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Silicone Phone Case Manufacturing Guide: Top 5 Benefits Of Silicone Phone Case Manufacturing In China

Silicone Phone Cases Manufacturing Guide

The phone needs protection from scratches, smudges, and falls in order to keep it in perfect shape. Similar to the way a screen cover protects the phone’s screen from scratching, the silicone phone case protects the back of the phone from damage caused by bumps and falls. Silicone is one of the most commonly used materials for phone cases and a silicone phone case supplier can design and customize silicone phone cases for your business or personal use.

Many people associate silicone with an invisible rubber and bare silicone phone cases are very popular, but silicone can also be customized with creative designs (including different shapes, sizes, and colors) and offers similar benefits to plastic cases. A top silicone phone case supplier can provide you with the best cases at affordable prices – OYI Gift is one of the leading suppliers of silicone phone cases in China.

This guide will cover the top 5 benefits of silicone phone cases, how they’re made, and how they can be customized. When you’re on the market for phone cases, you may consider other materials like plastic. Silicone is usually the better alternative and costs the same. We can manufacture silicone in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Why Use Silicone For Case Manufacturing?

Silicone is the 2nd most abundant material to obtain in the Earth’s core and this is why despite the high flexibility of the material, it’s a very popular material for phone cases. You’ll commonly find silicone cases used on the latest generation iPhones, Samsungs, and other devices. Let’s take a second to examine what makes silicone cases… To start with, silicone is a polymer material, but it’s mostly made from the element silicon (extracted in large silicone mines) and most silicone phone cases are mixed with other materials. At the core, silicone has a soft and rubbery texture.

Plastic phone cases (for comparison) are harder than silicone phone cases and they’re also polymers but they have a more rigid build. Manufacturers also tend to mix two plastics at the same time to make the phone cases harder. In silicone phone cases, silicone tends to be represented by at least 90% of all materials involved. At OYI Gift we manufacture our phone cases using 100% silicone.

Top 5 Benefits Of Silicone Phone Cases in China

1) Comfortable Surface

Silicone is arguably the greatest material to hold in hold due to its rubbery and comfortable form. When people hold a plastic case, they feel it’s very hard and they can’t flex/bend it or it breaks. When they’re holding a silicone case, they feel the smooth surface in the hand and if they remove the case they can also bend it and it retains its original form. This is because silicone has a rubbery shape and can easily be bent without losing its original form.

The main benefit of picking silicone phone cases (over any other material) is that it feels great to the touch. The silicone cases we manufacture at OYI Gift are also slip-resistant which means even when they’re in touch with moisture they will still feel solid in the hand. Despite offering great protection for the phone, they will remain flexible and grippy. Silicone has a soft touch and this makes it one of the most-used materials for phone cases since its inception.

2) Durable Material

Silicone phone cases have the benefit of outlasting virtually all other materials. Silicone cases can last for decades on the phone without losing their original shape and/or flexibility. Despite its soft and flexible form, this material is one of the most long-lasting in existence. For example, silicone cables are used for solar wiring and premium solar installations rely on them to handle high heat over 100 Celsius. Silicone wires are also used for welding purposes and they are one of the most heat-resistant. Silicone is even used for household items like microwaves.

Silicone won’t crack the way plastic does. When you drop a plastic phone case hard enough, there’s a chance it’s going to snap. This doesn’t happen with silicone and you can re-use the same case for many years. What’s more – it’s highly flexible. If one removes the silicone case from the phone, they can bend and twist it all they want and this won’t cause structural damage to the case. It is also relatively easy to clean (despite attracting more dirt/grime than plastic) because all you have to do is run some water and wipe down the case to make it sparking-clean.

3) Shock Absorption

What good is a phone case if it doesn’t provide resistance against drops? Silicone phone cases will keep your phone protected in the event of a drop. What’s more – they won’t even break when your phone drops. If you use a plastic-made case, there’s a high chance it will snap if the drop is hard enough. This is good from the POV of protecting your phone because the case is “sacrificing” itself to protect your phone, but that also means you’ll have to go to the store and purchase another case.

Breaking doesn’t occur with silicone because it’s shock-resistant and does not cave to drops. The drops could be from the corner, side, or front of the case; and they could land on any surface (concrete, tile, asphalt, etc) but the silicone case won’t budge.

4) Customization Options

Silicone phone cases can also imprint or customized any image such as a brand logo, mascot, cartoon, or any design of choice for promotional purposes.

Silicone phone cases are also diverse in style and they can be manufactured for every phone out there at a very affordable price. Silicone cases will also always be in demand as most phone owners want a basic case that will give them the protection they need while their phone’s original design remains visible.

5) Environmentally-Friendly

Silicone is a bio-degradable material that lasts a long time and is easier to extract from the earth. If you want to manufacture environmentally-friendly cases, silicone is the go-to material because it is deemed a green material. Silicone is more eco-friendly than other popular phone case materials. For instance, when you dispose of a plastic cover the scrap yard will burn the plastic and this releases harmful toxins that are then released into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Considering millions of phone cases are burned every day after going out of use, silicone certainly leaves a lesser dent on the environment than other materials. There are also zero harmful bi-products of silicone. The material is one of the most abundant in the earth’s ground, making it easy to source.

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How Do Silicone Phone Cases Manufacturers Make Cases?

Every silicone case manufacturer takes a different/unique approach to manufacturing phone cases. Silicone phone cases are made in a similar way to plastic phone cases or wooden phone cases. The process goes like this:

1) Molding. The company first makes a mold for the silicone phone case based on the phone design. For example, an iPhone 11 would require space around the camera square for the 2 cameras while the rest is covered. Each mold is adjusted based on the phone model and the style.

2) Production. Once the company has developed a mold for the particular phone number, production can start. The mold is placed in a machine that starts producing using silicone and the first prototype is produced.

3) Mass Production. Once the manufacturer is satisfied with the outcome of the design, they start mass-producing the covers. Depending on the factory and the machines they have available, each machine should be able to output at least 5000 silicone phone cases per day. Some machines can output as many as 20,000 cases per day.

4) Error-Correcting. The manufacturer takes the case and makes sure the edges are rounded and then UV processes them to add the final shine.

5) Printing. If the silicone cases include a special design, this design is printed on the back of the case. The prints can be water-printed or screen printed. They can also be laser-carved, depending on the needs of the customer.

6) Packaging. The final step of the manufacturing process is to package the cases in a stylish manner and deploy them to the customer ready for sale.

Why Hire OYI Gift For Silicone Case Manufacturing

If you want to manufacture silicone phone cases that make a fashion statement, hire OYI Gift for the job! We possess the manufacturing ability to custom-design silicone cases in any capacity. We can mold silicone cases to be transparent or print designs and fill color designs for your company.

OYI Gift has the ability to output thousands of silicone phone cases per day, as one of the largest manufacturers in China. Any phone you need – we’ll get the case made! We use the purest silicone and service clients internationally. Reach out to us now to discuss your order.

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