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How much do food grade silicone products cost

As silicone products are used more and more frequently in our lives, and gradually let many people understand the high quality of silicone products, but silicone products are also divided into many kinds of levels, very commonly used is food-grade silicone, so how much is the price of food-grade silicone products, and what factors will affect the price of food-grade silicone products, the following OYIGIFTS to introduce you.

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Food grade silica gel is a kind of liquid silica gel, that belongs to the platinum vulcanized silica gel, divided into AB two components, one to one ratio. Food-grade silicone is composed of hydrogen-containing silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, 107 base rubber, a platinum catalyst, and other major raw materials, so the quality of these basic raw materials also directly affects the cost of food-grade silicone.

The quality of this type of silicone oil in the market is mixed, there are imported Dow Corning silicone oil, Shin-Etsu silicone oil, Wacker silicone oil; domestic silicone oil also has Starfire silicone oil, Xin’an silicone oil, etc., and there are some small factories refining their own silicone oil.

How much does food-grade silicone cost?

Each manufacturer produces different quality and uses different materials, and the price is not the same. Generally, the food grade silicone made from cracked material is inexpensive and low cost, but the quality of the silicone produced is very poor, and when the silicone is cured, it is easy to have sticky and oily problems, and the most serious is that the silicone oil refined with waste rubber has a slightly pungent smell and cannot reach the standard of food grade certification, so it cannot be used to produce food silicone molds.

Use brand new good material to make food-grade silicone, when the silicone is fully cured, the tear strength and surface effect will perform very well. Therefore the price of condensed industrial-grade liquid silicone is cheaper than the price of food-grade silicone. The reason why the price of additive silicone is more expensive than condensed silicone price silicone is due to the high cost of a platinum catalyst. The same hardness and performance case of silica gel, plus molding liquid silica gel than condensed liquid silica gel single price expensive 20-30 yuan / KG difference. So only customers with environmental requirements will use processed molding silicone to make molds.

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What is the difference between ordinary silicone and food-grade silicone?

The difference between food-grade silicone products and ordinary silicone material products

In terms of application, ordinary silicone is commonly used in machinery, electronics, automobiles, and some accessories in the agricultural and industrial industries, while food-grade silicone products can achieve a higher purity of environmental protection, as well as the improvement of various performance effects, so the role of food-grade silicone products is more powerful and better texture. At present, they are mainly used for silicone products needed by families, candy molds, food cake molds, household appliances (keyboard silicone keys), silicone ice grids, silicone pacifiers, silicone bowls, silicone spatulas, silicone fresh covers, silicone gloves, silicone heat insulation mats, etc.

From the point of view of cost, the cost and price of ordinary silicone products are low, the quality of the product is medium, the whitening phenomenon will occur when stretching, and tearing effect is common, on the basis of ordinary glue, improved vapor phase adhesive, the higher the quality of raw materials, no whitening phenomenon, the longer the service life, the wider the application area, the higher the purity of raw material density, the price is also relatively expensive.

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Food-grade silicone prices do not have an absolute standard, because each silicone manufacturer uses different materials, and different processes and prices will be different, the above is all about how much the price of food-grade silicone products, for more information about silicone products, welcome to contact us.

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