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How to deal with the smell of silicone products?

The smell of silicone products knowledge

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How to deal with the smell of silicone products purchased, if you buy silicone suddenly a smell what to do, this time many people will feel that they bought fake silicone, in fact, this smell problem a lot of people want to know, it is reasonable to say that silicone material is non-toxic environmentally friendly material will not appear smell problem! So why purchase some silicone gifts, silicone daily necessities when there will be the smell of this phenomenon occurs? What exactly is the reason for it? The silicone products with odor will not cause harm to people?

Silicone raw materials are generally divided into silicone oil, silicone resin, and silica combination, in order to do silicone finished products, raw materials will undergo a variety of processing, such as adding color rubber and vulcanizing agent to mix into the production of rubber, and then after high temperature 200 degrees molding made! After many times of mixing and fusion, the finished product is pressed and cured, and it is inevitable that the finished product will have a little odor.

But the odor problem is a very simple problem for silicone product manufacturers as long as the use of secondary vulcanization for filtering, and removing the finished product to add finished products can make the smell disappear! If you buy silicone products that have a smell, it should be silicone products manufacturers did not carry out secondary vulcanization to remove the taste, in the case of a long period of time the seal will lead to the appearance of the smell, but the smell after opening to maintain ventilation or can be quickly removed.

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Silicone itself is not toxic, but to silicone products molding there is a related auxiliary material is indispensable – vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing agent is a catalyst to promote the vulcanization of silicone raw materials, in the silicone products molding will evaporate, there will only be a small part of the residue, 72 hours will evaporate out. The vulcanizing agent will not harm human products, and the rubber side basically there will not be a great taste. But most of what products will have a good second, so the vulcanizing agent is the same. In order to save some costs, silicone products factory generally use a vulcanizing agent that may be inferior, will produce a burnt pungent smell, evaporation time of about a month, so in the choice of silicone gifts, and products, try to choose the better performance of odorless silicone products. Especially silicone kitchenware, medical silicone products are more stringent requirements.

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So now I tell you, the appearance of the smell of silicone products can be used with confidence after experiments have shown that the smell of silicone does not appear to cause harm to humans, because always it still retains the performance of the reason, does not conflict with any material except strong alkali acid, if you accidentally swallow it into the mouth it can also remain intact and no reaction.

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