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Custom household gift items: Appeal to buyers of bulk household items – and market your brand by doing so!

Appeal to buyers of bulk household items – and market your brand by doing so!

These are unique times, where traditional concepts about “buy just what you need” no longer apply. Today, because of a dramatic shift in consumer buying patterns, there’s a tendency to buy household items in bulk. We’ll investigate the reasons for this change in consumer behavior shortly, but what company marketing specialists must not ignore is this: This new paradigm offers a tremendous opportunity to leverage custom-made corporate gifts to popularize your company brands.

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Tapping into changing household items buying patterns

Even before the current global pandemic scare, more and more consumers were gravitating to online purchases. And because time is of the essence, many of those consumers placed orders in bulk – potentially to stock up on essential household items for a whole week or an entire month. In doing so, they not only save on delivery costs – paying for a single large order instead of multiple smaller ones but also benefited from bulk purchase pricing.

With the onset of COVID-19, the movement to buy bulk household items online has expanded into the in-person shopping world. Consumers are now looking to buy commonly used items at wholesale prices from shopping malls, grocery stores, and other retail outlets.

So, what does this mean for your company? Well, there are several opportunities to tap into such consumer purchasing behavior changes:

  • Firstly, these trends, of individuals and family units buying household items in bulk, are likely to be around for a long time to come. If that is, in fact, the future trend, then companies can use the new trend to promote their own products and services (and we’ll tell you how later in this post).
  • Secondly, even though your company might not be in the grocery, toiletries, or houseware business, you can still capitalize on the new trend to market and publicize your own products and services. For instance, when families go out on a trip for purchasing wholesale household items, well-choreographed marketing and imaging might influence them into making other “discretionary” purchases. Some of those items may very well be those that your company manufactures, markets, or distributes!
  • Thirdly, the popularity of bulk buying – whether it occurs in-store or online – lets marketers and merchandisers tap into even more branding opportunities to influence purchasing decisions. A great example would be where your company might partner with other companies to make your corporate gifts and merchandise available for sale on shelves and isles at wholesale household items suppliers.

The advantage of tapping into this third strategy is that you can use custom-made gifts and other household items, such as shopping bags, plastic food storage containers, or electric and electronic items, to promote your brand. And because your partner of choice (mall owners, houseware item sellers) drives traffic through their stores, your gifts will receive “eyeballs” – thereby enhancing your own brand recognition.

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Making your brand a bulk commodity

The best way to make your brand known is to make it relevant. And the more people that your company’s brand is relevant to, the more they (consumers) will recognize it. Given the current trend of consumers buying wholesale household items in bulk, what better idea than to give consumers what they want – but through your brand?

You may ask, why not just focus your branding activities on high-priced fashion or commercial products, instead of household items? Well, here are just a few good reasons not to do so:

  • Return on Investment (ROI): Today, globally, there are more individual consumers looking for bargains and deals than corporations. If you can capture even a tiny percent of that global consumer household market, it’ll deliver you a much better marketing ROI
  • Future vision: Most corporations have cyclical tendencies, and look at sales in terms of quarters, seasons, and short-term trends. So, for example, if you focus on corporate gift ideas for the summertime, that’ll be s short-term vision. On the other hand, buying cheap household items at wholesale prices is likely to be a trend for a while to come. So, if you brand household items, such as plastic mugs, totes, and silicone household items with your corporate imaging, many consumers will be buying them throughout the year – for many months to come. Now, that’s the perfect idea of a long-term branding vision!
  • Broader variety: There is a much broader spectrum of items covered under the “household gifts” category than industrial or commercial items for gift-giving ideas. So, while corporate gift ideas maybe things like custom soft PVC key chains or USB power banks, the household items, that are typically bought in larger quantities, such as plastic containers, mugs, and shopping bags, cover a broader spectrum of articles. With so many consumers today looking for bulk household items at discounted prices, companies may easily and effectively use such items for branding and brand promotion

The basic principle of corporate gift-giving is that, the more people you give gifts to, the more popular your marketing message gets. But there’s another aspect to leveraging custom-made gifts as a powerful branding tool: You can’t just give any gift to prospective consumers and potential clients. Only “popular” and in-demand gifts make the best brand ambassadors. And given the recent tendency of how popular bulk buying is, the use of household items makes perfect gifts to use to further your brand.

