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A silicone case for smartphones & air pods : All you need to know for corporate marketing and branding

All you need to know for corporate marketing and branding, Custom unique silicone case for phone and AirPods

Smartphones are ubiquitous today.  They’re part of our everyday lives, and we just can’t do much without a phone. Whether it’s for business or personal use, our phones are the most relied-upon device. And, unsurprisingly, the most-used phone accessory is the airport. Together, millions of people own these two modern-day inventions, and many more “eyeballs” view the devices in other people’s hands, or on their person daily.

Smart business leaders should see that as a great marketing opportunity. If you work with an experienced silicone case supplier, you could easily create a powerful marketing and brand recognition program around cases for smartphones and air pods.

Read on and we’ll tell you how!

Why silicone case for you? 

Because people use their phones and air pods so frequently, a case with your marketing slogan or branding makes complete sense. The more they use these products, the more frequently they’ll expose your logo or company name to others. And, if your case maker does a great job, many more people will learn about your product or service. In fact, a custom case provides a great opportunity for “free” advertising.

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Of course, when you plan out a marketing campaign, the first question might be: Why choose silicone as the material of choice? Are there other options? Well, before you start contacting silicone case manufacturers to place an order, you should know that there are other options too, including:

  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Wood
  • Metal

There may even be hybrid phone cases, with a combination of fabric and leather. But typically, the above are the most common materials used to produce phone cases. So, the big question remains: Why choose a silicone case to use as your corporate gift-giving product?


Here is why you should consider using Silicone, as the material of choice for your phone and AirPods cases, over any other material:

  • Affordable. Mined from the earth, Silicone is the #2nd most abundant material in the earth’s core. This means manufacturing silicone cases is comparatively more affordable, even if you produce thousands of pieces. Silicone covers and cases are some of the most cost-effective products to use, for both corporate as well as small business gift-giving programs.
  • Heat-Resistant. The main advantage of silicone material is that it’s highly heat-resistant. For instance, cables and industrial welding products use silicone. This means silicone cases cause less damage to the phone or airport if they (the devices and accessories) experience longer usage. The devices may be at risk of overheating in plastic cases – but that isn’t the case with silicone cases.
  • Shock-Proof. A silicone case from China offers exceptional protection to electronic devices in the event of falls or other shocks. If you want to preserve your phone or air pods, silicone cases can provide the protection you need against all forms of scratches and drops. The case wraps comfortably around the device and doesn’t impede natural usage.
  • Lightweight. The cases are arguably the most lightweight case you could get. Phones and AirPods are not affected by the weight of the case, and this makes the devices easy to carry. The weight it adds to the devices is minimal, and this allows for their flawless use over the long term.
  • Aesthetic. An experienced silicone case supplier like OYI Gift can produce some of the best-looking cases available today. The cases envelop the devices and wrap around them to highlight their natural shape. The cases come in various colors and designs, and you can even supply your own artwork and create customized cases to suit your marketing and branding requirements.

For these, and many other reasons, companies work with their trusted custom silicone case manufacturer to create unique silicone cases for phones and Air pods as giveaways for their marketing events. The longevity of the cases, thanks to the inherent durability of silicone, also means the branding created by the cases is visible for a longer period, compared to cases made from other materials, such as fabrics or leather. This makes silicone a better return on investment (ROI) choice.

Creating your very own custom silicone cases

You could order pre-made phone and air pod cases to use as your gifts for marketing campaigns or sales events. However, each company has its own marketing and corporate brand promo policies. As a result, it may be a good idea to create customized cases that represent your individual corporate identity. That way, customers, prospective clients, and business partners, who receive those gifts, will always associate the gift with your unique product or service.

promotional products supplier process

As one of the leading silicone case makers in China, OYI Gift has a simple and effective process for producing custom cases for your company’s sales and marketing programs.

It all starts with your personal vision for the case. You decide what you want your case to look like. That’s where you design the product and prepare the artwork for it. You then forward the artwork/design specs to the OYI Gifts team, who will review it and work with your team to re-confirm the design.

As a highly respected silicone case supplier, our team interacts with you, our client, at several points during the design and manufacturing process. Once we prepare the materials and the molds for your custom cases, we are ready to receive your order. At that point, we’ll work with your team to confirm samples of the final product. Once you are satisfied with the samples – we’ll take over the entire process.

We value our relationship with our clients and take the trust you place in us very seriously. From production to final dispatch and delivery, every phase of our process is subject to the highest quality control (QC) standards. We even provide excellent after-service to our customers to assure them of complete satisfaction. Because of the diligence we put into our process, your silicone case is guaranteed to meet your design specs – 100%!

Push your branding and marketing to new heights

If you are looking to use gifts for sales and marketing purposes, there’s nothing like giving away customized silicone phones and AirPods cases as part of your marketing efforts. These products are highly sought after and constantly used. That’s why they serve as excellent marketing gifts.

custom silicone airpods case

For example, based on your design and artwork, we can create a custom silicone AirPods case with your corporate branding, logo, and slogans using the efficient manufacturing process discussed earlier. Or, you could have us produce a customized silicone phone case in your corporate color scheme or with your contact details and sales slogans.

  • Use these products as part of a coordinated marketing drive
  • Give them away as gifts
  • Award them as prizes to employees, customers, and business partners
  • Bundle them as part of a promo drive – “buy any 2 of our products and get a silicone case for your air pod or iPhone FREE!”

You could even work with our team to create uniquely designed cases for direct sales at your retail outlets or through your online sales platforms. Since a vast proportion of people use smartphones and air pods today, they’ll immediately buy your custom-made cases. And, the more these products circulate, the greater brand recognition you’ll enjoy.

Ordering a silicone case from China assures not only that you benefit from decades of manufacturing excellence, but it also guarantees the best available product at the most competitive pricing. So, if you have an idea for a custom silicone case, why not contact us to discuss your vision? Our engineers will turn your design into reality – guaranteed!


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