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Ten Fun Custom Made Bluetooth Speaker Gift Ideas

Our world today is a much more connected place than just a few decades ago. And that tendency – to stay connected at all times – was further enabled thanks to Sony Ericsson’s efforts with Bluetooth technology. Thanks largely to the custom Bluetooth speaker that you use every day, you and millions of people like you are now effortlessly able to connect to a myriad of electronic devices!

But it’s really not the Bluetooth technology itself that’s mindboggling – although it certainly is! – but how new and unique uses of that technology have permeated our lives. Creations like a custom made Bluetooth speaker are now ubiquitous, and have made the lives of millions across the planet so much easier.  No wires. No plug-in connections. No strings attached!

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Why give a custom Bluetooth speaker as a gift?

Why indeed! There are so many other gift ideas – like cosmetics or wine or clothes to choose from. So, why would anyone think about giving a custom-made Bluetooth speaker as a gift? Well, there are plenty of great reasons why you should do just that:

  • Almost everyone listens to music or other audio using mobile devices today. But the thought of listening without wires just makes sense – and a custom Bluetooth speaker allows them to do just that!
  • Not everyone feels comfortable using the world’s most expensive speaker to listen to a sporting event or a concert while they’re on a hike or a run. Because of the affordability factor of a custom-made Bluetooth speaker, you can give it to someone as a gift, and they’ll not be afraid to actually use it!
  • A gift is most effective if it is likely to be used, and that’s exactly the quality that a custom Bluetooth speaker When you give it to someone, you can rest assured that they will definitely use it rather than putting it away in a drawer – out of sight!
  • There’s no age barrier to giving a custom-made Bluetooth speaker to someone you love and admire. With perfumes or clothing gift items, you’re never sure whether they are appropriate to the recipient’s taste. But a Bluetooth speaker is universal – it crosses tastes, age, and other personality traits.

More importantly, the reason that you should give a custom Bluetooth speaker as a gift is that it is “personalized” without being “personal”. Many gift receivers might not like receiving items that are too “personal” in nature. However, a gift like a custom-made Bluetooth speaker has universal appeal. And that’s why it makes such a great gift item!

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What makes a custom-made Bluetooth speaker such a great gift idea?

Everything about giving a custom Bluetooth speaker to someone as a gift makes great sense:

  • They’re safe and secure, so the gift receiver will never need to wonder whether their online presence is compromised
  • These items are ultra-portable. A custom Bluetooth speaker can be designed as small as a coffee mug or as slim as your cell phone. They can be ported anywhere you go
  • They’re discrete. Because they have such a small footprint, they can be concealed with ease. Whether your gift receiver is using their custom Bluetooth speaker on the bus or on an airplane – no one will be the wiser!
  • A custom-made Bluetooth speaker with a soft case makes the device rugged and hardy. Even if the device falls or is banged or bumped, the soft case will absorb the shock and leave the speaker unscratched!
  • They are widely customizable: From cups and mugs to cars, airplanes and penguins, and birds – if you can dream about it, you can produce a custom Bluetooth speaker that looks like your dream!

The point here is that, unlike traditional gifts like Gift Cards or cash, a custom-made Bluetooth speaker has so much going for it in today’s connected world, that it makes a great gift idea. And especially, if you have clients, customers, employees, and loyal fans from a younger generation, there’s no better gift to offer them than a custom Bluetooth speaker w!

Ten gift ideas for a custom Bluetooth speaker that you’ll love!

At Oyi Gift, we’ve mastered the art of taking the ordinary – like a speaker – and turning it into something truly extraordinary – like a custom-made Bluetooth speaker! And in the process, we’ve given thousands of customers the opportunity to let their creative juices flow and come up with ideas for their very own custom Bluetooth speakers.

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Here’s just a sampling of those ideas:

  • Corporate retreats: If you are holding a corporate retreat for your employees, there’s bound to be “meditation” and “alone time” involved. Most company executives would like staff to use that time to listen quietly to company messages and policy directives. What better way to help staff do that than to give each one a custom-made Bluetooth speaker of their own to listen to corporate messaging?
  • Sales conferences: If you are in the business of marketing or selling products and services, then you probably hold many sales events annually. The next time you have your salespeople gather together with clients and prospective clients, why not hand out a custom Bluetooth speaker to each participant?

But first, make sure your company logo and slogan are etched on each of those devices, so everyone will remember your company and its product/service whenever they use their custom-made Bluetooth speaker!

