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The best airpods case from China: Creating fashion & function all in one

The best Airpods cases from China

Air pods are ubiquitous today. You see them everywhere – at airports, at train stations, on buses, and on airplanes. Because we live in a highly connected world, everyone is plugged into their mobile devices using their AirPods. However, the pods are an expensive investment and are prone to damage at a slight fall. The best way to protect that investment is to work with an AirPods cases supplier to create custom cases to shield your accessory from damage.

But that’s not all that these unique pod cases can do. They serve other important purposes too. All you need is some creative thinking and a reliable manufacturer to turn your thoughts into reality.

Airpods cases are Functional and practical

These customized cases also have a practical dimension to them. Corporations can have them mass-produced and distributed as part of their brand promotion programs. And, because they can be customized to any design you have in mind, you can add a key ring or key chain to them, ensuring that once you slip the pods into their case, you can attach them to purses or belts – and they’ll stay anchored and prevent loss of your air pods.

There’s also a practical element to manufacturing AirPods cases from China: you get top-quality products from seasoned gift manufacturers like OYI Gifts.  This assures you that, when you receive your custom-built air pod cases, they’ll always conform to your design. And once your supplier produces the initial batch to your full satisfaction, all you do is send in repeat orders every time you launch yet another marketing campaign.

Because your manufacturer already has the mold of your design, it’s very practical and expedient to produce additional repeat orders quickly. You won’t have to go through the process of reviewing samples and approving them yet again. You and your supplier will take care of all those requirements during the initial ordering process. Your AirPods cases manufacturer will therefore immediately schedule production and ship your order out quickly and efficiently.

And because air pod cases work, they are a truly functional gift item to offer customers, suppliers, and business partners during product promotion drives or sales events. And, since many of your employees may also have air pods – or have friends and family members who do – it makes sense to gift those custom-made cases to your employees too. When your marketing slogans are on the gifts, they serve as brand ambassadors too. What better tool to use as a functional and practical way to get “free publicity”?

Airpods as a fashion statement

If you look at the typical corporate gift – like a water bottle, t-shirt, baseball cap, or mouse pad, what do you see? Well, the first thing one notices is how “functional” these items look. Each of those gifts serves a purpose and the gift recipient, be they customers, suppliers, or prospective clients, will find them useful. But they have limited fashion value. Even if their design is “fashion enabled”, the impact would be minimal.

So, does that mean corporate gifts are all about functionality and not fashion? Not at all!

China’s ingenious AirPods case manufacturers have found creative ways to transform the ubiquitous, and rather plain-looking, AirPods container into something of a fashion icon.

Airpods cases

Thanks to their manufacturing prowess, your company no longer needs to hand out square or rectangle-looking plastic or silicone cubes, that serve as AirPods holders, as gift items. Using advanced production technology, and highly creative teams of mold designers and experienced engineers and technicians, these cases can now represent any aspect of your company – be it a product, a logo, or a concept.


Here are a few examples of how you can transform your corporate air pod cases and make them more fashionable:

  • What if you are in the fast-food business? With burgers and fries representing your main product line, how cool would it be to give away AirPods cases shaped like your best-selling burger? With every order above a certain value, a customer gets a “free” air pod case. Or, you can design it in the shape of a Banana (to represent a Banana shake) or even a chocolate milkshake holder. Because the manufacturing process is so advanced, it’ll easily accommodate your design
  • Are you in the trucking business? Well, how about customizing a case, that looks like one of your company trucks, vans or cars, for your customers to hold their AirPods? You can even have your company logo and marketing slogan written on the cases
  • Children’s gift designers may create air pod cases in the form of popular cartoon characters to match kids’ clothes or shoes
  • Airpods cases
  • And, if you are in the fashion accessories business, the sky’s the limit to how you might transform simply to be fashionable! You could give out cases that look like make-up kits or powder compacts – complete with your company name and contact details

If you have a design in mind, you can discuss it with your AirPods cases manufacturer and together agree on the most fashionable design to represent your corporate branding. Your designs will come to life.


No longer must corporate gifts look boring and plain. By working with your AirPods cases supplier, your marketing teams can design uniquely customized cases, and have the supplier produce molds from your designs. Customers and business partners, who receive these gifts will love them. Because the manufacturer can vary the shape, size, and color of each case based on customer design specifications, the cases can serve as fashion accessories too.

If you have a team of employees wearing uniforms with a blue theme (light blue tops and dark blue bottoms), you can now include that theme in your case design. Have your gift manufacturer create a case with a light blue cover and dark blue body – perfect to match your employee uniforms. The cases will complement your corporate uniforms.

As a clothing retailer, you can add fashion to your air pod cases by creating them to match popular clothing lines too. For example, if specific colored clothing sells well, or if dotted or striped apparel is a hot seller, why not design something to match those trends?

Airpods cases supplier

You could design a polka-dotted theme and manufacture AirPods cases in China to match that design. The gift makers there will use your design to produce fashionable-looking cases for AirPods that your organization can then use as giveaways. For example, for every two pieces of garments, a client buys, of a certain theme (e.g. polka-dots, stripes, red-colored tops etc.), worth a specific value, you could offer them a matching air pod case.

By customizing your AirPods designs to match your specific product or service, you not only promote your corporate brand; but you can also use those fashion accessories to drive up your sales revenue. In fact, you’ll more than recoup your investment in producing customized AirPods cases in a very short time.

Working with the pros

Creating functional corporate gift items, which are also fashionable, isn’t very easy for the “average” gift manufacturing company. Thankfully, here at OYI Gifts, nothing about us is “average”. We are a custom corporate gift producer and AirPods cases supplier with advanced manufacturing capabilities, and many years of experience. We’ve designed a highly streamlined process to engage you, our client, at every stage of the manufacturing cycle.

From the time we receive your designs, to the point where we ship your orders to you, we continually consult and cooperate with your team to bring your designs to life. It’s only by working with skilled professional teams like ours, that you’ll receive the full benefits of truly customized AirPods cases.

So, if you have an idea for personalized AirPods cases, why not contact OYI Gifs and discuss your vision with us today? You’ll be amazed at how we can work with you to transform your vision into reality!

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