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Tactics and tricks to leverage household items

So, if you’re finally convinced that bulk-demand household items offer some of the best marketing and branding opportunities, your next question is likely to be: How do you use such items to create an effective corporate imaging strategy? Well, given how pervasive household item bulk-buying is likely to be for many months (perhaps years!) to come, here are some tricks, tactics, and tips to get you inspired:

  • If your company truly wishes to capitalize on the current tendency of consumers to buy household items in bulk online, then why not offer “free” gifts to customers who order a certain number or dollar value worth of your products? The customized gift could be anything – from a custom wireless charger to household, multiple-use plastic mugs.

The idea is to attract as many consumers to your online store with the promise of earning a gift for bulk purchases

  • If online sales aren’t your major source of business, don’t worry! There are still ways that you can incorporate commonly in-demand bulk-purchased household items as part of your corporate marketing strategy. Almost every consumer owns a smartphone – and some even own more than one! Attractively packaged customized silicone phone cases usually fly off the shelves. So, why not create a range of smartly designed silicone cell phone cases, and have them inscribed with your company messaging, including contact details? Then, offer them to stores that sell bulk household goods, such as grocery chains and local shopping marts, in areas where your company operates.

These wholesale household items suppliers are places where consumers come in frequently to shop for commonly used houseware and staples. What better outlets to make your gift items accessible to a vast number of shoppers and bulk household buyers?  With your corporate imaging securely displayed on these cases, hundreds of consumers will immediately gain exposure to your brand when they buy these items.

  • Hosting and participating in household item marketing and sales events is yet another way to leverage the prevailing trend of bulk buying of these items. When one of those household item manufacturers or distributors launches a new product – for instance, a retailer in a busy shopping mall introduces a new range of Apple or Samsung phones – they may hold product launch events to attract prospective clients to their products. So, how might your company leverage the opportunity?

One way is to offer customized custom silicone phone cases to complement the new cell phones. These phone cases may have your company details, its logo, or even a marketing slogan imprinted on them. Every customer, who purchases a new phone, will also receive a FREE custom phone case – and that’s how your company can publicize your own corporate image.

  • An alternate approach is to set up marketing booths and kiosks of your own, outside sellers and distributors of bulk household items. There, you can offer customized gifts and merchandise – either free or at significantly low prices – to clients and customers of those household goods suppliers.

One way to leverage the bulk-buying trend is to produce reusable silicone or plastic bags and custom containers that shoppers may use to carry those bulk-purchased items. The bags may have a company logo and slogan on them. Bulk shoppers typically tend to reuse such products. Therefore, each time they re-use your gift bags, they’ll remember your brand. More importantly, other shoppers will also view your company’s marketing message and, potentially, become buyers of your company’s products and services.

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Working with custom gift manufacturers

Whether families and individuals buy household items in bulk online, or whether they do so in-store through bricks and mortar retailers, distributors, or wholesalers; one thing is for certain: No one can resist the opportunity of free gifts! Partnering with bulk item suppliers, to hand out custom-made gifts with your corporate branding, is a great way to ensure hundreds (if not thousands!) of individuals become brand aware of what you have to offer.

While, in theory, that sounds like a great marketing strategy, its success hinges on your custom gift manufacturer of choice. While people love getting gifts, no one likes to receive something that’s of no functional use, manufactured to low-quality standards and has no aesthetic “personality”. Gift items like those may have a negative brand impact – i.e. instead of promoting your brand among those who buy household items in bulk, the inverse may occur: Bulk buyers that get substandard “free gifts” may permanently turn away from your company’s brands!

Thankfully,  OYI Gifts is a custom gift maker with a reputation for producing some of the highest quality gifts and merchandise available. Their catalog of custom gifts includes a whole array of household items – from shopping bags, mugs, plastic containers, toys, and popular household electronic items. So, if you have an idea for a custom gift that might leverage the tendency of individuals looking for cheap household items at wholesale prices, contact us and we can help turn your vision into reality.

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