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What are the benefits of silicone cup lids?

How about the Silicone cup lids

What are the benefits of silicone cup lids? Lot like coffee cups generally have no lid, so we will generally this time it with a lid to prevent dust into the cup, and silicone cup lids are made of 100% food-grade silicone, with anti-permeability, not easy to age fade, easy to clean the role, then the silicone cup lids manufacturers which are good? The following OYIGIFTS to tell you.

silicone cup lids cover

There may be many people who do not know what silicone is. But people in the south should know more, because the south, especially Hainan has a good rubber tree, silicone is refined from the rubber tree, it is said to be somewhat similar to the same pine tree, cut a mouth, the rubber tree will flow out of rubber, then after processing, is natural rubber. Silicone is one of them, I believe that here, we all understand it, right? Silicone is the essence of a natural tree, it is non-toxic, and the material does not understand, then heard or see the pacifier, right? It is also silicone, drinking fountains are used by everyone, right? It also has a silicone tube inside is a silicone material. But with human contact with the general use of food-grade silicone, so from this aspect of safety considerations, silicone cup lids are no problem.

The main component of the silicone lid is silica, chemically stable with strong adsorption capacity, the human skin also plays a certain role in drying food-grade silicone products. If silicone accidentally into the eyes first with a lot of clean water, and as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment.

silicone cup lids cover

Now silicone gifts 95% of the silicone cup lids structure is made of a silicone handle and silicone bottom cover seat through the concealed buckle assembled combination, the cup lid handle can be designed into a variety of lovely creative shapes, greatly increasing the product’s art and highlights more impressed consumers, but also allows dealers to have more imagination design space to achieve the purpose of promotion, silicone cup lids bottom molding mold is generally done The bottom of the silicone cup lids are generally made of electroplated polishing treatment, so the bottom of the silicone cup lids is glossy, which is convenient for better adsorption and sealing.

Silicone cup lids can have a variety of colors to choose from, bright colors, and can be customized according to personal preferences shape, pattern and color; the cover body and cover head are made separately and then can be assembled together, you can DIY any style; using 100% food-grade silicone low carbon environmental protection, soft texture, non-toxic tasteless, water seepage, not easy to age fade, easy to clean, with fresh function, plasticity. High and low-temperature resistance, up to 230 degrees, the lowest can also reach -40 degrees; resistance to oil, corrosion and microwave radiation.

silicone cup lids cover

What are the benefits of silicone cup lids? In summary, this silicone cup cover is quite excellent, glazed, and ceramic is undoubtedly very difficult to reach, the above is the silicone cup cover-related content, and I believe that after reading this article on silicone cup covers and have a new understanding.

Versatile Silicone Cup Covers and Holders: Unbelievably handy and useful for every occasion

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