silicone covers are also generally water-proof, to varying extents relying upon a design.

Safeguard and permit entry to Touch screens

Relating to touch screen entry, silicone covers are perfect. They are not able to handiest look after the back and facets of the cell, but also the display. Touch screens can be delicate and heavy and regularly occurring use can lead to scratching, chipping, and accumulation of oil, sweat, and dirt. Silicone skins that cover the monitor defend it against all these extraordinary factors, and so they achieve this without stopping or impairing touch screen access. Bear in mind that no longer all silicone covers have display protectors, so investigate out if it is a predominant function. Some without difficulty defend the back and sides.

Warmness and Dust Resistant

Silicone has quality thermostable homes and low thermal conductivity. Because of this silicone cases work well in hot temperatures, making them excellent for taking on vacation to hotter climes as well as sunny days at dwelling. They are able to also be used safely in sizzling working environments. They do not end up scorching to the touch. Alternatively, warmth readily dissipates from the mobile by way of the case. Older silicone instances had a bent to attract dust and lint, however, that is now not the case with many state-of-the-art silicone instances. Anti-dirt silicone instances scale down the quantity of surface dirt, as well as grime and particles. This very practical property helps to preserve the mobile watching sharp and new for a very long time.


Silicone cases regularly have good durability and are most likely immune to tears and identical injury. They’re antimicrobial and many are also washable. All these motives make them reasonably long-lasting. Most silicone cases are very bendy and durable, however, some, referred to as crystal silicone cases, are rather much less flexible but extra rigid. The composition of these covers makes them harder which is invaluable in terms of both durability and mobile-phone security.

Tactile and Anti-Slip

Silicone instances are softer than many other forms of the case, peculiarly difficult plastic cases, and metal cases, but in addition, many other substances utilized in gentle cell covers. They are excellent to preserve and handle, with an excellent and comfy grip due partially to silicone’s inherent anti-slip properties. Having an extra sturdy grip can aid hinder many accidents induced through dropping the mobile?

Aesthetic attraction

Silicone instances customarily appeal to these looking for a canopy with a much less-is-extra attitude. They have a smooth minimalist attraction that is problematic to argue with. Fashionable and leading-edge, silicone cases are excellent add-ons for all types of environments, from the industry assembly to the nightclub. Silicone circumstances will also be as unobtrusive as required, and many have a classic look with colors akin to black, blue, pink, and clear. But they also are available a range of enjoyable and funky colors, equivalent to sizzling purple and orange, for those who want to stand out somewhat extra, as good as a kind of patterns and textures.

Valuable aspects

The most common silicone cases wouldn’t have further points equivalent to belt clips, loops, straps, or other devices to glue to belts or other gadgets. This has the improvement of constructing them as easy in design and low profile as feasible. Nevertheless, for those who do need these facets, there are many silicone cases available on the market that contain them in the design. And on the grounds that silicone circumstances fit the mobile so good, there is little risk of them falling or throwing in the towel, making them amazing for those on the go or with lively existence.


The fee of any duvet varies from product to product in step with their points and material. Along with excessive requirements of protection, leather-based covers come in the high range too. The silicone cases are the first-rate cheap safeguard answer with strolling tendencies that add as much as the customary allure of your mobile.

Silicone instances are typically cheaper than leather cases, as good as more highly-priced materials equivalent to leather-based. Most are very inexpensive, which appeals to those who prefer to mix and match their covers or change them on a usual foundation. Crystal silicone and other better high-quality silicone circumstances can be quite more highly-priced. Branded covers are on the whole extra costly than unbranded covers, so if on a price range it can be helpful to assess the unbranded equivalents of any distinctive cover.


Silicone covers, silicone phone cases are to be had in a tremendous range of styles and designs, from simple and low profile clear covers to hot crimson covers or more amazing designs complete with belt hooks or straps. Silicone covers have many advantages and a few advantages over other varieties of the canopy. The primary attraction with silicone instances is their tight becoming design, making them glossy and compact. They offer an excellent safeguard in opposition to impact harm, as good as being warmth and dirt-resistant and, in many instances, water-proof. They’re tactile with an excellent grip and long-lasting. pealing with a minimalist to extra colorful look, silicone instances are also extra commonly than not very cheaply priced.

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