What are the surface processes of silicone gifts?

Silicone gifts surface processes introduction

Silicone gifts are relatively common silicone products, many young people like to use these silicone product because silicone gifts use natural silicone raw materials, the use of materials is very safe, and the appearance of silicone gifts is very creative. So what is the silicone gifts surface treatment process? The following OYIGIFTS take you to understand.

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1, pad printing process: silicone gift printing process is a relatively early surface treatment process, it is suitable for silicone, rubber and plastic hardware and other materials, such as printing processing, mainly using printing ink through the glue head mechanical printing, in the early mainly used over the screen for manual hanging, and has been basically eliminated, with the upgrade of the machine equipment, mechanical printing has developed to multi-color printing and at the same time after The glue head printing multiple colors.

The printing effect belongs to the plane, the surface has about 0.05MM printing steps, with the hand will feel a slight step bump effect.

2, molding: silicone jewelry surface molding easy usually can also be made directly on the surface of the product, the surface of the product mold after the silicone gift manufacturer processing groove, directly into the mold of silicone materials in pressed together after curing the product has a convex effect, usually many decorations are made into a groove, can be secondary oil filling processing, adding other colors of silicone ink in the groove to make the product surface more a color.

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In addition to this way thought can also be molded secondary molding, the other colors injected into the surface, this way is not difficult, mainly due to the other color K pieces into the mold cavity in the filler processing, the product will naturally combine with the color K to achieve multi-color effect, the difficulty lies in the process of placing the rubber material and production efficiency.

3, silicone drip glue, drip glue is currently the most popular process of silicone decorative supplies, mainly through the mold injection material into the cavity face, after the color of the deployment of color glue can be more than a dozen color production at the same time, and drip glue products produced by the effect will have a certain three-dimensional effect, touch the product can be divided into the middle of the mold line will have a color slot, the size of about 0.5mm, and this process to make the product The effect is recognized by many consumers, in the silicone decorative bracelets and watch straps are also widely used.

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4, silicone gifts of light resistance

The light resistance of silicone gifts refers to the ability of the gift to resist light. The pigment is dispersed in a certain medium, made of specimens, and “sunlight fastness blue standard” sample card at the same time under the specified light source, after a certain time of exposure, compare the degree of discoloration, and said, 1 worst.

5, silicone gifts of heat resistance

The heat resistance of silicone gifts refers to the ability of the gift heat resistance, the larger the number the better the heat resistance. The pigment is dispersed in polyolefin to make one-third of the standard color, and stays for 5min after molding in the injection molding machine.


In summary, the silicone gift surface treatment process includes the pad printing process, molding,, silicone drip, transfer, now many silicone manufacturers are using these processes, more common and more mature technology.

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