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Benefits Of A Silicone Massage & Wash Brush

What is a silicone massage brush or Silicone bath body brush?

A body brush often called a massage brush or a silicone bath body brush, is a simple brush used on the body for cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging either during a shower or a bath. Historically, the brush was made of a light material like wood and had thick bristles made of hair or some other hard twine. These are common tools in everyone’s supply closet.

A silicone bath body brush is distinguishable from other types of brush in three ways. First, it can be used on the skin, not the hair. Second, the handle is very long, allowing the individual to scrub their back and legs themselves without any trouble. Third, the shower brush can be used in the shower. This may seem like common sense, but many wooden brushes can’t withstand the wet environment of the shower or bath. Instead, water—safe products provide the same and sometimes better benefits and can withstand the wet environment. See a video of OYI’s silicone bath body brush for a demonstration.

silicone bath body brush

Viable customizable product to sell?

Yes, a massage silicone bath body brush is a vital bathroom product and highly sellable to a diverse customer base. Many bathroom products are specific to their intended demographic. Men prefer certain tools in the bathroom, and woman has their own preferences. So, it is hard to find universal items that can be attractive to both. This is how the silicone bath body brush rises above the other tools available to become a hot seller to not only men and women but all ages as well. A simple massage and body wash brush can be used by anyone of any demographic and is completely utilitarian, which is highly attractive for basic bathroom needs.

If you are developing an online market for bathroom goods or setting up any kind of sales situation that will include basic or customizable bathroom supplies a massage brush is a simple and useful tool that appeals to everyone at any stage of their lives. The OYI silicone massage bath brush is a perfect tool for any bathroom marketplace. See OYI’s massage silicone bath body brush. It has great markup potential and isn’t affected by general social trends or pop culture making it a consistent evergreen product.

What is the production process for the silicone bath body brush?

The manufacturing for any silicone product used in either personal use or medical grade use is highly controlled by manufacturing guidelines as dictated by the FDA (USA) and other government agencies. Imported silicone products used in the bathroom like the massage silicone bath body brush have to comply with the same regulations as well. Each manufacturer that exports, including OYI products, ensures the quality and effectiveness of their products. The manufacturing process is simple, and the process is composed of seven general steps.

  1. Mixing Material: the base materials are sourced and combined under laboratory clean settings to make sure that safety is guaranteed.
  2. Cutting Material into Sheets: The mixed material is cut into sheets such that it is uniformly useable for all types of personal use products.
  3. Molding Material into Shapes: The sheets are melted and molded using pre-cut molds to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process.
  4. Forming the Final Product: The molds are connected, if necessary, to create the final product.
  5. Testing the Quality of the Product: Each batch is tested to ensure that the quality of the manufacturing process is safe and consistent.
  6. Packaging the Individual Product: Each item is packaged for product protection.
  7. Prepping the Shipments for Delivery: Once the products are finished, the items are finally packaged and prepared to be delivered overseas or to any receiving facility.

silicone bath body brushWhy is silicone bath body brushes better than wood or hair-based bathroom brushes?

Silicone is a type of high-performance material that was developed by scientists looking for material to improve the shelf-life of beauty products and industrial products. Silicone is a shelf-stable, safe, and long-lasting component of personal care products, energy products like photovoltaic cells, electronics like keyboards, aviation components like wings, construction and architectural materials like window glass, kitchenware like baking mats, paints and coatings, and sporting goods like goggles and diving masks.

Silicone molding is perfect for residential use in the kitchen and the bathroom because they deliver a host of benefits over wood and metal products. Retailers can easily sell silicone customized goods at a very high markup with little trouble due to their modern look, lack of bacterial growth, and ease of use long term. Here are the top benefits of silicone personal use products and specifically for the customizable silicone massage bathroom brush.

1.      Temperature Stable

Silicone personal products can go from the freezer to the oven consistently without degradation of the material. These high-performance materials are both strong and stable over time with heavy use. Cooking silicone products can withstand temperatures up to 270 C or 520 F and still stay stable. For bathroom use, a hot tub or shower may never reach above 120 F, well within the range of temperatures for the silicone bath and massage brush.

2.      Flexible and Durable

How many products break under pressure or high wear? Too often wooden or metal or glass home goods break when they are dropped, baked, frozen, or degraded due to age and use. Instead, silicone home goods are highly flexible and durable to all types of wear and tear. Often, they can be molded to create a hard form, but the strength doesn’t create a product that could shatter or crack. For a bathroom massage silicone bath body brush, the bristles are soft and bend with the pressure applied to the brush allowing for long usages over time without fear of damage to the brush.

3.      Degrade Into Large Pieces

Plastics degrade into tiny particles that can be ingested by people and animals. This is an absolute long-term health risk. Silicone is not plastic. Silicone does not degrade into small pieces. Eventually, everything slowly breaks apart. Silicone, though, breaks apart into larger pieces making it significantly harder to ingest. This also means that it doesn’t end up in the water system or food system. You won’t unknowingly absorb the material or swallow the silicone, unlike plastic products.

4.      Recyclable

Because there are no filler chemicals used in high-quality silicone home and medical use products, the material can be recast into new silicone goods. In a world that is overflowing with recycled plastics, there is a dearth of recycled silicone products. Instead of throwing out silicone products your customers can buy something that is durable, cheap, and recyclable.

5.      Customizable

Because the massage bathroom and silicone bath body brush is molded via pre-cut casts, each bulk order can be custom-made to the specifications of the client for their clientele or you can use the standard model and add your logo. All that needs to occur is the creation of a customized cast for the molding of the shower wash brush or sending in your logo or image for the brush. You can offer to your customers a specialized bath brush that is special to your store or to an event or to a high-ordering client like a hotel or bathroom construction company.

  • Custom Design: For the most unique experience you can ask for a custom cast for your massage brushes. This costs extra for each cast created but gives you a product that is truly yours and no one else.
  • Custom Logo: For cost savings, you can stick with the standard bathroom body brush and just add your logo. This is cheaper than a design change but still offers your clients a personal touch to a personal use product.

6.      Efficient Production Capacity

Efficiency in the manufacturing process is important in two regards. First, manufacturing processes affect order delivery times. Second, manufacturing processes affect order costs. If something is handmade it can take time and money to deliver. Instead, silicone products are industrial components made from a streamlined molding system which both keeps the costs down and the production times fast. This is beneficial for your business in both regards and your clients.

7.      Easily Sellable To Your Customer Base

Silicone bathroom products are easy to sell. Why? For the above reasons, home use and personal use products are effective and efficient with a modern look and sleek appeal. However, don’t forget that they are purchased by every demographic. There is no need to market it to a niche following. Instead, due to the mass appeal of a simple bathroom brush, you can use it as an add-on sales item, a hot seasonal item, or a package gift item. Everyone can use a bathroom massage brush so the marketing required allows for an increased ROI with a high markup. Who would want anything more?

silicone bath body brush

OYI Massage Silicone Bath Body Brush and Body Wash Brush – Your Retail Staple

So, if you are in the market for a product that is cheap and easily sellable to a large demographic, you can’t beat this silicone body massage shower brush. It combines the effectiveness of a standard body scrub brush with the durability of high-performance material and the environmental safety of recycled material. OYI’s massage silicone bath body brush is built under a high degree of quality assurance as OYI is able to manufacture and produce any number of silicone home goods for retailers. When you are looking for the best, look to OYI as your supplier. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to any one of our representatives. OYI is committed to the satisfaction of every customer with a long list of quality and customizable silicone home-use products.

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