silicone purse with bobbles toys 2

Do you need to provide order quantity for custom silicone products?

Custom silicone products introduction

As silicone products are getting hotter and hotter, many markets need silicone products, many in the network consult silicone products manufacturers, and customers will take the initiative to provide 3d drawing files and indicate the production requirements and process notes, which is one of the necessary factors for silicone manufacturers to decide to quote, but many customers in the face of silicone manufacturers ask the order quantity, many customers are reluctant to disclose or even some resentment, then need not to provide silicone manufacturers with their order quantity, to provide silicone manufacturers with their order quantity is really necessary. The following OYIGIFTS to provide you with the order quantity of the silicone manufacturers, the silicone manufacturers provide the order quantity really necessary? The following OYIGIFTS to introduce for you.

silicone purse with bobbles toys 2

You may not believe it, but in fact, the order quantity is also one of the important factors to assess the quotation, the engineering will adjust the size of the silicone mold according to the volume of the size of cavity, to design a more cost-effective mold opening program for customers, as far as possible to save the cost of opening the mold. For the same silicone product, monthly demand of 50,000 and monthly demand of 500,000 using the size of the mold is different, the mold cost will naturally be adjusted, so in order to calculate a more accurate mold quotation, customer service will ask the order volume.

Therefore, in order to get a more accurate quote, customer service will ask for the order quantity. The order quantity will not only affect the mold opening cost but also affect the unit price of the product. With the same manpower and equipment, a large mold can produce more products per day, and the daily production cost can be evenly distributed to more products, so the unit price of the product will naturally drop.

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Silicone products use.

Silicone products are an indispensable part of making copiers, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, toys, condoms, silicone buttons, etc.

They can be used to make durable shaped molding gaskets, encapsulation materials for electronic parts, and maintenance materials for automotive electronic parts.

It can be used to make electronic components and molded high-point pressure edge sub.

It can be used to make conductive silicone, medical silicone, German standard mechanical foam silicone, mold-making silicone, etc.

It can be used for sealing projects such as the construction and repair of houses, sealing of high-speed kilometer joints, sealing of bridges, etc.

Can be used for baby products, mother and baby products, baby bottles, and bottle protectors.

Can be used for kitchen products, kitchenware production, and related auxiliary kitchenware products

Can be used for medical equipment accessories, due to silicone being colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and other characteristics widely used in the medical industry.

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Why do you need to provide order quantities for custom silicone products? The amount of order quantity will lead to the mold opening cost of silicone manufacturers, if you know how much order quantity in this piece can better save the mold opening cost, the above is all about custom silicone products need to provide order quantity. For more information about silicone products, please contact us.

How much does it cost to open a set of moulds for custom silicone products?

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