plastic phone case

What’s the Cell Phone Case?

Cell phone case

The cell phone case is a product made of metal, plastic, silicone, etc. The mobile phone case has three primary functions: protection, decoration, and function.

plastic cell phone case

Chinese name

Cell phone case

Foreign name

Phone protective shell


Metal, plastic, silicone, etc.


  1. 1 Generation
  2. 2 Effects
  3. 3 Classification
  4. 4 How to choose and buy
  5. ▪ Phone case appearance
  6. ▪ Mobile phone case keys
  7. ▪ Mobile phone case mirror
  8. ▪ Fit
  9. ▪ Spindle part
  10. 5 Installation and removal


Cell phone cases are no longer just a valuable commodity. With the popularity of cell phones among young people, almost every fashion-conscious young person wants to have a unique cell phone. Grooming cell phones has gradually become a way for them to show their individuality. Cell phone case manufacturers have introduced many more products with better artistry and more chic color patterns to meet this trend. This has led to more diversified types of cases for cell phones.

In China, various middle and high-end cell phones are becoming more common and popular among the people using them. Seeing the prospect of the development of cell phone cases worldwide, manufacturers of cell phone cases have sprung up. These companies produce cell phone cases with various materials and focus on the beauty, personality, and quality of cell phone cases, gradually moving from singularity to diversity.

Silicone fruit design cell phone case


Protect the phone from scratches left by complex objects on the screen or body of the phone.

The phone case can be printed in various colors; you can also do custom personalized painting, play a cosmetic role, and published the phone fashion patterns or photos to create a design; a cell phone case can make your personality more prominent;

Silicone cases can prevent nails from extended contact with the keys scratching, and abrasion; there is a role in protecting the screen and keys, and it has a non-slip effect;

Many smartphones have heat, so some manufacturers have produced cell phone cases with heat-dissipation graphite.

The phone shell, so that the phone is full of personality, cool.


Cell phone cases can be divided into plastic, TPU, silicone, leather case, crystal shell, transparent water shell, net shells, environmental protection PC shells, metal shells, wood shells, etc.

Traditional processing technology: the market uses more technology in injection molding class, spraying class, printing class, inkjet class, laser engraving class, IML class, leather, leather cover class, diamond inlay class, oxidation etching class, laser, etc.

Selection strategy

A good phone case is the best way to protect your phone, so how to correctly choose a good phone case?

Cell phone case appearance

In the purchase of a color shell, the first look at the color shell base color is similar to the surface color. To put it simply, the plastic material used in white covers should preferably be white, and the plastic material used in black shells should be black only. If the base color is similar to the color of the surface, even if the surface coating of the color shell is scratched off later, it will not become very ugly. The specific inspection method will first turn the color shell over to see if the color of its inner surface is the same as the outer surface; secondly, see if the color of the color shell is even; again, see if the printing pattern on the top of the color shell is within the specified range, if the edge of the design extends to the inner surface of the color shell, it means that the process of this color shell is not very good and it is better not to consider it; finally, always remember to check if the shell body has scratched marks and so on. Lastly, you must remember to check the case body for scratches and other problems.

creative silicone cell phone case

Cell phone case keys

Buy a cell phone case with a keypad or keyboard. You should pay attention to the feel of the keys, especially if you imitate other cell phone appearances of the color case, such as 8210 imitations 8250 color case, and 8210 imitations 8310 color case; it is necessary to pay attention to the feel of the keys. The general market color shell with the keyboard according to the material is to be divided into soft rubber keyboard, plastic keyboard, and soft rubber plastic combination keyboard. The advantage of a soft rubber keyboard is cheap, not damage the phone keyboard contacts; the disadvantage is that the feel is generally soft, printed on the keyboard above the characters is easy to fall off the paint. The advantage of the plastic keyboard is a high degree of simulation, feels better, and not easy to lose color, but the disadvantage is too hard, it is easier to damage the cell phone keyboard contacts. Soft plastic combination keyboard feels good (NOKIA) 8210, 8250 original keyboard belongs to this category), high degree of simulation, not easy to lose color, but the price is relatively high. When choosing a colorful case with a power button, you should pay attention to whether the power button works well. Some of the colorful cases that do not meet the quality standards are not designed to meet the specifications, which can easily cause the phone to switch.

Cell phone protective case mirror

Generally, the mirror of the cell phone protective case that can be found on the market is separated from the central part of the cell phone protective case; the two are connected by a layer of double-sided adhesive or melt glue, taking into account the solid relationship, it is recommended to refer to the following methods when buying: If the mirror and the shell body have a certain degree of curvature (not flat) and the contact area between the mirror and the shell body is less, you should choose to use melt glue to connect the mirror If the mirror and the shell body are flat and the contact area between the mirror and the shell body is large, you should choose the color shell that uses double-sided adhesive to connect the mirror (such as Siemens 3568i cell phone, Samsung) A series cell phones, Motorola V series cell phones and other shells).

Degree of fit

After installing the cell phone case, you should carefully check whether the case fits the phone. The specific test method is: after installing the shell, first of all, see with your eyes whether the shell is distorted and deformed; secondly, use a relatively soft force to lightly press the shell body, if a more obvious sound is issued, it proves that the cell phone case and the phone is not a very good fit and must be chosen separately.

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