Silicone phone case

What’s the Mobile Phone Case?

Mobile Phone Case

Mobile phone cases are designed and produced for the protection of cell phones. In the mid to late nineties of the twentieth century, cell phone cases took the opportunity of cell phone slimming to become popular, and the role of cell phone protection has developed into aesthetic purposes.

The variety of cell phone brands and functions are also diversified, according to the texture of leather, silicone, fabric, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk, etc. According to the model, there is a difference between straight and flip covers. Restricted by the model, the applicable categories of mobile phone cases are also different. The straight type can usually use all kinds of cases, while the sliding type can only choose leather cases.

Chinese Name

Mobile Phone Case

Foreign name

Mobile phone cases

According to the texture, there are

Leather, silicone, fabric, hard plastic, soft plastic

straberry design silicone mobile phone case


  1. 1 Role
  2. 2 Classification
  3. ▪ Metal case
  4. ▪ Leather case
  5. ▪ Silicone case
  6. ▪ Crystal case
  7. ▪ Plastic hard case
  8. ▪ Clear Water Case
  9. ▪ Net case
  10. 3 Care
  11. ▪ Leather type
  12. ▪ Metal type
  13. 4 Development


  1. To protect the phone, the phone cover prevents complex objects from leaving scratches on the screen or body of the phone.

2, the mobile phone cover can be printed in various colors, there is a role of beauty!

3, silicone covers can prevent nails from scratching and abrasion for a long time in contact with the keys; there is a role in protecting the screen and keys.

4, the silicone protective cover has a non-slip sole.

5, Apple’s cell phone cover also has the role of enhancing the signal because some cell phone shells and metal contact with the formation of magnetic fields interfere with the cell phone signal. To the phone on the insulated phone cover, you can enhance the movement.


Metal Case

The metal case is a protective case made of metal, with complex, wear-resistant characteristics, generally using aluminum alloy production, the surface color using a cathodic oxidation process. The surface color is cathodic oxidation or brush, which has a very delicate appearance. But the relative cost is higher.

Classification of metal cases.

  1. Protective case + multifunctional panel

A metal shell, solid and durable, gives the phone a full range of protection.

Features: The protective case can be adsorbed on the iron metal surface, and the multifunctional panel can be folded into a stand to enjoy videos. In addition, the multifunctional panel can be deformed into headphone storage mode, eliminating the trouble of tangled headphone cables.

Second, the metal mobile phone case made of pure aluminum alloy (commonly also called metal phone bezel is the same meaning)

Third, metal aluminum with other materials and metal production with plastic phone case (also called plastic with aluminum phone case).

Leather case

In all kinds of cell phone cases, leather cases are also prevalent. Compared to the single style of silicone cases, business people in the workplace prefer to use a generous and decent leather case, and the young people who advocate leisure are different; taking a single-color cell phone appearance for them is a loss of elegance.

The same as the silicone cover, cell phone holster is also divided into two kinds; one is famous for many years waist-hanging holster, the type of application is more common; the other is a portable holster that can be put into the pocket, more for N97, iPhone and other high-end intelligent models. Although the appearance of the two seems different, the manufacturing process is similar. The advantages of the portable leather case are chic, and elegant, not wear the phone, good heat dissipation, but not like the silicone cover can play a waterproof role, at the same time, if the leather case is too large, it is difficult to put into the trouser pocket, carry up more or less inconvenient.

The quality of the holster is also uneven. Although the leather cover in the stall is also everywhere, a penny, more than ten dollars of goods naturally will not use genuine leather material, mostly artificial leather or fake leather. The use of a short time will appear cracked open glue phenomenon. The leather is durable, long service life; of course, the price is not high, and the price generally ranges from a few dozen to several hundred dollars.

pen design silicone mobile phone case

Silicone cover

Silicone cover, the material is silicone, that is, silicone rubber (silicone rubber). The silicone cover is the most familiar type of cell phone protective cover. It has a soft texture and a slightly slippery feel and has been popular in the market for many years. It has developed from a shoddy ground-floor product to a well-made personalized brand and has always maintained a leading market share. Because of its excellent cost performance, silicone covers became popular and favored by many people when phones and Airpods were hot later on.