  • Marketing add-on: If you are offering an inspirational video or audio track to your customers, do you know what could complement your offering: A custom Bluetooth speaker? It’s the perfect marketing add-on for a product or service that involves listening.

You could have them mass-produced in bulk so that the cost would be amazingly low. Then, for every one of your clients that places an order of a certain value, you could offer them one of your customized speakers for free!

  • Company brand promoter: You can design and build a custom-made Bluetooth speaker and use it as a brand promoter for your company. If, for example, you run a coffee shop or are in the tea or beverage business, why not create your very own personalized Bluetooth speaker in the likeness of a mug or a tea or coffee cup?

Because your custom Bluetooth speaker will directly relate to your company’s product, it will serve as an automatic brand promotion tool if you give it away or sell it to customers. You could even offer it as a promotional item when holding special events or if you open up a new store or pop-up booth at a crowded place.

  • Rewarding kids: Have you seen a group of kids walking on the street or sitting on the bus or train? They’re always plugged into their smartphones, tablets, or other digital devices. But the quality of built-in speakers in these devices leaves much to be desired!

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What if you produced your own custom-made Bluetooth speaker, complete with the name and logo of your school or tuition center, and offered it to students who sign-up for a specific course or class you want to publicize? One: That’ll grab the attention of kids and their parents alike. And two: Kids will rush to participate in your course just to get their hands on a custom Bluetooth speaker that’ll enhance the quality of audio on their devices. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Team motivation: If you own or manage a sports team, you’ll know what the value of “pep talk” is. It helps to motivate players and drives them to peak performance. But with your team’s very own custom-made Bluetooth speaker, you’ll never need to gather the players around the gym floor or locker room every time you want to lift their spirits up.

Hand out these speakers to every player and have them listen to pre-recorded inspirational and motivational pep-talk on the go. Because of the amazing battery life that a custom Bluetooth speaker can deliver, your team can listen to technique-building tips and performance-boosting techniques for hours!

  • Employee appreciation: Your company is where it is today because of your employees – so you need to show your appreciation to them whenever possible. Giving each one a custom-made Bluetooth speaker on their birthdays or joining date anniversaries is a great way to say “Thank You” to each person on your team!

When you design your speakers, customize them with your company logo, make them incorporate color schemes, and even print inspiring words of gratitude on them. In doing so, you’ll make your custom Bluetooth speaker “speak” to your team each time they use it!

  • Staff recognition: If you have a large team of hundreds of employees, perhaps you can’t give each of them a raise or bonus every time they complete a project above and beyond company expectations. But a custom-made Bluetooth speaker awarded to your star performers is a unique and cost-effective way to recognize them for their contribution to a project’s success!
  • Personal touch: How about making gifts that truly have a personal touch about them? Today, you can order a custom Bluetooth speaker that’s built-in in any shape, design, or pattern. So, if you know someone that’s passionate about cars, and he/she has a special day coming up, you can custom build a Bluetooth-enabled speaker in the shape of a car or any other vehicle – and give them a truly personalized gift!
  • Helping hands: Do you have helping hands around the house, office, or gym that make your life easier? What about your Nanny or the Handyman or woman? How about the mail delivery team or the loyal security staff at your office building? A gift of a custom-made Bluetooth speaker to them would be a great way to say “Thank you for making life easy for me!”.

Those were just a few custom Bluetooth speaker ideas to get you started. But, if you can think of any others, then don’t hesitate to go online and contact us to discuss them further with our team. By just providing us with some basic information about your vision for your custom-made Bluetooth speaker, we could quickly offer you a quote and delivery timelines too.

And that’s not all we can do! If you are open to suggestions, perhaps some of our engineering staff could make recommendations on how you might expand your idea to make your custom Bluetooth speaker more appealing to a much broader audience. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

Where to get the best custom-made Bluetooth speaker for gifts?

Oyi Gift is your one-stop shop for all types of custom-designed gifts and novelty items. Our vast range of expertise, precision manufacturing technology, and world-class reputation have earned us the designation of being the “go-to” place for all types of unique gift ideas – including the ever-popular custom Bluetooth speaker.

Our engineering capabilities mean that you have us design and mass-produce a custom-made Bluetooth speaker to the exact design and precision specs that you want. So, if you are thinking of showcasing your corporate brand with the help of a unique custom Bluetooth speaker, then why not head online now place your order today! We’re equipped to handle both large and small orders with efficiency.

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