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What is the reason why the surface of silicone products is not smooth?

The surface of silicone products

More and more silicone products are hot in the market, and there are inevitably advantages and disadvantages. Some silicone products feel that the surface is not smooth enough after using for a period of time, and there is a sticky feeling, especially in kitchen utensils, or silicone phone cases are obvious. What is the reason for the surface of silicone products is not smooth? The following OYIGIFTS to explain to you.

silicone purse with bobbles toys 1

1、The raw material problem, or improper maintenance caused by.

2, the control and use of curing agents in the mixing process of raw materials is unreasonable. The amount of curing agent added is not fully cured, resulting in the product surface becoming sticky.

3、The curing agent and silicone are not evenly mixed during kneading and the mold is cured while curing, and the product is deformed after vulcanization due to the difference in hardness and hardness.

4、When the machine is cleaned, the mold is not cleaned and the mold is not smooth enough. The residue in the mold will lead to uneven products so that the product surface is not smooth and there is no secondary vulcanization. Spraying hand oil, etc., i.e. not enough treatment

5, there is no secondary vulcanization, spraying hand oil, etc., that is, the post-processing is not enough

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So how to solve it, you can use mold polishing, mold polishing can be divided into a variety of processes ways, in the silicone mold using different treatment methods, including the following surface treatment methods for the common process!

1, electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing is to rely on the selective dissolution of the material surface’s tiny projections so that the surface is smooth. Compared with chemical polishing, the effect of cathodic reaction can be eliminated and the effect is better. The electrochemical polishing process is divided into two steps:

(1) Macro-leveling dissolution products diffuse into the electrolyte and the geometric roughness of the material surface decreases.

(2) microscopic flattening anodic polarization, surface brightness increased.

2、Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing is by cutting the material surface plastic deformation to remove the convex part of the polished and get a smooth surface polishing method, generally using oil stone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc., mainly by hand, special parts such as the surface of the rotating body, can use auxiliary tools such as rotary tables, surface quality requirements can be used for the ultra-precision polishing method. Ultra-precision grinding and polishing is the use of special abrasives, containing abrasives in the grinding and polishing fluid, pressed on the surface of the workpiece being processed, for high-speed rotary motion. The use of this technology can achieve Ra0.008μm surface roughness, which is higher in various polishing methods.

3, ultrasonic polishing

Ultrasonic polishing is the use of ultrasound as a power to promote the fine abrasive particles to impact the surface of the workpiece at a very high speed, forcing the abrasive to the surface being processed, thereby reducing the surface roughness of polishing methods.

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In short, silicone product production should pay attention to every detail to avoid unnecessary cost wastage. In terms of silicone products manufacturer mold polishing finish depends on the degree of product appearance quality, so the polishing process is the same is an important process, and other industries polishing process is different, relatively speaking, mold polishing is also to enhance the processing efficiency of silicone rubber products and product quality and so on.

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