There are two kinds of silicone covers, one is organic silicone, and the other is inorganic silicone. The cell phone silicone covers on the market belong to the former. Organic silicone has many advantages, such as high-temperature resistance, martial resistance (not afraid of ultraviolet light or ozone decomposition), sound insulation, and stable material (will not change with the animal body). Besides, people choose silicone covers because of their good hand feel: some of the phones with rugged keyboards will be improved after the silicone cover is put on. And it can absorb the impact brought by some knocks on the phone, thus reducing the damage to the phone. In addition, the waterproof performance of the silicone cover is better, which has also become its most significant selling point.

Although the advantages of the silicone case are a lot, the price is also low. But there are still shortcomings; due to poor breathability, long-term wear will lead to heat accumulation in the phone body. Especially some of the heat is relatively highly intelligent phones; it is not recommended that users use them. Moreover, the silicone cover itself has a slight stickiness; after some time, it will gather and absorb a lot of dust on the phone, in the long run, but not conducive to the beauty of the phone and the original intention of protecting the phone.

In addition to the above precautions, the purchase of cell phone silicone covers is also worth paying attention to one or two.

There is a wide range of silicone covers, and they can be found everywhere on the ground, in supermarkets, and in the cell phone market. But by no means buy the correct phone model. Everything is fine, the price of the cheap silicone cover is often poor quality, either not on the cover, or the position is not symmetrical. Sound quality is excellent; adequate protection is the king. Most of the regular silicone sleeves are priced at just over ten dollars, so there is no need to lose a lot for the sake of cheap.

The downside of the silicone sleeve is that use for a long time, the body inevitably “like glue-like paint,” sometimes has to let the phone “fly out of the cage” to breathe; and the crystal shell due to the texture brittle hard, easy to collapse, may lead to frequent replacement. The clear water set is not easy to lose deflated. The size is suitable, so it can be said that both the advantages of the silicone set and crystal case, at the same time, to look beautiful, the back of the clear water set is usually printed with a delicate pattern, no longer like the silicone set and crystal case as dull color.

Crystal case

To achieve comprehensive protection, another kind of cell phone protective cover was born. This is the crystal case, which is popular among women. It is made of plexiglass, thick and sturdy appearance, crystal clear shell body. It can effectively protect the phone, but it also does not affect the appearance and can be described as a deep silicone cover and leather cover.

However, the purchase of a crystal shell is also a test of vision. Although the crystal shell cost is not high, the process is relatively simple, and some businesses earn higher profits in the artistry and materials or can save on them. First of all, the appearance of the crystal shell depends mainly on the abrasive, abrasive good, the quality of the crystal shell out of the pick hard. The size of the crystal case made by irregular grinding tools will deviate, and some even can not fill the phone; secondly, the thickness of the crystal case requirements are relatively strict. Too thin or insufficient hard, it is easy to break. If it is too thick, it will affect the operation. In addition, since it is called crystal, crystal shell shells must be translucent. However, some crystal shells are gray or even yellow, which is another problem with cutting corners.

Crystal case, of course, also has disadvantages because it has a certain hardness with the phone, so the two will inevitably produce friction, especially the corners of the phone. Usually, these four parts of the phone are the most severe wear. Shopping needs to be careful, don’t be afraid to compare goods. Crystal case price is not high; at best, only a few dozen dollars is still very affordable.

Water Decals plastic mobile phone case

Plastic Hard Case

Plastic hard case (PC/ABS), that is, plastic injection molding process to manufacture mobile phone cases, materials are mainly: PC (polycarbonate) ABS acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene co-polymer Main features are.

The product can be made very thin, the appearance is very hard, and the product’s surface can also be printed with various patterns, such as cartoons, landscapes, and characters. Printing technology from the earliest screen printing to the later transfer printing is available. The biggest drawback of this printing technology is that the appearance is easy to wear. The most popular is IMD / IML (in-mold transfer) technology, that is, the pattern printed in the film, and then the product shell molding so that the product pattern is made in the movie inside, not easy to wear design. And the production is more convenient. The way includes the traditional cartoon, characters, and landscape and can make the effect of imitation metal.

No pattern products, generally will then make a variety of colors, do color typically have two methods: 1, the color can be both in the production of the corresponding plastic raw materials, so that the molding without spraying color oil; 2, with ordinary plastic molding, and then pour color oil on the surface of the product.

A part of the product, to increase the feel, will also be sprayed on the surface of a layer of hand paint, which is, traditionally known as rubber oil; the feeling will become detailed, with a small elasticity. Domestic production using the absolute status of professional injection molding machine manufacturers, such as Shunde ZIP, refers to many successful cases.

Clearwater jacket

Clearwater cover, that is, TPU shell, that is, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (Thermoplastic Urethane) Clearwater cover is not what the concept of innovation, it is a blend of crystal shell and silicone cover, belongs to a kind of transparent silicone made of soft and hard moderate cell phone protective cover, and because like crystal shell transparent, so named clear water.

Net case

It is a subspecies of softshells, named after the shell body covered with net-like ventilation holes, and the design is usually simple. There is no other reason, the structure is solid and quick to dissipate heat, and the phone looks fresh and simple at a glance. Of course, the disadvantages of the net case are also very obvious; that is, it can not be effectively dustproof and waterproof. After wearing it for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt accumulated in the small holes, which is not conducive to the phone’s beauty, so pay attention to the appropriate time to clean.

The market began to rise in the skin mesh case, that is, the main body of the case covered by a leather jacket, only to maintain the critical parts of the mesh design. This strengthens the waterproof effect of the case and gives it a chic appearance while also retaining some of the cooling function. Overall, the practicality has been improved comprehensively compared to the previous.

The market is more concerned about the ultra-thin series of plastic hardshell PC and TPU, but because of the harsh molding conditions, the Japanese high-speed machine or the domestic “SJ” series high-speed machine.


Leather type

The leather case can become more beautiful with the years according to the following instructions.

1、Avoid moisture or direct heat to the leather case (heater).

2、Avoid exposure to sunlight or prolonged exposure to light.

3, avoid any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvents, etc.) and oily substances (cosmetics, etc.).

4、Avoid contact with rough and corrosive substances.

5、Avoid rubbing the metal part, otherwise, the surface layer will fall off; it should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

6、Pay special attention to avoid staining the white or light-colored leather cover; stains on the light-colored leather cover will be more challenging to clean.


When cleaning your holster, use a light-colored, non-abrasive, soft, dry cloth to wipe it.

If your holster gets wet with water, do not dry it vigorously, but pat it with a light-colored dry cloth to absorb the moisture.

If stained, use a slightly damp soft cloth to press lightly, then air dry, followed by a light application of clear leather cream in a circular motion.

Metal type

  1. First of all, use a wet cloth to clean the mobile phone case under the dust.
  2. Metal phone case crevices with dust can be cleaned with a toothbrush with soap, metal phone case is easy to clean off the dust, so you do not need to use too much force to brush, as long as you gently brush once, you will be able to achieve results.
  3. If there are solid sticky and stubborn stains, you can use alcohol or a cleaning agent to clean them; alcohol and cleaning agents for paints, pigments, and building materials coatings have a better cleaning effect. Relative to drink, the cleaning agent is not easy to burn, colorless and tasteless, and more secure.
  4. If there is rust, it is recommended to use 2% of acid grass solvent to dissolve; spray in the rust place, and after 2-3 minutes in the paper towel or rag can be wiped clean.
  5. Finally, use a dry rag to wipe clean the water stains and liquid on the mobile phone case.


Cell phone cases are no longer just a valuable commodity. With the popularity of cell phones in the young community, almost every fashionable young people want to have a unique cell phone, so cell phone beauty gradually becomes a way to show their personality. Cell phone case manufacturers have introduced many products with better artistry and more chic color patterns to meet this trend. This makes the types of cell phone cases more diversified.

In China, a variety of mid-to-high-end cell phones used by the population, in general, is popularization. Seeing the prospect of the development of cell phone covers worldwide, manufacturers of cell phone covers have sprung up. These companies produce cell phone covers with various materials and focus on the beauty, personality, and quality of cell phone covers. The diversity and diversification of cell phone covers are endless, and, surprisingly, the price of some cell phone covers is far higher than cell phones.

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